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Tiny details - try soldering microscope


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I've got this one of those (for different purpose than making models)






It turned out to be a great tool to place those dozens of decals on new 1/24 spitfire cockpit :) I also use it for tiny assemblies and details painting.


Requires getting used a bit (different hand/eye coordination) but if you have soldered SMD's before, it should be a breeze. Not saying it is a good purchase if you do it only for this purpose but if you could use it for other hobbies it can be an alternative for magnifying glasses. This particular one has an endoscope which is sometimes extra helpful.


Update: here is how it looks like in practice, it is a photo of a screen so you can judge how the magnified view looks like.





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On 10/10/2023 at 11:07 AM, Mr_Sworld said:

In the Amazon sale at the moment. 20% off on some models but I guess they are new as CamelCamelCamel doesn't give previous prices.

I've got mine for 390$.


In my case it is a secondary use for something I use for soldering. Otherwise it'd be way too expensive. I've seen cheaper models (down to 40$ even) but I cant say how well they work.

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