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  1. Clyde Puffer

    Great Job Kev!! I look forward to seeing you construct more little gems like this!
  2. Big As MAZ

    Thanks, Love you man,.........sorry, that was the drugs.
  3. Big As MAZ

    That frikin' hurt dude!! LOL! Coughing fit ensuing.
  4. Big As MAZ

    Someone to commiserate with. Thanks Barside, You know how it feels.
  5. Big As MAZ

    Glynn, Believe it or don't, I cut these from one piece. I just had some scraps, and the patterns looked like one piece, so I just went for it.
  6. Big As MAZ

    Dang Timmas! You got me laughing, and now my head hurts again. Thanks
  7. Big As MAZ

    Thanks All for following along! Today's report is a non report. My Niece went on a seven day cruise to Mexico (must be nice). And I got to baby sit a seven year old little girl for more than a week. To bad we can't figure a way to bottle the energy that kids seem to have. I spent time picking her up from public school each day. I have no tolerance for kid germs, and seem to have caught every cold germ from across the county, all coming together at school and ending up in my car, and now in me. I did manage to build the frames for the engine bay, and that's about it for two weeks work. I woke up today feeling somewhat normal (for me), and realized I had spent three days sleeping. So after a couple of weeks, it's back to work on the engine bay covers. Be Back soon. Thanks All
  8. More with the tedious small work. It will all look great in the end. Good job.
  9. I really want to see the Flux Capacitor.
  10. The last two photos are really quite good. They show a nice variety of vegetation, with good lights and shadows. Good work.
  11. I've only just discovered the amount of scratching going on here. Great Job!
  12. Here we go again! I like the scratching. I was just curious about the engine screen and engine?
  13. Beautiful work going on here.
  14. Clyde Puffer

    This looks very cool Kev! Great bit pf scratching! Thanks.
  15. Really nice superstructure photo above. And, Dang! those guns are small. Good job.