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de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otters 1:72 Iliad Designs (72015A)


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de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otters

1:72 Iliad Designs (72015A)



de Havilland of Canada had their work cut out to replace the DHC-3 Beaver. They did this successfully with the DHC-6 Twin Otter. This is an excellent Short Take Off & Landing Aircraft with the additional range and safety of a Twin engined aircraft. Over 890 aircraft have been built finding homes with many civilian and Military operators around the world. This new sheet from ILIAD is for the DHC-6 300 as kitted by Revell.

6 different aircraft can be built from the sheet;


  • FAE 449 of the Ecuadorian Air Force.
  • C-FCSU as operated by Transport Canada in the coastal anti pollution role.
  • UV-18A 76-22565 as operated by The US Army (be advised this has the short nose).
  • 65-CT as operated by The French Air Force as part of the Multinational Force & Observers unit in the Sinai.
  • HB-LRR As operated by The International Committee of the Red Cross in Algeria and Afghanistan in 2004.
  • S/n 1730 Guatemalan Air Force.




The decals look excellent, well printed, colour dense and with minimal carrier film. The white does look dense enough to go over the all red finish of the Canadian example.

These decals will add something to the already great Revell kit. Highly Recommended.



Review sample courtesy of logo.jpg


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We have excellent decals now - another interesting option is Cracals Models. Now we wait for model as good as decals are. And let's hope this old cambrian, devon or maybe ordovician origin Matchbox/Revell model will be retired soon ...

Thanks for review!

Best regards,


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Nice this wonderful Iliad Decals Company  from Canada has given attention to our Guatemalan Air Force  bird, even though  only one we still have in service. 

Seem they will sell plenty of this sheet here as we have a Revell Exclusive Representative Seller here.  

Thank you very much for the review!!!

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