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  1. Diggers11

    A Cuban Sea Fury.

    Hi Tim, I'm afraid i have not started my Sea Fury yet, still plugging away with my Hawk and MiG-29 builds. They are dragging along a bit at the moment. Mark.
  2. Diggers11

    A Cuban Sea Fury.

    Hi Tim, Just catching up with this thread. Great work on painting the Cuban Flag on the fin and the stencils are very tidy. Mark.
  3. Hi Mike, Thank you for replying. Maybe I need to wick off a bit more of the liquid (while its still a liquid) giving it a thinner coating. Possibly this will allow it to dry a bit before the bubbles appear? Ill try contacting AK to see what they say, although when I tried contacting them before about a dodgy bottle of paint (Meng/AK Steel, solid lump of dried pigment at the bottom of the bottle) I heard nothing back from them. Weirdly both these products was purchased from the same shop at different times. Thanks again, Mark.
  4. Hi, I have just started using the AK Interactive Gauzy Glass Coat (orange tub) for dipping canopies but I'm having an issue with it. The problem I'm having is that as it starts to dry tiny bubbles appear on the surface. Not like the large bubbles that sit on the surface of the liquid in the bottle (I let these disappear before dipping), these are really small. They are not there when first dipped but within a minute or two they suddenly appear. At which point the agent has dried to the point where the bubbles can't be burst with a brush. The plastic parts are clean and the weather is not too hot (20-25°C). I have used Alclad Aqua Gloss in the past with decent results and Humbrol Clear with rather less decent results (both bottles have since yellowed). Mark.
  5. Diggers11

    A Cuban Sea Fury.

    Not just the scheme but the execution of it so far. Looks like a very smooth finish. Mark.
  6. Diggers11

    A Cuban Sea Fury.

    Hi Tim, Your Sea Fury is coming along very nicely indeed. Definitely more exotic than the standard EDSG over sky of the Royal Navy. Mark.
  7. Diggers11

    A Cuban Sea Fury.

    Hi Tim, I hate it when things like this happen. You carefully glue some cockpit detail in, only to find later something else wont fit because of it. Usually due to the over scale thickness of the canopy at these scales. Still looking great though. Mark.
  8. Diggers11

    A Cuban Sea Fury.

    Hi Tim, Thanks for the heads up on the scribing tape. I never managed to come across Dymo Tape, so this sounds ideal. That cockpit looks great. Most kits seem to have that gap between the rear edge of the wing and fuselage. Mark.
  9. Diggers11

    A Cuban Sea Fury.

    Great work so far Tim. Very strange about the position of the upper/lower cowl join line. Airfix seem to have used the cowl centre line instead which is odd as the image they posted of their LIDAR scan months ago in their workbench blog shows it clearly higher up, matching Ali's Resin replacement and the scale drawings produced by John Levy. Proof maybe that interpreting LIDAR scans is not any more fool proof than interpreting 3 view drawings. After all the LIDAR is just used as a guide. That Japanese carving tape looks interesting. I have been using the Tamiya curved tape to guide my scribing with mixed results. Mark.
  10. Diggers11

    Cuban Sea Furies.

    Thank you Tim for clearing that up for me. Ill definitely send another email to Airfix. Mark
  11. Diggers11

    Cuban Sea Furies.

    Hi Tim, Sorry for briefly steering this slightly off topic, but have you actually been informed by Airfix that your replacement fuselage half is on its way? I'm wondering because i contacted them regarding this same issue with my kit. I have yet to receive a reply other than a couple of automated emails and that was a couple of weeks ago. The Cuban Sea Fury's are certainly colourful. (Steered back on topic)
  12. Diggers11

    Hawker Sea Fury FB11

    I also contacted Airfix regarding this issue but other than an automated email from them confirming they have received my complaint and another asking for the product code, i have not heard from them since. My fin issue seems to be a little worse than some i have seen. The same part also has another issue further forward on the fuselage. These are the images i sent to Airfix.
  13. That's a bit further away than my local LHS in Northampton, England. It's a great model shop but sadly no AMK stocked. Mark
  14. Where is your LHS?, mine I don't think have ever stocked AMK.
  15. I guess Hannants can only get them back in stock if AMK produce another batch. When will that be? We know they have to fit kit production between the companies over work. Looks like they are currently doing the new 1/48 version. I presume Hannants have ordered another lot of these kits as the first ones sold out quickly. Maybe they are on a ship heading to the UK already, Maybe not. Mark