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  1. Hi, I'm becoming more and more enchanted to build the above option, namely the first production FB-111A (67-0159). I am playing with the idea of converting it from my 1:72 Hasegawa F-111A. This aircraft was apparently the only full production FB-111A with Triple Plow I inlets delivered to the USAF. It never went into active service but instead spent most of its days at Nellis and Mclellan AFBs as a test airframe. But - am I correct in understanding that this specific Aardvark had essentially the same aft fuselage section as the F-111A? Jay
  2. These models are a masterclass in modelling. I had followed the entertaining and informative work in progress for these but I seem to have omitted praise for the RfI. I hope I have redeemed myself now :). Jay
  3. Hi Jerzy, Ooh, that's nice. Very good looking and historically exotic subject -also thanks for including the interesting background and the comparison with the Chinese example. Jay
  4. Ah, that's very nice. Good looking JP. Jay
  5. RT @kn20154: ナイスコンビ

  6. @ruskievityazi @RSS_40 @xinfengcao @OedoSoldier @rajfortyseven @oryxspioenkop @KitadicaCool @mig cheers mate!

  7. By Manfred Faber: Splendid F-4F of JaBoG 35 taking off @ Flugplatz Pferdsfeld, 1984 #avgeek

  8. By JM Hanon- Hawker Hunter T.7 of 208 Sqn @ Bierset, Belgium late 1980s. FlyFan Forum -See:…

  9. Cheers Col - and thanks for the invitation too - as @helios16v suggested (thanks for that by the way), maybe I shouldn't think of it in terms of having a deadline so perhaps I'll start anyway and see where it goes . Jay
  10. Hi @Col., I'm afraid I'll have to extract myself from this already enjoyable GB as it is growing ever more likely I will have to dedicate myself to family caregiving in the coming months - well in honesty I have no idea if it is weeks or months or years - but in any case, in order to prevent a build-up of stress I think it's prudent to avoid anything with a deadline attached to it... Jay
  11. By Bigclick67: Reconnaissance - Mirage F.1CR of ER 33 at the TLP @ Jever in Germany in 1985 -…

  12. Wow, this is rather nice! Quite exotic yet a little familiar too, with those USAF titles. The build seems tidy indeed and the finish looks perfect, you wouldn't know you hated painting from that. In the pics I love how you've included a pilot doing his walkaround, especially the 12th photo is amazing. Thanks for sharing. Jay
  13. F-111A of the 366th TFW with wings fully swept, @ Elmendorf AB, Alaska, during Exercise Brim Frost '81…

  14. Hi Michael - wonderful result of one of my favorite subjects. A Marineflieger 104 is hard to beat. Excellent detailing I must say. I like the pic with the Gina as well. Jay
  15. Incredible! Really nice work. Jay