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  1. Thanks again, everyone. So, Bohr was on G-AGGG (according to Fundekals) or G-AGGC (according to the Mathisrud book cited by Vingtor). I'm not sure what the primary sources are for each of these, but I imagine there's some logbook entry or the like in which a C can't be distinguished from a G. (Though it was Heisenberg, not Bohr, who described the uncertainty theorem.) Either way, I would need to make a FB Mk. VI, and the Bohr ship probably wasn't G-AGFV.
  2. Coming together. What a great-looking aircraft the Rafale is. I'm building it wheels-up, with two large external tanks under the wings and two Mica missiles on the wingtip rails.
  3. Thank you all.
  4. So, for the De Havilland Group Build, I'm thinking about building G-AVFG, the BOAC Mosquito that spirited Niels Bohr out of Sweden. Fundekals has an appropriate sheet of markings. Negative, Ghostrider, the budget is full! Nevermind that guy. Is the Hong Kong Models 1/32 de Havilland Mosquito B Mk.VI Series II the correct 1/32 kit for this project? The Mosquito variants confuse me. If so, should I build the bulged bomb bay or the normal one?
  5. Having finished my entry in the P-51 Group Build, I decided to rescue this kit from constructio interruptus. It's the Hobbyboss 1/48 two-seat Dassault Rafale: It's got about an afternoon's worth of work on it already. The top and bottom are joined, and the wings and fin are joined, too. The goal here is to get it up to "eight-year-old boy's ceiling" standard, so I should be able to finish in time for the end of the GB.
  6. Thanks guys.
  7. Does anyone know what "Shoot you're faded" actually means? Did "faded" mean something else back then?
  8. An amazingly detailed build! I just looked in now and am astonished. Great work!
  9. Pretty much anything Realspace would qualify for this build, right? Pretty much every vehicle is groundbreaking in some way. Correct?
  10. Okay, she's done: Gallery entry here. This is a wonderfully detailed kit that taught me a lot about the P-51. Thank you, Zoukei-Mura. Thank you all for watching my build.
  11. This is "Daddy's Girl," the P-51D of Ray Wetmore, based at RAF East Wretham in late 1944. I used the Zoukei-Mura 1/32 kit, modified slightly for the partial cutaway effect, and Fundekals markings. The build thread is here. Again I am humbled by the quality of work to be seen in this group build. I'm glad to have been able to participate. Thanks to the organizers.
  12. Just a few more details to go: While we're here, let's spare a thought for the people who went to war in these things. While the P-51 may have been the greatest piston-powered fighter ever (debatable, I know), it was still basically a wing, an engine, and six guns with a guy strapped in place to control them. Those pilots were brave people, and lots of them didn't return from their sorties. Credit where credit is due. The pilot of "Daddy's Girl," Ray Wetmore, survived the war with more than 21 kills to his credit. He went on to die in an apparent loss-of-control accident in an F-86 on approach to Otis AFB, Massachusetts, in 1951.
  13. Getting close to completion here...
  14. At least twice in the past few days, I have received multiple notifications of the same "Like." Someone will like one of my posts, and I will get multiple (once four, once two) notifications (all with the same timestamp). No big deal, and I'll take the adulation however it comes, but I don't think that's correct behavior.
  15. Making progress. I have decided to leave one half of the engine cowlings off to show detail. I'm not done with that yet, but the two sides fit together better than I thought (the frames and covers are an either/or system -- you don't put the covers on top of the frames).