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  1. My brother did a similar thing to some of my vinyl, including Led Zep 3 and the original, banned cover, Guns N Roses album. I only realised a few years later.
  2. My second Sturmtiger. This is the excellent RFM kit done as one photographed at Sennelager, supposedly, on its way to Elsdorf. The camo is a bit harsh at the moment but this should hopefully get calmed down a lot during weathering. The dots were painted with my fancy-schmancy airbrush I treated myself to during lockdown. Unfortunately after numerous botched attempts, lots of splattering, thinning of paint etc. I finally realised the needle had a hook which needed sorting out. I've only used once before so I was either a clumsy oaf or it was sold bad.
  3. They look much cleaner. Nevermind, I can hide the two sprue attachments and the whitewall will clean off with a bit of effort. It looks like they took their eyes off the ball when it came to the tyres. Everything else is grand.
  4. It looks very good although I'm not 100% certain of what it is.
  5. Ooh, tough call. The RFM with the Atak set just sneaks it for me as the zim can be tweaked/battle damaged easier than the pre-moulded Dragon kit. Also the RFM tracks are fully workable. Other than that it's probably a flip of a coin choice.
  6. That is a fantastic model. Very well done.
  7. Very nicely displayed so you can show off all the fine detailing you have done. Good work.
  8. Nice work. A bit time consuming but the results speak for themself.
  9. I really enjoy the research and I am learning to like working with PE and other aftermarket stuff so at the moment, like you, it is the first phase.
  10. They have a wedge so you can only do it one side, unless I carve out the wedge. That could go wrong. Thanks. I have no Iso so I tried a couple of products and it looks like Mr Thinner works. Leaves a hint of residue but I'm sure I can fix that with something.
  11. Stef N.

    Primer decisions

    A second one for Mr Hobby primers. A few colours and grades available and work very well at these mixing rates. They also do aqueous versions but I haven't used them to give an honest appraisal.
  12. I started this kit and although it is a good one the tyres are a let down. Large sprue attachments, poorly alligned moulding and a white wall which I want rid of. So, as some of you are far more knowledgeable, a few questions: Is there any company out there that make good replacements? or, what paint is best for spraying onto rubber? and, does anyone produce decals for pinstriping wheels? Cheers for any help.
  13. Well done Simon on a great model. Thanks for an enjoyable WIP too. Nice one.
  14. Great models in a superb diorama, with a neat storyline. Very top work Stuart.
  15. Truly majestic metal work and detailing. Bravo.
  16. Fantastic Igor. A very nice model, well done.
  17. Nice. I did the Airfix re-boxing and it was a good fun build. The Caunter scheme is one of the tougher camo schemes but looks really good once done. All the best.
  18. Thank you all for the kind comments and like. It is genuinely appreciated. As to the grey, although it's not everyone's favourite, I still use Tamiya's German Grey, de-blued with some brown (52 or 72) over a base of Rubber or NATO Black. Highlights are a concoction of lighter greys off the paint shelf. Done with the airbrush and at the very end some of the panels, lines and structure are lightened or darkened with pastels.
  19. They are fully workable so could be painted once made but definitely set up your TV and maybe a boxset of something you've been meaning to watch.
  20. Don't worry, the tracks look harder than they actually are. Just allow a bit of time and go easy on the glue.
  21. Very nice that. Well painted and great detailing with the stowage adding that bit extra. Impressive work on such a small scale..
  22. Great to see your work again and what a beauty. An impressive way to rejuvenate an old kit. Well done.
  23. Overall it is great and those tracks and wheels are superb. Very crisp and detailed. Top work.
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