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  1. Big As MAZ

    Hey All, A brief report today. I have been working all over the build with a bunch of small stuff, but I thought I would show the stirrings of the cab build... I really wanted to know how big the cab would be, and also what the final chapter will entail. So I started with the basic cab layout... The parts... This is the basic frame of the cab. I will work out the details of the finished skin along the way. Always with the test fitting.... Doesn't look like much now, but it will soon look somewhat like a Maz cab. That's it for now, be back soon...
  2. People and their cars when it snows, farkin' ice holes! Your not alone when it comes to messing up future plans with the plaster. We all get to make mistakes like that. You'll get it sorted, and it will look great.
  3. What a wonderful report! Nice tech report Manfred, we all know that you will get it sorted.
  4. 1/35 T34/76 Winter Camo|Tamiya

    Up to your usual standards!
  5. Big As MAZ

    Hey Timmas, What the heck is a bonnet? I know, the same as a hood. I did use sheet and rod when I rendered the original to cast from. The sheet is 0.4mm thick and the two sizes of rod are 1mm, and 0.8mm. A matter of logistics, these are to the point where I can't hold them to finish, or get them any smaller with styrene. Thanks Glynn, The casting of these small parts went well. Perhaps I can try to sand these down a bit to get to a better size. I'm working on the scale problem, but also moving on to other things.
  6. Big As MAZ

    Hey Guys, I have been working on the hood locks the last few days. I just thought I would show a failed attempt. I have twelve hood locks to build. Because I built the hoods to be opened and closed, I needed working hood locks. I'm not so sure about the first attempt. I first built an original and then cast the twelve sets of parts. An unfortunate arrangement of parts in the mold... Then it took forever to get everything separated and cleaned. Once I got all that taken care of, it was time to put the parts together... I drilled out the centers of the lock flanges to accept the wire for the lock. I think this is a fail because this is about as small as I can build with the styrene, but still looks way to big for the parts... I really like the shape and how this turned out. Just a bit to big for me tho. Plan-B will be an attempt to make the locks out of card. I can cut very much smaller with less weight to the stock. Also I can superglue the paper which turns the paper very stiff and rigid. More attempts to come, Later.............
  7. Mount's Bay Fishing Lugger

    What the 'ell dude. You build these so fast I can hardly keep up, just finding your projects. I need to build faster. Great job to date!
  8. Big As MAZ

    Hey John, Check out page 3, posting #69. The colors I use are straight out of the bottle. I don't premix, I let the mixing happen on the part itself. I get a more random pattern of the rust that way. I approach painting a model kit the same way I approach my paintings for a gallery. I slop the color on and let gravity and the natural flow of paint mix the colors. The less I do the better the part looks when finished.
  9. Big As MAZ

    Thanks, back to work.
  10. Big As MAZ

    Thanks a lot Manfred! KEV, I asked about not being able to see the photos. The response I got was that, the OS on some devices don't mesh with Imageshack OS. I'm not so sure what that means, but I got mine working tho.
  11. Big As MAZ

    Hey All, I got the Imageshack thing sorted, so no more problems with that. A short report for today. The last couple of days were spent on the Mufflers. Not to complicated, but with some rod bending. Parts.... I just need some connecting pipe now.... Two new, old rusted Mufflers... I get to mount these under the Running Boards, up under the engine. Only the exhaust tips of the mufflers will be seen from the outside. That's it for now. The next report will be on the all the hood locks. Stayed Tuned.........
  12. Big As MAZ

    Hey All, Good to be back. I'm still trying to get a grip on ImageShack, so I hope all this works out ok. I can't seem to see my images on their site. However.... I left off with needing to add the details to the engine cover. This all went well but slow. More hinges... A lot of test fitting... Grab Handles... A last look before the great cover up... At this point it was off to the Paint Dept. for a rough job... Fresh back from the paint shop... A buddy at another site wanted to know how much Betty weighs to date... She's getting hefty now! I have so much extraneous stuff to build, that I will be working all over for a while. Fuel cans, Oxy bottles, Grab handles, Clamps...just a bunch of small stuff. I'm also working on the Cab structure. I have plenty of things to work on, but I'll take photos of all the small stuff. Until next time..........
  13. Manfred, The lighting products I use are a self contained unit. I don't have to solder anything, or worry about which color end is power or ground. I just simply touch the ends to a battery and they work. The distribution of power is a simple light switch for each "zone", I don't have to have a special unit for this. In USA these type of products are designed for lazy people who just want some lights in their model kits. Nothing special to do here, just plug and play. These products are available in the USA at "Ngineering.com". A model railroad site.
  14. Big As MAZ

    Thanks Blaubar, I usally buy all the styrene that I need for one project at one time. That way I don't have to interrupt the build process. But always something to buy later on in the build.
  15. I like the idea of running the wires through the tube. I don't know if you have tried soldering anything that small before, but it is a pain to work that small. You will come up with a great solution tho, you always do!