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  1. Hawker Sea Fury FB11

    I also contacted Airfix regarding this issue but other than an automated email from them confirming they have received my complaint and another asking for the product code, i have not heard from them since. My fin issue seems to be a little worse than some i have seen. The same part also has another issue further forward on the fuselage. These are the images i sent to Airfix.
  2. That's a bit further away than my local LHS in Northampton, England. It's a great model shop but sadly no AMK stocked. Mark
  3. Where is your LHS?, mine I don't think have ever stocked AMK.
  4. I guess Hannants can only get them back in stock if AMK produce another batch. When will that be? We know they have to fit kit production between the companies over work. Looks like they are currently doing the new 1/48 version. I presume Hannants have ordered another lot of these kits as the first ones sold out quickly. Maybe they are on a ship heading to the UK already, Maybe not. Mark
  5. This kit seems to have sold really well. I went to Telford hoping to pick one up but I had no luck, couldn't find a single kit anywhere. I cant even find one online for sale in the UK. I'm sure it could be found for sale somewhere overseas but the cost of shipping will be more than the cost of the kit. Martin @ AMK Hobby, do you know if there are plans to release another batch to the UK market. I hope I haven't missed out on a great kit. Thank you.
  6. First AFV Build For A While

    Unfortunately I cant see the images or follow any links. I'm using Windows 10, EDGE and Chrome.
  7. I realised I already have a Flickr account via Yahoo. So here is a test using the 'Download this Photo, View all sizes, large 1024, right-click, copy, paste in post' method. I resized the image from 16-megapixels down to 3-megapixels to make it smaller before uploading to Flickr. I also changed the JPG compression to squish the file size down to below 300kb. This means that by my calculation with the free 1TB storage limit you could upload over 3 million photos. So here it goes my first attempt. As simple as that. (presuming it works) Or is it best to post the link to the original image on Flickr (2048 x 1536) instead of the large 1024 version? This way it can be viewed bigger by clicking on it.
  8. I'm thinking along the same lines with the links not being permanent. Although I have noticed that when you right-click and Copy from Google Photos the URL's seem to change regularly, they are even different for the same image depending on the Web browser used. Despite this the images still remain linked in the posts for the most part. Google's motive for not supporting 3rd-party hosting may be because they try to push their own inbuilt sharing tool (Share/ Get Link). Example below. https://goo.gl/photos/gfr3GbPXGYukWSvf7 (Link will not work because I have changed the image settings so it is no longer shared) This places the shared image in a separate Shared album and labels the image "Link Shared". Presumably this link is permanent but as you can see it doesn't embed the image in the post. Unfortunately until Google officially supports 3rd-party hosting I think its probably best not to use them for this purpose. After all if the links go dead then your back in the same boat as you were with Photobucket.
  9. Thanks again. I don't know if this is good or bad. On the one hand the images are showing but on the other it makes no sense why they didn't before. it will be interesting to see over time if Google changes the URL's and the photos disappear.
  10. Thank you Jaime. I can see both images as well, even when I'm signed out of Google, EDGE & Chrome on Windows 10 & Safari on iPhone. It seems that in this case so far using the shortened URL makes no difference. Maybe its the '?.JPG' added at the end of the URL that's all important. Simply copying and pasting the image into the post is not reliable, as shown with the missing photos in Das Abteilung's "First AFV Build For A While" thread. Ok lets try another experiment. First Image, with '?.JPG' added to the end of URL. The second image, a straight copy from Google Photos without '?.JPG' added to the end of the URL. Neither using shortened URL's and both inserted using the 'Insert other media' tool. No prizes for guessing where this was taken. Certainly not Greece with that grey sky. (presuming you can see the images) Ill have to stop posting these experiments because I'm sure everyone will start to get a bit annoyed. Most people seem to have found an alternative image hosting site to use and they all seem to work well so far. Its just that if Google Photos reliably works it might be handy for anyone who already uploads their photos to it.
  11. This is just a quick test to see if using goo.gl to shorten the URL allows the image to still be visible after I have signed-out of Google Photos. First image is using the URL direct from Google Photos (Right-click, Copy, Insert other media, Insert image from URL, add ?.JPG to end) Second image is using the URL direct from Google Photos (Right-click, Copy) then shortened using goo.gl (Insert other media, Insert image from URL, add ?.JPG to end) My theory is that the really long URL is not really reliable compared to the shortened version. After posting I will log-out of Google to see what happens.
  12. I can see all the pictures; even the squishy-upped one Thank you for your help. I think this requires further testing over a longer period to test how time affects the reliability of the links. There appears to be a number of different option available to host your images for posting in the future its just a shame that the massive resource of past posts (on Britmodeller and across the internet) will no longer have photos.
  13. That's weird now I have signed out of Google I can see all my photos I posted in this thread except the one with the P-40 in the foreground and the really blurred out Zero in the background. Ill try that again using the shortened URL and 'Insert other media' method with '?.jpg' at the end. Then resize to 800px width in Britmodeller. Hopefully this stays when I sign-out of Google.
  14. what about my previous images, are they still visible? If I sign out of Google I can only see my Gnat photo.
  15. This is a test to see if I could shorten the URL using goo.gl. This seems to have worked even when I logged out of Google. Can anybody else see this Gnat photo but not the others or are they all missing?