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ARII/Otaki P-40E rebox by Airfix

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With thanks to @Seahawk, I am planning on building Airfix`s reboxing of the Arii/Otaki Curtiss P-40E from the mid 70s. The plan was originally to do a Desert Air Force example but the Artscale decals I purchased from the big "H" are for later variants which is annoying as the instructions state they are P-40Es. Now planning on doing "Dottie" off an old of print Eagle Strike decal sheet that I purchased off E-Bay. 


As can be seen, many of the parts are off the sprues but no assembly.









One day I might finish something on these group builds. 


Thanks for looking



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Does some assembly of the engine, propeller, wheels  and cockpit afternoon. Hopefully get some interior green on the relevant parts tomorrow morning but am going away this week so we shall see. 


Going together nicely for a kit from 1975. Thinned the sides of the pilots seat and drilled out the lightening holes of the instrument panel supports. 


What`s the considered opinion on the shade of interior green for a P-40E in US equivalent RAF colour`s but in US Pacific service? 


Thanks for looking. 



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