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  1. That really was a tragic event. Hopefully when Special Hobby release their Venom they will get the shape more accurate than they did with the Vampire. I see you have a Vampire on your bench, is there a build thread for it? I will have to try buffing the one shot primer sometime, or use a gloss black primer to start with. I think in this instance the extra layers of paint helped reduce the panel lines. Mark
  2. Thank you all for your comments. Sorry to hear of your families loss, its easy to forget the real dangers of these machines and the bravery of the pilots when we build scale models of them. I chose this scheme originally as I wanted to try doing a overall metallic finish. Previously I had only done a metallic underside on my Gnat and jet exhaust areas. I also really likes the splash of red and white against the high speed silver. Mark
  3. Hi, Here is a selection of images from my latest completion. This model is based on the 'The first Jet Guardians of Neutrality' boxing of Special Hobby's 1/72 De Havilland Vampire. The airframe depicted is a Mk.1, specifically J-1003 of the Swiss Air Force as included in the kit. This release adds to the previous boxings of this kit with the inclusion of new tail booms and a new tailplane specific to the Mk.1. Also the later variant tailplane and the intakes have been re-tooled to correct errors. In the case of the tailplane its chord has been reduced and in the case of the intake ope
  4. Thanks everyone again for your comments. As I understand it a lot of E-1's had their wing armament updated to the MGFF from the MG17's, which were standard on the E-3's. As the photos I found show a circular patch over the old hole in the wing leading that the MG17's used to fire through, I presumed it was built as an E-1. Most the references to the aircraft also list it as being an E-1. I don't know if replacing the guns was classed as a field mod or a rebuild. So I am still calling mine an E-1 with E-3 armament, a E-1/3 if you like. I found out about the
  5. Thank you everyone for your enthusiastic comments. Its a really nice kit from Airfix, the fit is good and the panel lines are not too thick, but not too shallow either. Unfortunately it lacks the earlier canopy out of the box and its not that easy to retrofit the older armament, as the underwing blisters would need removing. That would then leave a big hole in each wing to fill. I see AZ models are planning to release a new tool Emil that may have more options out of the box. Its a bit difficult getting the camera into the cockpit now its finished, so here is a coupl
  6. Hi, Here is a selection of images from my latest completion. An Airfix 1/72 Bf109E starter kit from Lidl forms the bases for this model along with a Yahu YMA7216 instrument panel, Eduard SS582 steel seatbelts, Rob Taurus 72034 E-3 vac-form canopy and Print Scale's 72-021 decal set. The model is completed as a Bf109E-1 flown by 2/JGr 101 in 1939. Photos I found online labelled as being Red 10, suggest at sometime its wing mounted guns were upgraded to the E-3 spec of a MGFF in each wing. As the Airfix kit depicts this armament including the underwing blisters instead of the E-1's MG17 gun
  7. Thank you for the update. Just to clarify is there going to be combined March/April issues for both SAMi and Model Aircraft Magazines? Because I noticed the digital March issue of Model Aircraft is available from Pocketmags but SAMi is not. Does this Digital Model Aircraft magazine actually exist or is it just a cover? (I don't buy digital magazines, just interested to know).
  8. It can leave a bad taste in the mouth when companies act like this. I had a similar thing with two Airfix MiG-17 kits having the same missing part. They were purchased from the Airfix website and they replaced the missing parts but there wasn't much of an apology, it was if they expected parts to be missing and its just how it is. Its not like companies have an excuse not to get information out to the public with all the social media platforms available to them. They are quite happy using them to sell products. Its good they responded to your PM on Facebook though, at l
  9. Thank you for that information. I didn't know about that Facebook group so didn't see it unfortunately. I checked the MA Publications website and their own social media pages but there was no mention of the issue. I am not a subscriber my self, but I agree they should have informed people that are at the very least. Mark.
  10. Has anybody seen the March issues of either of these magazines yet. The website still shows the February editions to be the latest but the March ones should be out by now, but I cant find them at WHSmith's. Has there been a printing delay?
  11. I have just seen on Hannants they have the Mirage F.1C kit but they want £25 for it. That's a 58% price increase over the Special Hobby boxing also available on Hannants. I think that's a bit expensive for one decal option, you could by the SH kit plus Syhart decals slightly cheaper than the Revell kit and have some spare decals left over.
  12. How can it be "Maverick's F/A-18 Hornet" when the character didn't fly it? (I haven't seen the new film, maybe he does) Its a bit worrying that Airfix don't know the difference between the two aircraft. It would be like selling a spitfire kit in a box branded as a Hawker Hunter. Although I see from the Hornby video on the Airfix Youtube channel that Scalextric are trying to pass off a LMP1 race car as a batmobile, so accuracy not so high a priority it seems. The box art on the Airfix website shows a Super Hornet carrying the same scheme as the box on display at Nuremberg so presuma
  13. Hi, Here is a selection of images from my latest completion. This is Revell's 2004 Eurofighter Typhoon in 1/72 (04317), not the new tool. The model is built mainly straight from the box, except I scratch built the intake ducting using plasticard to disguise the opening left by Revell. I also added detail to the kit supplied ejection seat using wine bottle foil and different gauges of wire. I had to create the HUD from scratch as the part including on the clear sprue was crudely moulded. The moulds are showing their age with some flash but once cleaned up most parts look ok. The exception
  14. So there are as follows all in 1/72, Beginner Firefly Tank + Full kit Firefly Tank Beginner Tiger Tank + Full kit Tiger Tank Beginner Spitfire Vc + Full kit Spitfire Vc Beginner Red Arrows Hawk + ? Does this mean there is a new tool Hawk that's not been announced yet as that's what the Workbench blog suggests. The author of the blog didn't exclude the Hawk from their statement.
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