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DUJIN/JFR Reissues next 12 months - 1/72  Comper Swift - Miles 65 Gemini - Desoutter Mk.II


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Hello folks, 


Following Homebee's steer  (thanks chap!) , I've been speaking to these folks - see website below: 




They are really friendly and helpful and have a survey for you to complete with your most requested reissue from the excellent Dujin range - Fred's confirmed that the following are likely to be reissued in the next year or so,


1/72  Comper Swift - Miles 65 Gemini - Desoutter Mk.II



They have 12 models under development for reissue. I think their usual sales portal is ebay but worth keeping an eye on if you like your British civvy stuff - especially as Arctic Decals already do 1/72 decals for the Comper Swift - albeit for the unobtainable Aeroclub one (as well as the equally unobtainable LDM 1/48 white metal kit!) - ACTF in 72nd and ACTF and ABRE in 1/48 with paint masks...




Hope of interest!





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I would encourage all to give these guys a serious look. I just received their Piaggio P-149. It may be billed as a re-issue but it is a much improved kit.

i have the old one. The resin parts are much the same but it now includes etch and much improved decals and instructions. I never built the old one. The vacuform canopy was VERY thin and arrived ripped. This new version has two much improved canopies so now I can build both. Highly recommended to those liking resin.


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I already have a Desoutter II and a Gemini from Dujin, but I think I’d like another Gemini. It’s a lovely, little plane. I also have an Aeroclub Comper Swift, but a Dujin one is also very tempting. 

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