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URL needs redirect done?

Winded Penguin

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Was browsing these excellent products on the website just now here: https://www.aerocraftmodels.com/


Just for information only, derivatives of this link sequence below aren't redirecting at the time I posted this:



Maybe bigcartel is nothing to do with Aerocraft.

If so, on my search the bigcartel link is the top natural search for me on DuckDuckgo.

I had to be quite determined to persevere to locate the correct destination, which is well worth it BTW!


Hope this is helpful



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Thanks for the comments, at this time July 17th 18:30 U.K. time, this is seriously stressing me out, and right now the site is down altogether, possibly for 24-48 hours so I am told.

my previous website was hosted on BIG CARTEL, that is the tie in.

I hope I will be up and running again soon.



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