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Fifer's Friedrich . . .

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I'm attempting to build Eduard's 1/48 Bf109F-2 from the Weekend Edition boxing. This one, actually:



The obligatory sprue shot:






And finally, decals:


Two decal sheets in this one, a bigger one with the aircraft markings, and a smaller one with the stencils, etc. I'll probably apply the more prominent stencils.

This will be an OOB build, building the second option, which is for "White 10" of 7./JG 54 in the USSR in Summer 1941. This aircraft is not attributed to any particular pilot.


I just need to clear my bench of a few stragglers before starting this. Hopefully I'll be on it next week.

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On 5/28/2021 at 10:38 AM, Col. said:

The second scheme is an unusual one. Nice choice :speak_cool:

Thank you, Col. I thought so too. It also avoids having to apply "mottle"!

I've finally got round to posting about this build!

Some progress has been made, and I believe that after the parts that need painting before assembly are done, it will go together fairly quickly, at least to the "ready-for-paint" stage. The only complication I've found so far

is the lack of locating pins on major components- it's not a major issue, but was a bit unexpected- I suppose I should have read some reviews before choosing this kit! (Actually I only bought this to bring my order from

Eduard's webshop up past their minimum order!)


The neat little 'pit is assembled:


The dark colour of the RLM66 makes it difficult to distinguish detail

Here it is with that fuel pipe added, alongside the fuselage half


That's OOB, finished in Revell AquaColor Anthracite, with light dry-brushes of Citadel IronHands Steel and then Humbrol Acrylic Aircraft grey. Cockpit side detail in the fuselage halves was treated the same.


I need to do some more "parts-painting" before closing up the fuselage, so that's next


I ntend using MRP paints for the outside finish. MRP recommend using a primer coat first. The only primer I have in stock is Mr Surfacer 1000, but I have no clue about spraying this product! Any tips or information

gratefully accepted.

I usually paint with a hairy stick, but there's been an airbrush in my mancave for several years now, used only very occasionally, and I think it's time to get to grips with it!

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On 6/10/2021 at 10:56 AM, Mottlemaster said:



 make sure you have a moisture trap .


Thanks, Alistair! Good tip for an airbrush novice!

I've got the fuselage buttoned up (no photos ATM, camera batteries on recharge!) and the lack of locating pins really wasn't an issue, which actually surprised me. The location points for the cockpit, and tailwheel unit

are so positive that if you get those right, the fuselage halves practically self-align!

This is a great kit, I'll have to get some more Eduard 109s . . .

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