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  1. Thanks Guys, Hey Gremlin, It's starting to get some size to it now... Hey All, I have finished building the Valve Covers. I only had two of these to build but I spent a week building 'em. I added some more details to the engine block and the engine bottom side. All this new stuff is small, so things took a bit of time to get right. A quick look at the bottom side of the engine block. The flat drain pan for the oil. Working on the block. I have added all the bolts, the stiffening fins between the bolts, and the ratchet grooves for the bolts. To be continued... The valve covers were a pain...a lot of small stuff. I try to do all the boring stuff first when I start manufacturing new parts. I built the valve cover base, by rapping styrene around a wood shape. Beginning the bolt down process. The maintenance covers... What a bunch of bull "this"... I next have have to detail the Heads, and some more details on the block. Thanks for looking All. Later
  2. Once again you have managed to find a great little kit. Nice job!
  3. Another nice build of an earth mover. Great job!
  4. Hey Manfred, I did have to order a ton of these, and I just placed a new order. Also I try not to over tighten the bolts, however I do not have a torque wrench, just a plumbers wrench... And the idea of the Maz standing in a car cemetery, is just about the effect I'm trying to achieve. Thanks for saying so.
  5. Thanks Guys. hendie, the chunks are getting bigger! Hey Guys, Slightly slower build this week so far. I have managed to get the heads onto the engine block. The heads are basic rectangles, to size and mounted on top of the bottom end of the engine (if that makes sense). This is the final basic engine. Now I have to build all the details that are mounted to this . I have to pay the devil his dues, because that's were the details are. I'll be back with more details soon. Thanks, Rich
  6. Thanks Everyone for following along. Hey, This is starting to get a bit fidgety. I have only managed to build the support frame for the water radiators. I wanted to get an idea of the size and location of things as I build. The Radiator rack is a flimsy frame that supports the water radiators and cages the engine. I got so involved with building this and doing the measerments as I went along, that I managed to get just one photo under construction. I did build a very basic engine place holder. I think this will be the engines bottom end. All placed on the frame so I can see what is actually going on. The Engine build continues. Thanks All...
  7. At one time I had the same problems with my painting. I was told that the effect was called "Orange Peel". I was told it was caused from applying the top layer of paint over a layer of paint that wasn't quite dry. I don't know if that's what's happening hare or not. Also consider what Larchiefeng has said. Brass might work better.
  8. I'm really not sure Manfred. It seems that 0.1 is not ridgid enough to hold it's own shape. Building a bundle seems the only way to go, but i'm not so sure about how to apply this to your build, and you have to go around corners. If you can find a material that is stiff enough to hold it's shape you might have a chance. I'm thinking tho that if you give this a try you should use a jig of some sort. Good Luck!!
  9. You know that Mischa might print the fuel cell pipes onto a sheet of clear foil to represent these. I have run into this situation several times, where the pipes are to small to render separately. But I know how you are, so have fun with the even smaller stuff.
  10. You seem to be able to find some of the coolest, earth moving equipment kits. Keep 'em coming.
  11. Thanks Guys! John, I've already been taken away, in my head. I'm sure you can tell by me even starting this project. What was I thinking?
  12. Thanks Kev, and Manfred. The craziness is in the details. So take a hit!