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  1. Tiger is coming along splendidly. As is your stash.
  2. My apologies. I mixed up your thread titles and didn't pay enough attention. I think some of the fumes from airbrush painting got through my mask.
  3. There was definitely a Befehls D in Italy 44, around the Anzio region, number I02, 4th Pz.Rgt.
  4. Nice work Trevor. I have just got to the chassis painting stage and wishing I had followed your route of many sub-assemblies. Getting paint into all the nooks and crannies has been a bit of a nightmare.
  5. Maginot is trying out hand painting a complex camo scheme. It could prove useful to you, and me.
  6. Those exhausts look very good. Nice paint effects. Definitely leave the shields off.
  7. I cannot justify buying anymore kits. Books and products though are fair game. Thanks for the tip, and one for you. Panzerwrecks have a good sale if you are looking for a top up to your library.
  8. Agree with the others, a superb bit of model making.
  9. A gorgeous model, well painted, detailed and weathered. (The Valentine is a cracker too.) Top work.
  10. A very nice start. Good to see you get the mojo back.
  11. It's coming along very well. I have no expert knowledge of the colours but I have seen it painted the front part white and the rest grey, which makes sense and looks good.
  12. Nice work Ed and thanks for the tip on the dials. Mine came without any either, and the specific Archer are out of print, so I will look for a set of those or similar. Cheers.
  13. Another one that will be following with great interest. All the best in your build.
  14. Colonel Sanders looks happy and so he should. Very nice work Paul, lovely motor.
  15. Very nice work George. It looks a really crisp kit with excellent details.
  16. Looking at Trevor's build and I was taken a back at how complicated it was compared to even a Dragon one. It looks good though and they have some Famo variants coming out. So more money may be leaving my account.
  17. Very nicely done Darryl. A good looking engine and some fine detailing. Hopefully you find the missing bits and all the best to Scoobie.
  18. Bravo Bertie, bravo. An oddball with a great story behind it. Great modelling.
  19. This looks very interesting Pete. Your etched is nicely detailed and the bending jig is a great idea.
  20. Hattons pre-owned and One35Scale are good to check. A touch cheaper than anywhere else.
  21. Nice work, sir. Just the right amount of dirt, muck and weathering. (It is a great kit.)
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