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  1. Hey All, The launch area is still under construction, and proceeding nicely. I have developed a plan for the Service Tower Carrier, and started with the construction. I realized that I had to establish the height of the tower carrier work surface, that has the transfer rails embedded into it, before I could establish the height of the side rails. The photo below shows the height of the side rail and the height of the tower carrier together. I just have to get everything to line up ok. In the photo below you can see the shape of the carrier rail wheels... I felt that the Revell carrier wheels I had to work with, for this location, just were not the correct shape. So working with the kit parts I reshaped these to look more like the photo above. Using the photos above, I started to scratch the carrier. I had several kit parts that helped establish the size and spacing I had to work with. The kit parts are now coming from different kit boxes, as the bashing is in full swing... As I was putting things together, I ran across parts that were shaped in a manor not originally designed. The date on the kit box is 1958, the plastic is hard and not likely to bend without snapping. I cut this piece into a bunch of parts and replicated the areas I needed to. I got a bit involved with construction, but you can see what I came up with to try and match the photos. I'm only about half way building the tower carrier. However, I have now established the work surface height, and now I can move to the tower rails. I have laid down some hand rails so you can see about where the tower rail spacing needs to be placed. So far everything is lining up good. I still have numerous items to place on the carrier, and a bit of fabrication to do, like embed the rails into the work surface, for one. I'll be back with more of this frivolity soon, so don't touch that dial....... BTW, I think I have established my people problem to a satisfactory size... Looks to be about as close as I'm going to find........ Later All.
  2. Thanks Guys, The details continue. I have the Maz project out of the way and finished. So back to the Dio project. The added kit piping I needed to glue to the back side has been completed. I'm now starting to work on the moving rail system for this build. This build has two rail systems to work with. I have one to build, that carries the Service Tower, and one that carries the transporter for the Service Tower. In the photo below you can see three rails that run parallel on each side to the launch pad. Revell dose not make the rails in the kit as separate units. They are molded together. So now I have to design and build a rail system that looks like Revell put in their kit. I have spare parts to work with here, so I can replicate the side rails to look close to the photos and make them look like they were produced in the kit. I think I have a good plan for this part of the build. Time to build some rails that match the kit parts I'll be back in a bit with my idea about this part of the build. Thanks All..........
  3. Hey All, This is about as much as I'm going to do on this build. However you know that everybody that builds a Dio base is never really done. I'll just keep adding junk to this until the Maz is really junk. That's it guys! I'm off to other builds, later all, Rich
  4. Big As MAZ - DONE

    You guys are all great with the kind comments!! See you all again with the next build. Thanks All!
  5. What a great idea with the photos! That will come in very useful. And nice save with the brushes. The piece looks nice and fresh.
  6. Big As MAZ - DONE

    Hey All, I finally finished This big Russian "Betty". The build is done. Thanks a lot everyone for tagging along with me on this two year build. I learned a lot for the next build, and will be attempting things untried by me before. I'll be ready for RFI in a bit, while I finish the Dio display base. Thanks All, Rich....... BTW: I will be moving down to the Diorama section to try to finish that build, Launch 14, Coopers Rocket. Check it out, Thanks.
  7. The Crawler treads were so clean when I received them, I just used soapy water to clean them. Your piece seems to have a lot of thin fins to catch everything used for support. Try using a stiff tooth brush for the small areas. Good Luck!
  8. Nice video Manfred. Be careful the Aceton dose not melt the plastic you are working with.
  9. Big As MAZ - DONE

    Thanks for tagging along Richard, and Glynn. It's been a blast reading your comments. Hey Guys, These are the final photos of the 100% complete, Winch cover... I have a couple of small items left to build, a day or so for these. I'll be back with the final portrait shots...Thanks All....
  10. 1/6th Scale Garage

    Total Gobsmackedness!
  11. Big As MAZ - DONE

    Hey All, The engine covers are now finished 100%. I'll be back with more finish work in a bit.....
  12. Big As MAZ - DONE

    I have heard that some computers can't see Imageshack photos. I'm not a computer person at all, So I don't know how to fix this. I believe it's at the Imageshack end of the line where the problem lies. But only on some computers, not all.
  13. Big As MAZ - DONE

    Hey Everyone, This is it guys. The last week of this build. I have started at the front of the truck and will be working my to the back bumper. All the little details that I'm sure would have ended up on the floor, are being added to finish this up. I will show each section over this week and then the final portrait shots before RFI. First up is the Cab. Final photos........ The Cab is now 100% finished. I removed the cab to make the install easier. I'll be moving back to the engine covers next. Thanks All.........
  14. Wingnut Wings announcement

    Could you imagine an 0/400 at 1/32 scale? Another kit wing span of 3 feet or more.
  15. This project turned out great Chris, Nice job!