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  1. Great model Alistair, thank you for the shout out for my products.
  2. I will let you know, postage will cost more than the part:) well almost. I also have new brass modified undercarriage coming as soon as I can get them made by the casters, hopefully mid to end January, this uses some kit parts but new adapted kit parts cast in brass will make for a strong assembly. A few small part modifications will be needed by the modeller, and the undercarriage can be added in at the end of assembly and painting.
  3. Excellent spot Rich, that saves me some work, when I get my new kit I will clone some underside planes for my other kits, so much easier than what I had planed.
  4. That looks very nice indeed, well done
  5. Fantastic model well done, this is one of the best ever as far as I am concerned.
  6. I will be getting a kit in the next week or so, then I shall be looking into the possibility of creating a modified set of brass undercarriage that can be added in after assembly and that will offer more strength and easier assembly and painting. If my ideas are successful I shall report those and then the sets will be available between mid to end of January. I know it does not help you guys that are building right now, but I will see what can be done for future builds. I may need to included modified wheel bay parts for my idea to work but all will be revealed once I have the kit parts to hand.
  7. Hi Martian Been curious about these, I see that you say the only difference between the kits is the extension piece, so although I am being a pain to ask you to confirm but are the gondolas exactly the same on both kits? looking forward to see the progress Ali
  8. Wow this looks NICE, I seemed to have missed this previously
  9. Hi Dave there are dimpled holes on the inside of he bottom wing just outboard of the wheel bay, these are for the fuel tanks provided but there are, other holes provided.you can see the thinned plastic area in Mikes picture as shown above, see the 7th picture down, the close up of the underside wing, hope this helps.
  10. Got my one today, great looking kit, much better than the Sabre, even on very first impression. I did wonder about the 2 sets of main undercarriage, interesting I also was not aware of the change in length, as they say everyday is a school day. it is great to see that you can build a 3, 5 and 9 from the kit. From those that do not know, the leading edge wing tip lights for the 5 and 9 need a small section removed from the wing for these to be fitted, so all being well all should work out. One down side my kit was missing one little part, I think it is the small detail part in the inside of the exhaust, I am sure I will get a second kit so I will clone one from that one.
  11. I think you may just have to get used to new prices the way things are going in the rest of the world, just shipping and handling is soaring in price.
  12. Just wait for the Pilot Replicas one, I think them doing a T.11 will be fantastic, well we can hope
  13. Thanks John, thanks also to Kerry Carlyle for doing the drawing work for Anthony and to Rick Godden in assisting to bring all of us together, great joint effort.
  14. Thank you for the kind words, the manufacturing time is mainly as a guide for getting brass parts cast if I do not have them in stock at that point in time. However sometimes other little hiccups and or obstacles get in the way of casting and or getting the time to pack up orders. However I always like to clear orders as soon as I am able to, otherwise it causes extra confusion on my side.
  15. Mmm not my most favourite but as I said I will buy at least one, but that may become quite a few models even one of each per version!! Oh well wait and see
  16. I like the idea of a Hurricane family in 1/48, let us be honest it almost has to be an aircraft that they can do a family, it is Eduard’s way and make sense for all the accessories they produce. Whatever it is I will more than buy at least one:)
  17. Hi clear cast lenses to be used for camera ports on Spitfires and similar RAF types https://aerocraftmodels.bigcartel.com/product/clear-lenses-for-wwii-aircraft-camera-ports a selection of wheels for the 1/35 Storch kits https://aerocraftmodels.bigcartel.com/product/fiesler-fi-156-storch-wheels-hubcap https://aerocraftmodels.bigcartel.com/product/fiesler-fi-156-storch-wheels-open-cap https://aerocraftmodels.bigcartel.com/product/fiesler-fi-156-storch-spoke-wheels
  18. Hi a few new sets are now available https://aerocraftmodels.bigcartel.com/product/phantom-f-4b-brass-under-carriage https://aerocraftmodels.bigcartel.com/product/o-1-cessna-bird-dog-brass-undercarriage https://aerocraftmodels.bigcartel.com/product/o-2-cessna-skymaster-brass-under-carriage https://aerocraftmodels.bigcartel.com/product/f-105-thunderchief-brass-under-carriage
  19. WOW Charlie that’s great news, one way or another I really need / want to get one. It seems strange that they will only be sent to SA, to my mind that would certainly limit sales, there are a LOT of us boertjies all over the world. Also I am sure there are a lot of modellers that have an interest in the SAAF and Mirage iconic variations. ALL SAID AND DONE GREAT NEWS BRING IT ON.
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