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  1. Aye, aye sire. To give her black bottom! Let me go back to anti-skid plates question. I remember a few months ago Rob tried to get right anti-skid plates for his cruisers. Some time later I reckoned many frigattes had anti-skid plater on boards too. Not all, but quite a lot. Usually steel plates were installed in 1: front of breakwater, 2: around the funnel and anti-aircraft platform and 3: on quarterdeck. I noticed three main patterns of plates. Idea to recreate such interesting details was very attractive. So I asked Pawel from Shelfoddity if he co
  2. Bit smaller. They were built in Australia and used on Pacific mainly (a few on Mediterranean Sea as well). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bathurst-class_corvette It seems the same subject was prepared parallely by Pacificcrossroads company. Looks very good too... https://www.facebook.com/PacificCrossRoadsModels/?__tn__=-UC*F
  3. Nice to see such a good job. May I ask you which tools you use? Thanks in advance!
  4. Yes, I forgot adding this information to my previous post, but now I've done it. Best regards, Michał
  5. Black Cat Models announced Bathurst Class Corvette in 1/350: More on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BlackCatModels.eu/posts/1073549759784102?__tn__=-R
  6. Black Cat Models announced Bathurst Class Corvette: More on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BlackCatModels.eu/posts/1073549759784102?__tn__=-R
  7. Thank you Fellows, for very interesting discussion and very helpful for rest of us. I must admit I looked at Mr Ough's models the same way as dird did just to know how Ough painted decks One more remark if you please: Recently we discussed with Keith @beefy66 about appropriate doors for his Portchester Castle model. He wanted use nr 2 pattern, while I found some photos of Castles with nr 1 doors - and no with nr 2 variant. After our nice conversation I recalled that Ough wrote quite a lot about doors (drawning below is from his book, p. 95). Let's read his
  8. Impressive! Every cat would love such splendid catwalk! Me too... And these tiny, black footprints on such beautifull light decks and white walls. From coal-bunk to the wheel-house. Up and down, here and there. And back. And again! P A R A D I S E !!! Meeeeoooowww....
  9. Almost ready to take-off! Did I say I love the owl? Beside, It symbolises wisdom... Stomil means 100 miles. The company still exists. If you like as well emblems like these... You will find them in models of PZL Karaś and Łoś too. They are made by company IBG, quite new and very good models as well. Best regards, Michal
  10. I will look with great interesting too. This scheme will look terrific on modern warship. Scratchbuilding - this always looks interesting!
  11. I know your pains... Both: The same - not much enthusiasm sitting at the bench after working at the bench, especially when ... WINTER HAS BACK. Today -13 Celsius and 10 cm snow. Not to much snow but in such circumstances even Central Poland which is as flat as a frying pan seems beautifull. So only option was outdoor weekend and lot of forest back country skiiiiing with friends. Me too Best regards, M.
  12. Thank you very much for your kind comments, I'm glad you like it!
  13. From B.H. Franklin's The Buckley-class destroyer escorts, pp. 33-34: HTH, Regards, Michal.
  14. Very elegant model of beautiful aircraft! Many eyecatching details. Somewhat conservative paintig but I know it's your style. How made you rigging? And wings - are they from Arma Hobby correcting set? Best regards, Michal.
  15. Did you see these two books? This book is devoted mainly to their service in RN. Manly text, insert contains about 30 photos. Lot of great photos - close ups and full silhuettes, plans and plenty of infromations about design and short notices + photos about every Buckley class ship. ...And of course Anathomy of the ship is always worth to see. Best regards, Michal
  16. Beautifull diorama, excellent WIP thread, well worth to study!
  17. Hi, Black Cat is equal quality with Newzealander manufacturer, Micro Master. These two companies are really best. Sometimes Black Cat i sligtly worse especially when we comare boats or rafts. Micro Master's boats have terrific planking and rescue ropes. But no worry, Black Cat's Oerlikons are excellent, you can show it's one photo in my HMS Jed WIP thread (twins on the left are by Micromaster): Sometimes you can see "printing ridges" on some surfaces, but it REALLY minimum and not worth worrying about. Consider buing main guns, and smoke-generators (catal.nr AC350025b
  18. Old but still good! Looks great. What was its unit and place of operations? Any difficulties during building? Gratulations! Best regards, Michal.
  19. I love such colourfull, tiny and rare birds!
  20. Not new model, but I still like it. I know, pink sholud be more gray and pink, am I wright? I have added extra gunsight from Quickboost, canopy hood with bubbles from Rob Taurus vacu and scratchbuilded rear mirror. Decals are mix of Pavla (I think letters are too light...) and Xtracolors roundels. Maybe she is too much weathered - but you know the name - "dicing" (with death) is such impressive for add some extra mementos of dogfight's somwhere over Brest ... Anyway, hope you like it.
  21. No, it is Matchbox Welington. Model as old as coal but still OK. It is good way to choose such models for building with kids, "to old to rock'n roll, to young to die" kits. Miko cutted parts, polished, glued, brushed, I - airbrushed mostly. My son thrills me more and more. A few days ago he said: Daddy, give me old grandpa's hat and my anorak jacket. Today I want become... ( Guess who... ) Stnisław Sosabowski - commander of the polish 1st Independent Parachute Brigade during battle of Arnhem. Beside, I am lucky man!
  22. Congratultions seeing Winston modelling! My Mikołaj (= Nicholas, 7 y.o.) is heavilly involved in modelling and history... It's great doing something: creative, positive and non-computer connected - together! Best greetings from us to You and Winston! Michał
  23. Hello Fellows, I have one small remark: part behind spinner should be painted in camo colour (khaki). Only ring should be Burnt / rust or so. Best regards, Michal. PS. These "elevens" are realy very nice models! Maybe polish pre'39 camouflage is somewhat boring scheme, but emblems of squadrons are really pieces of good graphic-art. Best regards, Michal.
  24. @Chewbacca , @ArnoldAmbrose Thanks for comments, I agree with you. And thanks for your story. It's always interesting read such personal memories. I am happy our conversation helped Jeff, even even if somewhat accidentally. Thank you very much for your help and sharing knowledge! I took my shoes off, but they were still crying loudly: give her black bottom! So I'll do it. Meanwhile... Sometimes ships can be somewhat wet... (photos above: HMAS Macquarie), https://www.navy.gov.au/hmas-macquarie Beware of slip!
  25. Priwjet! I am pretty sure such "back to roots" (lot of self-done mods) modelling is still very refreshing, learning and inspirational approach for modellers. I like very much such excersises for our creativity, imagination and patience. I will look at Berwick in your shipyard with great interest. I like very much your work with whaler: adding rescue lines, gunwales and planking creates really different, higher level. 2nd point: visors. In my personal taste full PE portholes seems little to exaggerated on ship models, while your solutions could be close to ideal balanced
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