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  1. This man must see. Errors worth of crocodile tears. http://postimg.cc/gallery/2xflyqrd6/
  2. Sorry, revets and separate control surfaces I do it automatically Yes, the contrast is higher. I'm learning new software I have elaborated on the table next four pieces.-))
  3. Thanks all I change it No, I used Gunze SM01.-) Seat-belts are from a PE set by Eduard.
  4. Thank you all, I'm glad you like the Cobra White color: surfacer (Gunze), then Mr. Base White (Gunze) and finally White color by Gunze And that's all :-)
  5. AZmodel/Legato/Admiral WWII aircraft - comments, questions and wishes .-) http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=234931186
  6. If you're anything interesting, please write. Czech spitfires camo - new for January
  7. Hello, the error on the server where the images are stored. Already it is okay?
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