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  1. Rob, you are really poet of maritime modelling. Thank you. Regards, Michal
  2. Hi Jon, will you replace main guns? Plastic part will look somewhat clumsy comparing all these soooper-doooper full-metall jewellery. Black Cat do these guns. Best regards, Michal.
  3. Very nice to see such beauty model. Michal.
  4. Last winter Arma Hobby prepared new boxing of their 1/72 Hurricanes with red stars markings and I think it was almost ready for producing and selling. However after begenning of russian aggresion on Ukraine they wrote in their blog they had chage plans and this set will be not producing. So I'm not sure if they will producing red stars Cobras too. You can always use aftermarket set if you want make such '"friend". Regards, Michal
  5. Very rare bird, very well done. Really nice to see it. Regards, Michal.
  6. Really interesting aircraft and very good model with delicate but still visible weathering. Congratulation, Hubert! Regards, Michal
  7. Warm regards, mate! You show us very interesting models, I hope see another! Michal.
  8. IBG is much much better and modern kit than RPM. Regards, Michal
  9. I installed all stuff under wings and fuselage. Looks impressive in my opinion. Tanks are painted lighter shade of sand. I added DIY cups for Sidewinders too. I install a few last details. Now its time for cockpit canopy and air brakes and then long awaited finish! PS. Last week I finished somethig. It was not a model. But I liked it very much too. Do you know what is this? Best regards, Michal
  10. There is photo of white and blue (?) Sir Kay on IWM site \\ But I think you are right, most of them was Gray. Or maybe someone else know something more about white Roundtables?
  11. Oh, great, thanks! I waited so long for 2nd volume wich suddenly... doesn't exist . Time for buuuuuying! Your ship will be grey or white WA scheme?
  12. Hi , looks very interesting project I will follow it. I have one question: I am interested mostly II WW. This book is divided two part? II WW maters are contained only in 2-nd part? Thanks in advance and best regards, Michal
  13. What a lovely Dido class! I waited her so long, I'm so happy! ... No, it is not Dido? OK, now I see better her beautiful shapes. It's obvious J class or M class destroyer. I made preorder for both, and will do as polish Piorun and Orkan destroyers! Happy days. isn't it? Regards, Michał
  14. It was very boring job, but I had no choice. Four twin racks for bombs are almost ready. Not 100% accurate but quite enogh. Regards, Michal
  15. All your advices are very helpfull, I appreciate them very much. Regards, Michal
  16. Fully agree with you. Threre are some nice painting like Lizzie, Black Magic or Dhahran Annie however they are almost invisible on 1/72 scale model. Ladies on Buccaneers are another story. Sea Witch, Flying Mermaid or Guiness Girl are fantastic IMO. Regards, M.
  17. Thanks @David Koktavý , thanks Friends for kind support. No, I didn't give up. However prograss is very slow and many thing changed. First of all my new name is king John the Lackland ( ). I had to change my sooper - dooper 8 meters sqare kingdom on mezzanine: for something more compact: Why? Beacause we have now some friends from Kyiv, Zaporozhe and Zhytomierz in our flat. So I had to remove my workshop to our kitchen. Anyway, its not a problem at all, wish all the people such problems and world wold be better place for live. Lets hope and pray our friends from Ukraine will go home soon while agressors and looters will pay for all evil they have done. Go back for model. That's how it looks now. (Over)weathering is 80% finish. Undercariagge was really hard to fix with good geometry. And decals fixed. I used decals mady by Cartograph from Italieri's kit. Why? Generally I like nose-arts and pin-ups but these girls on UK planes during Gulf War were... Hmmmm... Let's say painters weren't van Gogh, Rembrandt or Gaugain. They werent too much talented. That's why this time fish won : And the armament I want to use: Now I'm really finishing Tornado. What's next?... Despite I'm very IIWW concerned guy and shiplover I think this will be my next build... Best regards, Michal
  18. What a un unusual creature, Rob you've made. Lot of pleasure for my eyes see such a funny bug. Regards, Michal
  19. I'm sure many modellers have the same dream. As do I... Regards, Michal
  20. Brothers, thank you for true words. And for doing, not only speaking. It will be for me great pleasure buying early Short Sunderland model of your company. Regards, Michał
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