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  1. Hasegawa P-47D "Whooo" 1:32

    First painting with Gunze Procon Boy PS-289. I had HS Silverline Solo before that.
  2. I bought this kit few years ago, before Eduard made their Limited Edition P-47 set, but i lost my appetite for this big fish . Now i have new airbrush from Gunze so it was a good time to check how it works. I used these additions for P-47: - Eduard resin wheels, - interior PE set, - RB model gun barrels, - Montex masks/decals
  3. Caproni 311

    Great italian flying greenhouse!
  4. Kittyhawk 1/32 Bell Airacobra

    Very nice Cobra, congrats!
  5. Thanks guys! Yes, like every war. There is many lies about this topic, I personally think that Francos victory was better option than government of Stalins puppets and destruction of minds and industry like it was in Poland, where I live.
  6. After a long battle Fiat is finished. Markings are my own work + old masks and decals from other models. Work in progress topic: http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=69719&hl= My Spanish collection - Cricket, Rata and Stuka. All beautiful in their own way :
  7. Tomahawk Mk.II B Grey X 1:32

    Thanks guys! I wanted to build P-40 with shark teeths but on one of the Polish forums is contest about 10th anniversary. Go ahead with yours! Yes, yellow and bronze works well together. Dzięki bardzo!
  8. P-40 from Trumpeter. I made few corrections and added things to cockpit and engine. Tail wheel bay is bulit from scratch. Decals (mainly) are from Techmod and gun barrels and pitot tube are from Master. Unfortunately i broke pitot tube ending. WIP thread was on LSP: http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=69082 I forgot about gunsight, so i did one photo with it. It is on the end of this post.
  9. Arma Hobby PZL P.7a 1:72

  10. Hi! I made a fast diorama with new PZL P.7a from Arma Hobby. I bought overtrees kit and builded it without any additions except dampers tapes. Support is from wood, cloud is a painted rock, air streaks are from cotton swab soaked with CA glue and number 7 is made from plastic plate. Kit is nice but needs cleaning and puttying some plastic recesses. After that work everthing fits perfectly.
  11. Thanks very much guys! Thanks . I made my own mixtures. For green i used Tamiya XF-5 as a base with white and black, blue is Tamiya Sky Blue X-14 with white. Black is Tamiya Black and faded black/grey is black with RLM 66 and white. My reference were profiles on Massimo Tessitori site about russian planes. http://massimotessitori.altervista.org/sovietwarplanes/pages/mig3/mig3.html#colors
  12. Trumpeter MiG-3 with Part set, resin exhausts and Montex masks. Inscription on the side means "For the motherland". Nice kit with, surprisingly, no major errors. I improved few things like a propeller blades - awfully thick in the kit. As a support for photos I used old cigarette case from Soviet Union when Saint Petersburg was a Leningrad. For Poland where I live, it was a dark and hard time. May it never come back.
  13. P-40E Hasegawa 1/32

    Świetny jest. Troszkę się szczęka odcina od całości, ja bym przybrudził. Jeden z najlepszych P-40 jakie widziałem.