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  1. Nearly there. Had a bit of a mare fitting the chassis to the shell, knocking bits off and ending with a small scratch on a wheel arch a result. No biggie luckily but a few swears did occur. It says not to glue the two wheel hub halves so the wheels can move but after them falling off numerous times I don't have an option. A few swears did occur again. Other than that it is just the chrome work to put on and a few touch ups necessary. Hopefully I'll have a free weekend to finish this off. Happy weekend all.
  2. Very nice indeed. Takes a few views to see all the little touches and details. Great work.
  3. Stef N.

    Camden Town

    They "modernised" Foyles bookshop, which used to have a cracking military/modelling section, and left me so disappointed that I haven't been back since. It may have improved over time but I loved the old style of it.
  4. Stef N.

    Camden Town

    Last time was a couple of years ago for a special exhibiton of WW1 artists and paintings.Are you going to tell me it's rubbish nowadays?
  5. Stef N.

    Camden Town

    This is the only one I can think of within distance of Camden. Hamleys used to have a good section but I haven't been there for so long it may have gone. For a massive city like London there is a shockingly small amount of model/hobby shops. Museums wise the Imperial War in Lambeth is great, The Wallace Collection on Manchester Square has a great collection of old weaponry and Wellington's house by Hyde Park is worth a visit, but is more arty than military.
  6. Nice one Einar. Just finishing up this kit myself and agree that it is an ok kit. Not the greatest in detail but no problem putting together. Really like your colour choice, it works well.
  7. Sorry, I fully get your dilemma now. Being a bit slow. I suppose green is still the main colour as the whitewash will be getting rubbed off a bit.
  8. My current personal preference is a darker version of the main colour. So looking at what you have probably the Russian green with a dash of black.
  9. ??? No help I'm afraid. I haven't seen any photos with anything attached there. Could be a restoration mistake?? Intriguing.
  10. Manchester United are playing in an interestingly named stadium tonight. Home of the Young Boys too.
  11. Thanks mate. Really pleased with the blue and the chrome windscreen surround I painted this evening works very well with it. All coming together nicely.
  12. A full body kit, flared arches, low riding, Coventry City Blue, Ford Escort Mark 1. A tad OTT but in excellent condition.
  13. Cheers mate. I'm enjoying it and learning a few new things along the way. How modelling should be imo.
  14. It's a top tip. I would have done the usual dry brushing which I doubt would have given the same effect. Anyway here's a few photos. A few bits need a bit of touching up with paint and pin washes but overall happy with what is going on. The two different blues work much better now they are all together. Got worried that I may have to repaint again. On the home straight now with only one, hard part left really, the chrome windscreen surround. (A few smaller ones too but the shouldn't be a problem, touch wood.) Cheers all. Thanks for looking.
  15. Just under a month to finish this, which God willing, should be enough as I am down to the finer detailing segments. Tried the watered down wash technique on the dials that Spiny used to brilliant effect and it works very well. A steady hand will be needed as some of the moulded details aren't brilliant so some very fine lines will need to be hand painted. Wheel decals went down really well and a coat of satin applied to join it all together. Will post some photos this evening after a bit more work.
  16. That's brilliant. The whitewash and overall weathering is spot on. Top job.
  17. Marvelous detailing and painting. Real high end workmanship.
  18. Those greens look a bit like a Cockpit Green (Vallejo do various shades.) https://www.wonderlandmodels.com/products/vallejo-model-air-331-17ml-cockpit-emerald-green/ But definitely agree the toned down alu mix looks better.
  19. Looking at the shipping dates and time of arrival it may get lost amongst all my hundreds of other Christmas presents but it is a risk I am willing to take.
  20. It popped up in Spotmodel's newsletter yesterday and it looked soooo good. A definite buy for me.
  21. Ooof, coming soon to a stash near you. https://www.tamiya.com/english/products/14139/index.htm
  22. The YZR-M1s were the ones I was looking at. Well over £100 with one over £200. I like them but not that much.
  23. They're not actually that stupidly priced but do I buy and hoard them in the hope that Tamiya re-release the kits or just hope they are on the market for a long time. (I could just not buy stuff I don't need of course.)
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