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Fairchild A10 Blacksnakes - Bad to the Bone

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I had an original plan for this to go in the Gulf War Group Build (currently active) as a follow on from my Buccaneer "Fiona - Miss Jolly Roger". 

In the group I came by another A10 builder, working with the Italieri kit. 

And I spied the decal sheet on the bench. 

And on that sheet, my favouritest of all. The "Blacksnakes" of the Indiana Air National Guard 😍😎🐍

Change of plan. 

So this build is dedicated to the generosity and helpful assistance of fellow BMer @John Masters for contributing the remainders of his A10 decals - Internationally I might add! - to the project.

Disqualified from the Gulf War GB of course, but that's a small price. This is the Thunderbolt Decor style for me! 

I have a couple of things to sort. The refuelling Dock and the white H on the nose are too far back - I'll do them again. The canopy needs a bit of a tidy up and could be propped open. 

I managed to find a couple of Aim sidewinder missiles. And I managed to make a pair of the Mavericks look a bit better. I read that they are seldom carried in three's.

But it's easy to unrealistically load out these planes. So I'm leaving it at that. 

I'll get the improvements done but I really wanted to get this up, in honour of John Masters' kind and generous gesture. This is a great community!! Thanks again John 👍😇


When I say "Bad to the Bone" this is the face I'm talking about.... 

















Those features on the leading edge roots and the blades under the fuselage in front of them..... They are to keep the exhaust gas from the gun away from the turbine intakes, because it's so completely stripped of oxygen when the gun is firing that it would stall the engines..... ‼️🐍

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20 hours ago, stevehnz said:

I've got that boxing too.

I think you have the advantage over this one with the Italieri kit, Steve. Watching John's build thread over on the Gulf War group I could see that the plastic is a bit more sophisticated than the Academy 

I mean, this one isn't a crock, it builds OK, but little things, like those "nostrils" on the nose weren't there, they need to be scratched, also the link arms on the u/c doors, seat needs a bit of help, things like that. 

But bearing in mind that I could have entered it in the "less than a tenner" group build, I'm not complaining 😇


The Blacksnakes styling is good though, isn't it? Every tank commander's worst nightmare! 

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You're right Rob, mine is the Italeri one, I didn't spot the tab. :( I do have an Academy one & an Airfix one, don't ask. ;) but of them all, the black snake scheme has the most appeal. In the modern(ish) vernacular, I reckon it's "wicked". :D


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