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  1. Hey!, This is sort of a short report for today. I have been spending most of my time dealing with molds and castings. In between all that i have working on the braking system and trying to find photos of the braking components. I started with building the air tanks... The tank mounts... I used a bit of clear straw for the main tank body... New air tanks. I'll run the lines when I get ready to do the install. While my mold are drying I have also started working on the compressors for the line and trying to find photos of how the line is laid out. I have finished with casting the wheel fronts. I have some cleaning up to do, and then these are ready for install. Thanks everyone for watching, be back later Rich
  2. Thanks Guys, for watching this build. Were having fun now! John-w All I'm going to do at this point is sand the contact treads to simulate pressure when I clean all these up for install. This tractor wont be loaded, so not to much bulge. Richard, I use "Alumilite" products. The rubber and resin are by the same co. It works great for me. Be back soon with another update, Rich
  3. Hey Guys, Round two went great! I had fresh supplies to work with, and I spent a bit of time getting the mold built correctly. A new resin tire...everything looks great. I'll be back with more later...Thanks All, Rich
  4. One of the best ideas of all time Manfred! I will be using this technique on my Diorama build. The pipe line looks very good.
  5. Hey Guys, So I got some new material for round two of casting the tires. I didn't get to work on the build over the weekend, but yesterday and today I have built the wheel. Well half a wheel anyway. Be back with round two... Later, Rich
  6. No you wont!! You'll find something else to do here. Great work with the brass.
  7. Richard, Yes I believe that the rubber was to old. At least 6 months old, and the catalyst was that old also. I had company over this weekend so no modeling for a few days now. The new molds on Monday. I'll post what happens with the new mold. Rich
  8. Very small parts to break, small parts to fix. Sometimes it's hard to know when to stop.
  9. Good one Bar Side! Steve, I also have no clue about GGs. You guys just start talking together and it goes right over my head. And Bu**er is a swear word??? I was doing a sing along with Monty P. and didn't know I was swearing?? English Slang Dictionary time...
  10. I need to get out more.
  11. "That looks to be a right bu**er" Alright Kev, I'm American. I don't speak English. I have no clue what you just said. But thanks for hangin' in there with this build.
  12. I checked oldrover's link...that thing looks so cool. I have no idea how much it will cost, american, but the other kits like this I have seen are quit expensive. I have WNW Gotha that is almost as big. Still, A 1/32 Handley Page would be great