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A few weeks ago I purchased an AFV Club 35th scale Centurion from a forum member from the for sale section and very happy I am with it.


In preparation to start the build I decided to 3D model some individual link tracks and Road Wheels as I don't like the idea of the AFV Cllub wheels and print out my own.




Thanks to  Kingsman previous post on the Centurion Wheels I used the cross section wheel image and drawings to draw up the Wheel CAD models.


After I printed the grills for a customers railway project I printed a test print for the track.











Wheels next time I have the printer fired up I will test print some wheels.


Should be fun.




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Top skills Pete!  Definately way better than the kit tracks if my AFV Club Scimitar is anything to go by! 


I'll follow progress .... 👍


Keith 😁 

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If you could run off a couple of wheels in 1/25 I'd be thankful (will pay of course). I could do with some singular wheels as spares on the tank.

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