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  1. French Air Force CEAM Dassault Mirage F.1 4/118-AM

  2. If it doesn't conflict with accuracy maybe you could sand back the fin's trailing edge a little so that the length below the horn matches up - also you might by look of things simultaneously achieve a smaller gap between rudder & fuselage that way. -Jay
  3. RT @AviationPhotoCo: USAF 48th TFW McDonnell F-4D Phantom 66-7496/LN (1975) #avgeek #aviation…

  4. By Erich Westersötebier: 16 Sqn Canberra B(I).8 visiting Gütersloh, 1972. WT337 ended its days as a Ground Target-…

  5. F-5E used for training foreign F-5E pilots @ Williams AFB in 1981 - note the Target Dart under the far wing -…

  6. Looking good. I wonder how the kit part's fit is -as it's the former Esci kit, I assume reasonably good..? Jay
  7. Always had a soft spot for this aircraft because of its huge shape and tiny cockpit & canopy. And its off-centre seats. I remember Buccs taking off at airshows - simply retract the undercarriage and become airborne by default. Encountered them again when my family visited relatives near Soesterberg Neth. when a bunch of Buccs were deployed there. Saw them flying over so I sneaked out, lent a bike, and watched them all day as they tore in to give the runway a hug -well below the tree tops. Returned to find some wee weed off parents though . Anyway - great subject and kit and I'm looking forward to what's next. Jay (who is in dire need of a good 1/72 Buccaneer)
  8. Nice detailing indeed. The instrument panel especially. For the instruments themselves you could perhaps try a blank piece of plastic - painted white, then gloss varnish, then a matt black paint that scratches off easily such as Vallejo, and scratch in the instrument details with a needle. -Jay
  9. Very well done - the diorama area is small yet there is so much happening and so much to see! Excellent composition - Really inspiring. Jay
  10. Great result - I like the neatness of the build especially - especially that crisp canopy and tidy finish. -Jay
  11. Hi Docjojo, Amazing build, really superb in all departments, but surely the detail and the painting of the interior must count as the most awe-inspiring. Lovely finish this Shack has too. Really great. -Jay
  12. All that plastic looks rather mouth watering..! Nice start to a what seems a superb kit. -Jay
  13. RT @shuichi_hayashi: 21型と52型を並べてみる。僅かなパネルラインの違いでも立体化されていると良く理解出来るのがプラモデルの良い所だと思う。

  14. RT @AviationPhotoCo: USAF 20 TFW GD EF-111A Raven 66-0037/UH (1989) #avgeek #aviation

  15. This subject I'll have to give all possible thumbs up ! Jay