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  1. BUGATTI T46 "Surprofilée" 1:8

    Yeah, I think that you are correct. 30 year old paint is quite different from today's formulas of paint and you can't predict what kind of reaction you might get when painting over it. I'm here in the US and I use Castrol Super Clean which, does a good job of removing the old paint.
  2. BUGATTI T46 "Surprofilée" 1:8

    Dan, you're doing some amazing work on this build! I admit being guilty of watching but, not making any comments lately. I've also been remiss about posting on my own build for some time. However, I've also been battling paint for a few months in my quest for the perfect paint job. Looking at what is happening on your fenders it almost looks like you used an enamel or acrylic primer and then used a lacquer color coat. It appears that, whatever black paint you used was a "hotter" paint and that cause the reaction shown in your picture. Just a thought.
  3. You mean something like this? I went from this To this last summer These pictures don't even tell half of the story. It was a total clean out and insulation and drywall job of the entire garage! But, yes it sounds like a parallel track or maybe we're all just kinda like this!
  4. It sounds like it; are you on the west coast too? It seems like it, judging from the time of your responses. I'm in California but, in the mountains up around 6000 feet so, that is why I have to focus on the body and paint work now. Once November gets here the weather gets cold, rainy and snowy and I'm done outside! Then, I can spend my time on the bench working on the smaller subassemblies staying nice and warm. And, there's plenty of those to keep me going until the spring and summer!
  5. I think that you have a point there! I didn't intend for it to go like this but, when I got to the paint it all got side tracked to working on the paint mainly. I was following the instructions step by step up to that. I knew that I had to get the paint done before fall and winter and I wanted to do it in the garage where I have much more room for all these big parts. This along with the big deck repair project that I had going on all summer pretty much shot doing anything else. If I had painted the car with lacquer I could have cut the time frame down a lot but, after having done the Mercedes with the black enamel, I was comfortable working with it, it just takes a lot longer for the paint to gas out. Waiting for the Loctite adhesive for the engine to arrive from India on a cattle boat, has been frustrating too. So, in an attempt to do something that I thought I could make some progress on in between working on the sanding and painting, I thought that the interior was a subassembly that I could get started on and at least post something. I'll get the basic stuff done and work on the transkit parts while other things are drying or I'm waiting for something. My biggest problem is keeping all the different transkits and their parts straight and not mixing up the bolts, nuts and screws. I'm working with well over 3000-4000 parts and the workbench just isn't big enough! Lol
  6. I really expected to have some engine assembly done by now but, a while back I had asked for some recommendations for a good adhesive to glue white metal parts together and one of the suggestions was Loctite 324. I found it on eBay and it was kind of pricey for a small bottle but, I ordered it. The seller was in China and after waiting about two weeks, I received a refund saying that, they could not fill the order. So, I re-ordered it from another seller in India; that, was over 3 weeks ago and I'm still waiting! In the meantime I have continued to work on the paint and to date I probably have something like 8-10 coats of gloss black enamel on all of the metal body parts. I have been color sanding in between each coat and that's after waiting any where from 3-7 days between each coat. I have been working on the car but, I said a while back that, I wouldn't continue to bore you guys with picture after picture of paint in progress work. i have been working on the paint for going on two months now and, I'm almost about done so, I will show a few of the last color sanded pieces and then a few of the last almost final coats of black. I just painted these pieces on Saturday evening so, I haven't really picked them up or examined them too closely. I'm sure that some will be fine for the final stages but, some will require just a bit more work. You will see that, the black is very shiny as is but, I have had a few issues with an occasional chip in the paint and with the number of coats on the panels any chip is almost catastrophic! So, even though the black really doesn't need a clear coat, I'm going to shoot a couple of coats of clear as a small bit of protection. So, these first few pictures are the color sanded pieces prior to final color coats. I tried to get the it down so, that there's no orange peel or runs and each piece after being sanded flat still had color completely covering it. Then, I heated up the paint cans by letting them sit out in the sun for a while until the cans were warm and shaken well. Since the parts are fairly large, I used coffee cans to set the pieces on and used a turn table under the coffee can and rotated the parts and tried to get a good even coat on each piece without overdoing it. That's something that, I had done more than once on prior sessions. Black is a hard color to see when you start getting too much paint down especially when it isn't well lit. The turn table really made a big difference in keeping everything even as well. So, that's where I'm at with the paint for the moment. Like I said, it really doesn't need a clear coat for shine but, it will help protect it a little. In the meantime, since I'm waiting on the glue for the engine parts, I decided to start on the interior. I have the Tremonia transkit for the LM version of the interior and I started with some of the PE after I stripped out all the old stickers that were used for the rear firewall. Here's the interior that I started with and the transkit. The stickers were kind of a mess Cleaned and masked off After doing some experimenting, I decided to use a concoction I put together for the area instead of the material supplied in the transkit from Autograph. I think they give you stockings like pantie hose! After application The Tremonia transkit PE. Like I didn't have enough PE in the Autograph transkit to begin with! The Autograph has 8 large sheets of PE and this one has 2 smaller ones plus bags of nuts, bolts, ferules, rod and decals shown in the following pictures. I started with the first set of boxes that go on the passenger side of the rear firewall. This is the printed circuit board that goes inside one of the boxes. The box it goes inside of Needless to say there's a few more electronic boxes and radio with lots of wiring to be added. There's also a roll bar and extra bracing that go from the rear wall to the floor and a tank that goes on the passenger side floor area along with quite a few other things. I will continue to make the PE boxes and as soon as the rear area is dry, I'll start adding the carbon fiber decals to the floor. So, it will be adding decals and while they are drying work on the PE etc etc. More later as I make some progress. As soon as all of the body parts are completely finished I will take some pictures before I wrap them up until each is needed for assembly.
  7. Pocher Aventador Build (Blue Roadster)

    I just bought some from Amazon for doing the seats around the seat belt holes on the F-40. It was about $6.50 for a small tube.
  8. Fiat F2 1907 Scratch Build ?

    Very precise and impressive work that you are turning out here!! It's beyond my skill level but, it's very inspiring and makes me want to get back to the F-40 and do something besides sanding and painting the body! lol! Fabulous work, great to see it back and progressing!
  9. Pocher Volvo F12 Build

    The seat back came out very nice! I like the way that you are starting to just scratch build something without giving it a second thought. It's just getting to be second nature to make something if the kit parts aren't working; great job!
  10. Pocher Volvo F12 Build

    The dash gauges look good! How's the paint coming along on the cab?
  11. Thunder Valley F1

    Usually I would use a brass wire brush to clean up and add a little shine to the metal parts. However, I've been going through a DVD that I have showing the reconstruction of a wrecked LM F-40 and the aluminum on the trans axle and other parts seem to be more dull in finish. The finish of the Thunder Valley engine and trans axle parts are very clean and the finish is kind of close to the real thing so, I may leave them as is but, as a rule nothing is usually that clean. You have seen that from the comparisons in which the Scale Details engine parts were extensively cleaned and worked on and the TV has not been touched; they are as I received them.
  12. A BIG Rolls Royce

    Perfect for gazing and enjoyment on a daily basis. It's too bad that you can't resize down the background that you made for the pictures! A great accomplishment and now in a place of honor; happy viewing my friend!
  13. Thunder Valley F1

    I think that that's a good idea if you want to be sure to get what you want in a timely manner. When I ordered my stuff I had no idea that the communication would be almost nonexistent but, I can only say that, when I did receive the metal engine it was far and away much better quality than the Scale Details engine. I posted some side by comparison pictures on my Pocher F-40 thread so you can see the difference. For the price of the SD engine the quality was pretty poor. On the other hand, not knowing if you are going to get your order due to the lack of communication is worse. It's really too bad because he does make some good stuff.
  14. Thunder Valley F1

    I have recently dealt with Paul on some 1/8 Pocher F-40 parts and it did take a while to get the parts. I was pretty frustrated with the lack of communication though. He's not the best at returning emails and it took about a month to actually get my stuff but, I did eventually receive the parts. What did you order from him? I know that he was waiting on supplies before he could cast more of what I needed.
  15. Pocher Aventador Build (Blue Roadster)

    This sounds a lot like the Autograph transkit and instructions we're dealing with except probably not quite as many parts. I know from Rich that the Lamborghini is so closed up a lot of the engine detail isn't going show unless you follow Roy's instructions for making the rear section removable; I know more work! lol ! I'm looking forward to seeing how your Lambo comes along. Good start!