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  1. Intersting. Yea I keep an eye on ebay and ive never seen the Centauria seats come up. They would fair well in an Autograph LM build.
  2. Can you just buy seats and other individual items from the kit? If so, how?
  3. The exhaust headers are very strange indeed. If you have the chance to see them in person they are a strange beast. There is a very thin metal skin over the whole thing that gives them that webbed look. They also change color over milage so I tried to capture them in their adolescent stage and paint them accordingly.
  4. larchiefeng, Sorry I forgot to answer your first question. The decal on the starter is just from the original pocher decal sheet. Honestly its for something completely different. The size and shape just looked right so I used it. All the additional decals including the turbo serial number plate and the Behr logos on the radiator I printed on Testors decal sheets from an Adobe Illustrator document I created from photo references.
  5. I believe a mixture of layers of Tamiyas chrome silver, matte aluminum and a variety of greys. I just slowly built up the colors with light dustings from an airbrush.
  6. I have a turntable already on order and its on its way. I hadnt heard of the etching primer. I bought a ton of regular Tamiya primer. Do you think this will work? I never considered chipping. Also, do you have a suggestion on what clearcoat to use over the Tamiya spray cans? I was thinking of airbrushing light coats of heavily thinned w/ laquer thinner Tamiya gloss clear. Then using Tamiya 3 stage polishing compounds. Do you think this is a good plan? Im starting with the rear lower metal part as a sort of practice piece as it will be the least visible.
  7. Thanks for all the remarks!! I am about ready to start on the body work. I have two cases of Italian Red Tamiya spray cans. Any one have advice on building a paint booth for a small city apartment? Perhaps using a box fan or something? Am I better off buying one on Amazon? Ive seen some for around $150. Yea it seems the unbuilt F40 Pocher kits really went up in value over the past couple years. Uli at Autograph had a few more Transkits for sale at the regular $1400 price. He stated they would be the FINAL run. So, I actually purchased an extra for my eventual Pilot LM build. Looks like they are sold out now. I saw those Tommaso Iuele Testarossa transkits. Im gonna skip that and wait till he releases his Porsche transkit. Im curious to see the quality. Please post photos once you receive it.
  8. Hey guys!! I have made a ton of progress due to the quarantine. I finalized the entire engine. This includes all wiring and turbo plumbing. I made custom fittings for the turbos as well as custom decals for the turbos and radiators. They didn't turn out as well as I would have hoped but oh well. I have also officially mounted the engine into the frame for good and completed rear suspension. This will be shown in my next update. Enjoy!
  9. Hey! How is your build going? Id love to see an update. I have a very large update coming up. I got alot of work done during quarantine.
  10. Thanks, The PE parts around the waste gate required alot of adjustments. I actually had to do that area over a couple times. I have 2 extra engine kits and had to scrap one of the waste gate parts in the process of a failed attempt. If you can be more specific I can try and let you know how I solved it. I was able to photograph an F40 a few weeks ago with the rear clamshell off. Also on a lift with the wheels off. I have hundreds of photos. If you need a close-up of anything specific just let me know.
  11. Fuel lines. Its a shame these will be more or less hidden in the final assembly. Oh well, no short cuts.
  12. Big update today! I have had alot of parts laying around. Everything is finally falling into place. All the piping from the manifolds to the turbos / muffler were tricky. Alot of dry-fitting and adjusting was necessary. I ended up having to scratch build the two lengths from the "Y" to the tips of the manifolds. Now onto wiring... I Cut these two white metal parts in half and sandwiched a scratch-built brass bracket for an easy mounting solution. I also scratch-built a throttle body.
  13. These were exactly like the ones in the Autograph transkit. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07Q3W1MH3/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
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