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  1. Thanks Chris. Was hoping to have progressed a bit more by now, but it always takes longer than anticipated - at least when I do it Thanks Zebra. Hope to have some worthwhile progress by next weekend. Thanks Rich. Yes the intakes had been a bit of a pain in the but with all these curves everywhere. Here I could see making a resin part a worthwhile addition - maybe in case I build another Sky Hawk... Talking about resin, many thanks for letting me know what you use. Checked out Barnes' location in Victoria and I am walking past their shop at Richmond for the last 13 years on my way to work So at least it won't be a problem to get the stuff. Cheers, Peter
  2. 1/48 Super Etendard

    That is a shame as your Super Etendard progressed so nicely. Did you seal the decals first with some gloss clear before you applied the wash? Really surprised that the wash is so aggressive. Is it oil based? I hope you get back to it one day. Cheers, Peter
  3. Yes John, the MB2 question was indeed for this build. Shouldn't have started another kit, but I thought this will be a straight forward build as all the reviews and past builds had been favorable - I guess it al depends how closely you look at things Nearly two weeks passed since my last progress and I do still work on the kit, but unfortunately things move slower than I like. As mentioned in my last post (#37), I wasn't happy the way the gun sight looked as it was too large and the whole bits above the IP just didn't look right. So out it came - again. I made a diagonal cut with a saw to reduce the length and height of the gun sight. Cutting diagonally also didn't destroyed any details. And back in again. The sun blends are now much less on an angle and looks much closer to the original. In comparison to how it was previously. And here the real deal. Also note the instrument in the red circle. Trumpeter and Aires have it as part of the IP, but it is attached on the side in front of the IP. Another mod to do. Unfortunately the Aires Martin Baker Mk.2D ejection seat has the footrests missing. so I added them. Looks better now with the seat in place. I assume Aires modeled the seat on this picture. But this didn't look right to me as it would be a rather uncomfortable ride. So I asked the question in the Cold War forum how the seat should look like. And thanks to several replies, it became clear that the Aires seat is unequipped, that is without parachute and should look like this. More stuff to add. Will use Milliput to make the "padding", but will paint the seat first. I have to say that the Aires cockpit for the Sea Hawk isn't there best effort But most of my time I spent reworking the air intakes. And this is what I came up with. And this is how it looks on a real aircraft Of note is that the dividers are only within the first half of the opening! And they are recessed a lot from the opening. A lot of complex curves in there. Unfortunately something is a bit off with the Trumpeter air intake opening as the proportion just didn't looked right if I placed the dividers within the first half. I therefore had to do a compromise. And here some close-up pictures This was more involved than I originally thought, but it does enhance the look nicely. After correcting the air intakes, I have to do something about the jet exhaust. Looks like more thinning of plastic in in order Left before and right after. Should be able to get some paint on things after I finished thinning down the jet exhaust Cheers, Peter
  4. Some serious work going on here Rich Great idea placing temporary guides to assist in lining up joints Have to remember this. Cheers, Peter
  5. Nice start Rich. I haven't seen a Collect-Aire Model which is a simple build But I am sure you will work it all out. Oh, and I haven't seen someone crazy enough to tackle two of them in a GB Cheers, Peter
  6. Sharkmouth GB - 24 on the list

    You are spot on Stew - six to go P-40 in 112 Squadron markings are always a winner! Cheers, Peter
  7. Sharkmouth GB - 24 on the list

    I think it is compulsory to have a Sharkmouth on a A-7 as it just doesn't look right without it Thanks for participating Patrice. Your suggestions are all great choices Like with the A-7, a P-40 does need a Sharkmouth to look right. Plenty of time to source a bargain Mark. That would be a first in a GB Dazz. Would be great to see a Gundam with Sharkmouth in the mix Done. A Lightning would be nice as it is such a iconic aircraft. Really good to see the interest in the topic and we need only seven more participants. Cheers, Peter
  8. Lockheed GB in 2019 ? at 25 on April 15th

    Always wanted to build a P-38 and this GB would be a good motivation to do so. I'm in too. Cheers, Peter
  9. Great progress Rich. What a difference in the quality of the casting between Aires and Collect Aire - generations apart. How did you align the pin holes in both parts? This is something I always struggle with and yours look spot-on Cheers, Peter
  10. Finemolds Last Tomcat Baby! 1/72 F-14D

    What a bummer Tony. Can't really add anything to what Rich already said. But please don't give up, have a brake and things won't look as bad. I, and I am sure many others on Britmodeller enjoy your builds as they are always very informative and resulting in spectacular models. Cheers, Peter
  11. Yes, never throw anything away. One very little thing I noticed with your diorama setup. I think the ground crew would be happier if you swap the wheel chocks around so the currently left set is on the right and vice versa - gets then a bit further away from the prop. One other question if I may. I assume the RP3 are the 60pounds version which are the same I will use on my Sky Hawk build. Do you know how they are armed as it seems they don't have the rope anymore as was the case when used on Typhoon / Tempests? Cheers, Peter
  12. Great looking model Rich and nicely photographed. The wing locks are a great idea to strengthen the joint. What surface is the deck of the display base made off and what material did you use for the pull ropes on the wheel chocks? Cheers, Peter
  13. Yes indeed, if it looks right it is right or close enough is good enough. The wavy leading edge line on the Spitfire is indeed a mystery and I would love to know how it came about. Thanks Colin. It is maybe worthwhile checking out the Work in Progress threads of the two builds (link in first post) if you haven't done already. Thanks Terry for the compliments. Good to see that people do get back into scale modelling after lengthy brakes. I found to take small steps and not rushing things does help in making models. Thanks Don, I am glad you like them. Cheers, Peter
  14. Sharkmouth GB - 24 on the list

    Thanks for supporting the idea Mikkel. Oops, should have remembered. I attribute it to old age Your intended build has certainly a nice set of teeth Sorry Paul, I didn't see your proposal as I didn't check this far back. Would be great if you could co-host the GB in case enough members supporting the idea and it gets voted in for 2019. Cheers, Peter
  15. Thanks Kev. I found it a totally new way of making models when I got back into it three years ago, but I enjoy using all these new materials and techiques. I hope you will have a good time building your first aircraft in over 30 years Welcome back Peter. Yes the colours are different in hues. The Hurricane has the more accurate colours for sure and the Spitfire is a bit off. Actually the two Dark Earth are very similar (the one on the Spitfire is maybe very slightly lighter and for whatever reason has a yellow tint to it which isn't there when I look at the model) even though they do look different in the picture, but the difference is in the Dark green. The Dark Green on the Spitfire is too dark and this makes the Dark Earth look lighter. I hope this explanation makes sense. When it comes to colours I actually prefer a bit of variation. There are so many effects which have an influence on colours in the real world - manufacturer, batches, material it is painted on, application, aging, weather and so on, resulting that the "correct" colour varies a lot as well. Cheers, Peter