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  1. Big As MAZ

    You guys are great, Thanks! Hey Everyone, The install of the Stow Box was easy enough. I had a bit of catching up to do to finalize everything for install, but all went well. So lets take a look... I had to finish the hinges in the front that folds down for the lock. I also toned down the rust color... Then I started with filling the Stow Box with stuff. Manfred called it the "Treasure Chest"... Way back in May Kev had mentioned I needed a key ring for the lock. Having put him through the ringer with the Clyde Puffer and junk on the bottom, in which he built a bicycle to put in the mud. I thought I should return the favor and make the key ring... Final install of the Stow Box... Building the little tool box was just about as small as I want to go, and I had several magnifying set to look through to cut the keys. It was all good fun in the end (ouch), and I'll make more junk for the box as I go so I'll have something for RFI photos. Next up is the Trailer Hitch Ramp. Be back soon.
  2. I'm the type of person, that waiting for a subscription like this would drive me even more nuts. I just wouldn't be able to start a project like this without all the parts and then some. I have boxed model kits that have taken a couple of years to gather all the items for a build. Your patients is amazing on waiting for your parts, I bet it takes a year or longer to get all. ' can't wait to see what else is involved with this kit.
  3. Welded Cromwell Mk.Vllw.

    Way to go John! Paint job on the small bits is great, the overall look is very tight and clean. Nice job.
  4. Big As MAZ

    Manfred, The glue I use is "The Original Superglue". I don't know the "liquid" thin, thick, medium, ? I buy little tubes by the bucket loads at the dollar store, because I go through gallons of the stuff. Hey All, A quick up date... A last look at the inside of the frame as I start covering all this up. I'll cover all this up starting with the Tool Box... I'll be back with the install of the Tool Box and the mounting to the frame. Later...
  5. Big As MAZ

    Sorry Manfred, You got it right. 0.54 mm
  6. Very clever technique Manfred! Have a beer and take all day to build those tiny supports. They look great and will make the gutters stand out perfectly.
  7. Big As MAZ

    Thanks for checking in Guys! I have Betty striped down to just her skinny frame and starting the cleaning today. I should be able to start the mounting process and get some photos this afternoon. Stay Tuned! P.S. Richard, I found a .054 mm cable to use. Actually it's beading wire from jewelry making supplies my wife had laying around.
  8. Big As MAZ

    Hey All, I've had a real fun time here lately. Our local cable co. has updated their stuff and given us new equipment for the house. Nothing works quite right just yet so posting will be odd for a while. I have worked out all the aspects for the Winch and finally got the thing strung up by the cable. I still have to weather and install on to the frame, but at a good stopping point for now. Parts... Components... Starting the stringing process... A new Winch.. I now have to take some time to clean up the frame to accept the components. I have discovered that while I have been working on all the sub assemblies, that the frame has become a dust magnet and is need of serious cleaning before I start to mount the components. I'll have to make a clean shelter for it later. I'll post each mounting separatley so you can see all the various hook ups. Later Betty Dudes.
  9. Clyde Puffer

    I'm glad you're not helping me build the Maz!!
  10. Dude, I just hide my mistakes and don't show you guys. Welcome to the club, (altho I suspect you have been a member for a while, as with us all). Alternative fact generation can work wonders!
  11. Big As MAZ

    Hey Guys, My internet just came back on after a few day off. Thank you, everybody that has stopped to take a look at this build. And Thanks All, for leaving these great comments, I'll be posting again soon.
  12. Clyde Puffer

    Yah, I don't think I'll be suggesting anything else for a while. Nice bicycle!
  13. Big As MAZ

    Thanks All for your kind comments. Sorry that it takes me so long to respond sometimes. Hey Everyone, A short report for today. It's been a week or so, of running out of supplies, and brand new techniques, that didn't work out so well, and attempting things I've never done before. I started with the Winch this week, and progress has been slow. Trying to figure out how to build gears from styrene was a no go. I tried to cut the gears by hand, and it really looked like it. I tried to cut gears with a file, not good. I tried tracing around a gear pattern....no. I took a day or so, and then I thought, (which I don't usually do, because I just get into trouble), screw all this trying to build gears, I just went to my local RC shop and bought a bag or two of plastic gears for model airplanes. Problem solved. The parts for the cable guides... you can see the pile of gears I had to choose from. I just went with gears that fit the space and were the same diameter that I needed. The Transfer Case... The Cable Guides... As of today I have managed to build just the Transfer Case and the Cable Guides. I think the gears turned out just fine for this scale, and once I paint these and get everything weathered and worn they are going to look fine right were they are. The Cable Spool is next to build along with the two Cable Guides. Then of course I have to spool the cable around everything. Not looking forward to that. Bye Bye