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  1. That is very nice. Painting and subtle weathering polish up the old kit really well. Top job.
  2. I'll try and use as many different manufacturers as possible and keep a little tally card and reviews.
  3. Same here. Italeri look to have done a good job. Is it good to build @Ryedale Wolf?
  4. Not many photos of the O series available. World War Photos came up trumps with a couple of clear ones though.
  5. You've done a great job on that, the paint and decaling is very nice. Top work.
  6. Up to your usual very high standards Mr Lin. A fantastic looking bike. As has been mentioned the spokes set it off superbly and a special note to a small detail, the headlight guard, which is a great touch. Well done.
  7. The Border one looks great but at £80 I will wait for the price to come down, or a simpler exterior version. So far after a web search I have the following G variants to choose from. Tamiya x2 Dragon numerous versions. RFM Interior and exterior versions Takom x2 Das Werk Miniart x4
  8. I was brown nosing as I was hoping to scrounge some stuff off him later on down the line.
  9. Nice one Einar. The camo scheme is great. Looks a bit time consuming but well worth the effort.
  10. I think the slow dry putty will be key in helping you in your mission. Add in the tools and plenty of patience and you will knock it out of the park (metaphorically rather than literally). Well done @M3talpig
  11. You have my full admiration Echen in giving it a go as it is doesn't look easy at all.
  12. One thing I'm not short of. That's a corner of the market well covered.
  13. Looking great Stix, with a special mention to the tracks. A masterclass in brush painting.
  14. Cheers Ed. When it comes to the G, I am spoiled for choice but the Miniart ones are looking strong contenders to be my choice. They look superb.
  15. Thanks mate. Very interesting photo. Just downloaded a copy from Pocketmags and there's also a great photo of a Panzer 4 H with its schurzen covered in zimmerit. What I was desperately looking for the other day.
  16. The early Stugs seem to be limited to grey so some different painting techniques could be worth a go. Going to have to check that one out.
  17. It was far too tempting to let sit gathering dust Alan. I've got plenty of others to do that.
  18. So I spent a few hours on the base. As LM said this is flat-pack rather than a tub, but it fits really well. You just need to be dextrous enough to hold it together while gluing though. Typical Miniart with minute parts, which the carpet monster nearly got, but they also all fit well. The plastic is soft so watch the knife work. This prototype had eight wheels and a complex suspension system. Looking quickly at drawings of the A this soon got changed.
  19. It's a good piece of graphic design work. Maybe the Germans should have focused their energies on that. It also highlights the uneven approach to some zimmerit. Atak and others tend to make it too nice and neat. Good photo.
  20. Stug.III O Series by Miniart. While I wait for a top coat to finish on the Sturmtiger I thought I'd open up the box and see how far I'd get tonight. Firstly here's the obligatory sprue shot. It's Miniart so there are plenty of sprues. Nice looking, detailed and clean.
  21. Just had a look and a very nice job indeed. A shame they've stalled for now but you've done a lot. The kits look very good so I will give the Dragon A a go.
  22. The A is by Dragon but there is a modern one that is hard to get or an old one from 97. Dragon kits haven't dated badly have they?
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