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  1. By Günter Grondstein: Engine change of JaBoG 33 F-104G during Tactical Air Meet '78 at Wildenrath.… https://t.co/PtxLaSAlIy

  2. By HP Merschbrock: Red jumping out of the tiny Gnat T1- note compressed nose wheel which extends as soon as he's ou… https://t.co/usvJkCRecI

  3. 1/48 Mirage IIID, A3-111 - 77SQN RAAF

    What an excellent idea. Looks great as-is and it's not even painted yet! The two-seater is a stunning sight and in that configuration - yes, you've hit bulls eye. Jay
  4. From the standpoint of the manufacturer, sure, I agree. But I was writing from the standpoint of a consumer and contributor to other crowd funding projects for a good time -and yes perhaps also from experience in setting campaigns up in my former line of work - but mostly from the standpoint as a backer. One thing campaigns should never do is expect potential backers to take the time or to be able to read between the lines of the proposal. Only brands/ creators with huge social media popularity get to get away with that (eg. huge gaming projects). The reason for any amount asked, even if the goal is only 10 dollars, should be as explicit as possible. You say 40K isn't a high number: well, that may be, but it depends for what it's needed isn't it? I couldn't definitively know as a potential supporter because it wasn't explained. And I still don't get why they chose that amount, if 125K was actually needed. Also what is going to happen if the money isn't raised? I could go into more detail but it's not the right forum for that. Not criticising the company by the way -we all know their superb reputation (have Delfins of theirs -and the Kfir looks great indeed), also I would have contributed to the campaign if I'd seen it soon enough. But no, as a campaign I don't think it was as effective as it could have been. My 2 cents. Jay
  5. Smokey Italian F-104S Starfighter of 53 Stormo, 21 Gruppo at the 1986 Tiger Meet at Cambrai, France -… https://t.co/OsKa5kxTJY

  6. Regarding crowd funding in modelling: I think it's a pity their Indiegogo campaign wasn't as successful as it could have been. I often thought crowd funding would work well in the modelling business -but then again maybe they should have gone for another platform. Also 40K is a rather high number for this goal. They didn't adequately explain why specifically they needed that amount of money -perhaps that put some people off. I know it was essentially presented as a pre-order, but they must have needed the money early for some reason. After all indiegogo is seen as an investment market not an online shop. Has a plastic scale kit company ever been successful in this? Or is AMK the first to try crowd funding? I can't find any online in any case. Jay
  7. Lockheed T-33A Shooting Star of the French CEVSV 338, the Central School for Blind-Flying, in 1982 -… https://t.co/8YiSDP37HD

  8. RV Mirage IIIE Exotic

    Good of you to start on an RV for us, so we don't have to... Earnest good work going on there. Jay
  9. 1/72 Mirage F1CR & F1CT

    Nice save, indeed a funny sight. Coming along very nicely by the way. Jay
  10. Mirage F1C, EC 1/12 Tiger Meet 1991, 1/72 Special Hobby

    Hi Dadas -nice choice, those tiger markings look the part. Looking forward to what you'll make of them. Jay
  11. AMK 1/72 Kfir C2

    Amazing looking kit. Great progress too, looking really nice..! Jay
  12. Strikemaster Mk.84 of the Republic of Singapore Air Force; possibly during Open House @ Changi AB, 1978 -… https://t.co/OeWCj4vilJ

  13. Its price, roughly compared with the Meng one is kind of a selling point. Meng's a stunningly nice kit, but so much stuff in the box that's not really needed. I just hope Trumpeter has got the basic countours right because the 106 has such a distinctive fuselage shape. Jay
  14. Mirage 5F, EC3/13 "Ardennes", Colmar, 1973

    Looking good -The instrument panel particularly -the gloss dials looks fantastic. Jay