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  1. Hello Filip Thank you very much for your order and thank you for the compliment. Otherwise Spitfire TR. 8 and TR. 9 will be released in reissued as late this year. Irish markings will obviously contain. We will add a box with Spitfity TR. airshows today.
  2. Dear friends, Here the reference is a little review of our totally new model Messerschmitt Bf 109F-2/4. The model is made from an entirely new metal molds colder technology. You can expect several versions of packages. Our team put a lot of care, we believe that you will like model. http://www.detailscaleview.com/2016/08/azmodel-172-bf-109f-2-az7530.html
  3. Dear Edd, Yes, I can confirm that the upcoming model P-36 is a completely new model. Now it is preparing in a 3D modeling artwork. Production is slow, but I think next year is anxious model in sales.
  4. Dear Friend, We please you. Right now proceed to prepare new metal molds for Bf 109G-10 Erla, Bf 109G-10 Regensburg and Bf-109K 4th Prerequisite selling them by the end of this year.
  5. Dear Friend, Model Spitfire PR.1G is very old thing. Yes, the version with bumps vacuform was because we did not know how to do technologically. These old models are rare, it has not normally buy. Otherwise, if you have a problem with Vacu cabin, write to our company. Spare vacu canopies can be free to send much needed. You still have somewhere in the warehouse. Very best regards
  6. Dear friends, Small info about our novelty of the Great War. Edition models of the First World War aircraft begin LVG.C VI. The new model of metal molds, will go on sale in late September. More info in the link. http://modelweb.modelforum.cz/2016/08/12/co-se-chysta-u-kp-2/ http://www.kovozavody.cz/
  7. Friends, here the links for our reviews on new models Spitfire Mk.VB. Otherwise, just now we are beginning to mass produce parts for the brand new Bf 109F2 / F4. Tomorrow we will show the first insights into the box and test construction. Best regards http://modelweb.modelforum.cz/ http://www.modelarovo.cz/
  8. Friends, Here is another Vengeance built straight from the box without modifications. I think it looks like Vengeance. Best regards http://www.modelarovo.cz/vengeance-od-miry-senfta/
  9. Charlie, preparing Armament set for Mig-23rd Will be available separately.
  10. Dear Patrice, yes. Best regards
  11. Friends, Here is a preview of the reference model Gloster Gauntlet 1/72. This model is the reissue of our older model that was quickly sold out. Short run mold was cleaned and lightly regulated. On sale at all good retailers. We believe that the model please. http://www.modelarovo.cz/gloster-gauntlet-az-model-172-pohled-do-krabicky/
  12. Friends, all in one answer. In KP- Kovozávody and AZmodel we are preparing for this summer. Potez 25 we certainly will not do. This model agreement, we ceded company Special Hobby. It is the same even at Breguet 19th D-500501510 is already quite ready for production. Forms begin production in September. Info about the course of production we provide here. Marking we have prepared a lot and all are great. Curtiss P-36 / H-75 is in full preparation. Now they are preparing markings, decals and canopies. It is now ready for distribution this year's hit parade leaflets Bf 109F2 / F4 from entirely new metal molds, which were created with the help of 3D modeling and machining. Beginning next week's distribution. And we have other model for fans Luftwaffe46. It Messerschmitt Me 1106B-2 in various variants, like our successful Gotha P 60th For other upcoming models that will be distributed in August-September - October are: LVG C-VI in different variants, Mig-23MLD Afgan Agressor, MiG-23BN, Zlin Z-226A Acrobat, Piper L-4 float, L-4 W / bazookas, DHC-1, Bf 109G-12, Bf 109K-4 and scale 1/144 DHC-6 again in different variants. We believe that each of you from our selection certainly chooses.
  13. Friends, Our company never reported that C-150/180, DHC-1, P-36, K-102 be revoked. In these models still gradually we work will only be later. In September / October will DHC-1 and Ki-102nd On these models we already have everything ready and made (boxes, decals, cabins). Information is confused about because the news will have a new catalog numbers and the old ones are discarded. Apology for moral and psychological problems with this mistake.
  14. Dear friends, Here, in reference to the first previews for upcoming news Piper L-4 watts / float from KP-Kovozávody. Parts are produced 3D CAD-CAM technology in perfect quality. Sales will begin during the summer. Very best regards http://www.modelarovo.cz/prvni-nahled-l-4-s-plovaky-172-kp/ www.kovozavody.cz
  15. Dear Patrice Yes, the P-51D-5 after our hilarious P-51B / C in our long-term plan. Perhaps next year we issue new P-51D-5 along with Mk.IV Mustang P-51D and P-51K We have a lot and with the current high quality of our production are very slow. Yes quality needs more time.