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  1. Might be able to help you with one of wing sprues, from a Luftwaffe RF-4E. Will check in the morning to confirm one way or another.



  2. Mirage GB chat

    Congratulations Andrew - those two F1s REALLY look the part! The huge centreline tank looks particularly good on the F1. I had really wanted to finish on time, sorry I couldn't contribute more -was dragged away from the bench by events on which I had no influence. Jay
  3. RT @GomoDubi: It’s OFFICIAL, there is a COUP currently underway in Harare, #ZIMBABWE. Mugabe on the brink https://t.co/nEURGGGV6k

  4. 1/72 Special Hobby Mirage F.1C

    Thanks guys. Attached the nose gears yesterday and will paint the wheel wells and gears soon. Jay
  5. 1/72 Special Hobby Mirage F.1C

    Hi, The Mirages have been slowly edged on towards completion, but progress is far slower than I had wanted at the beginning of this GB. So this is where I'm at now: decals are on; a random mix of Carpena and Berna, most importantly Berna sheet number 72030. After a coat of decanted Mr Hobby Super Clear Flat I proceeded to generally air-dab the surface with different shades of blue-grey using the airbrush -I did that also in order to slightly dull the rather bright markings of the Berna sheet, to make the finish a little more representative of slightly worn aircraft. After that the surface was dusted with a cheap version of weathering powder from the chemist's. Also on are the main undercarriage legs. Not sure I am going to finish this on time. Changing work, questionable health, infighting siblings and family caregiving are putting too much weight on everything to properly enjoy stuff, so I'm not going to try to meet the date -if I do, then great! Jay
  6. Mirage 2000P Peruian airforce 1/48 - finished!!

    Nice work on an exotic subject! Jay
  7. Belgian Mirage 5 BR

    Very nice work, I love the subject..! Jay
  8. Fairey Albacore 1/48th

    Amazing quality - such skill. Rigging, paint work and detailing - all superb! Jay
  9. Fairey Firefly 1/48

    Simply amazing work. The finish looks great and photography too. Jay
  10. Any news on this? Presumably the T-10-10 project takes priority over the Mirage for now. Jay
  11. 1/72 Revell BAe Red Arrows Hawk T1

    Well done, the brush job looks great. Can't wait to take a crack at one of these. Jay
  12. Sword F-80C - Latin style 1/72

    That's an interesting subject - we don't often get to see Colombian aircraft much less from this period. Sublime rendition of this nice-looking jet. Jay
  13. RT @AviationPhotoCo: French Army Cessna O-1E Bird Dog 24567 (1982) https://t.co/9SCmpCHNhy https://t.co/mIXRuPB4UQ

  14. RT @AviationPhotoCo: Royal Norwegian Air Force 334 Skv General Dynamics F-16A Fighting Falcon 671 (1989) https://t.co/D03NNdCZhm https://t.…

  15. RT @AviationPhotoCo: US Navy VT-7 Douglas TA-4J 158455/2K-746 (1974) https://t.co/9rmAeBmJ7z https://t.co/BK52s0FEdZ