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  1. Like others I absolutely will buy this kit as well, on principle as well as for its significance (like the famous Snake Island stamps are significant). Jay
  2. I see they're available - I'll be ordering them as soon as I press 'Submit Reply'!! Jay
  3. Great news! Parts breakdown looks similar to the T.17 boxing; same wing as far as I can see. Lovely! Jay
  4. This news made my day. I've always liked this type a lot. Thanks Sword! I wonder if the wing slats will be seperate pieces - probably not, so I'll have a saw ready just in case. Jay
  5. This is amazing. I wish there were adequate superlatives to convey my admiration; rest assured I am most inspired! I cannot remember seeing such thought out and convincing weathering on an airliner model. The subtle streaks from the cabin windows, the paint touch-ups in the blue, the oil stains, the worn landing gear, it's all so perfect! The choice of presenting it in an all-black surrounding is also very inspired. I will have a look at the WiP as I wonder how you did the cabin windows and cockpit. Jay
  6. Very nice Flanker! I appreciate your sensitivity on the subject. I agree that one should separate the historical-political implications from the historical representation. Lovely plane; the ladder and chocks are a nice touch. Jay
  7. Cool subject, amazing work, and very beautifully photographed. The crisp painting work and subtle washes really sells it. It looks like a perfect model in all respects. Jay
  8. Crisp and clean, what a result! Welcome back to the hobby. Jay
  9. Superb pair! I love them. The build and the paint work is sublime. The weathering exactly right. I cannot praise these enough. One page to bookmark! But I must ask: where oh where did you find those very un-Fujimi-like nose wheels?? Did you use the Hobby Boss ones? They look fantastic. Jay
  10. If I open each individual link in a new tab (Chrome), I can see them, but subsequently when trying to post an image here, using 'insert image from URL', BM doesn't accept the url. Chrome gave me a safety warning before opening the link though, as it's http, not https. Jay
  11. Very nicely done, I can't remember seeing the Italeri Falcon done so nicely before. The scheme looks spectacular and it seems your decal work is excellent! The undercarriage bay as well. Jay
  12. A clean and crisp Safir. It looks beautiful and I like it a lot. Jay
  13. Ah yes the Airone, such a good and sturdy looking seaplane in my opinion. Lovely build of an underrated subject. I have been reading about the type some time ago and the Airone had quite an interesting career, in service well into the 1950s. How was the build? Jay
  14. I like the Firebrand a lot - such a unique looking aircraft. Your rendition does it justice. Brave of you to tackle all that resin. Really nice work. Oh and I love the paint job. Jay
  15. Beautiful work; very crisp and clean but at the same time visually interesting and realistic. I often wonder what happened to the decals on the real XT597 after IAT '83. They were applied on 22 July, and the aircraft departed, still wearing the celebratory outfit, on the 25th. Perhaps the decals were removed at Boscombe immediately upon arrival... Jay
  16. Superb looking and nicely detailed Hurricane. Excellent research there with a little supplemental educated guesswork; I like how you resolved the squadron code as well. Jay
  17. Excellent work; superb colors and nice photography as well! Jay
  18. Beautiful collection - such an interesting aircraft! Thanks for sharing. Jay
  19. The level of realism and the crispness of the detail is really top level. Moreover the paintwork and finish as well as the realistic weathering make this model great. The pictures are worthy of closer study. I am amazed. Jay
  20. Good heavens this is really something unique. I am blown away by the quality and presentation of these models. The Ki-10 is my favourite. Jay
  21. Gorgeous looking Hawk, I agree with above comments on the crispness of the paint job. Really stunning and great choice of subject as well. Jay
  22. I thought I should add a follow-up to this subject, as recently (actually last September - time flies), I had the opportunity to speak to a couple of people, one who was active in air traffic control, the other was air force admin but helped plan deployments, both in the 1980s. Both told me Austrian overflights by NATO aircraft were usually not an option, for much the same reason they couldn't overfly other neutral countries either, at least not within a NATO context. According to them, flights to Italy from bases north of the Alps were always planned to go via France. NATO aircraft did visit neutral countries on occasion though. Jay
  23. Hi, I'm guessing the answer to this obscure inquiry is No, but still worth asking I hope. So I've been forced to sand away blisters and aux intakes during aircraft builds every now and then, typically near seams. I usually make replacements from scratch, with the help of sanding sticks. Are there commercially available sprues out there containing only blisters of different sizes? I'm talking tiny sizes by the way, 3 mm length and the like. I'm wondering about this after discovering Kotobukiya's Detail Up sprues which contain only generic detailing parts for universal use. Jay
  24. I think I am already liking the instruction booklet shown above - at first sight it seems refreshingly thorough. Jay
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