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SCUD-B Tactical Ballistic Missile (03332) 1:72 Revell


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SCUD-B Tactical Ballistic Missile (03332)

1:72 Revell




While the Scud missile system was know about there can be little doubt that the Frist Gulf War drew attention to this missile system with the then Iraqi regime firing them at coalition forces and into Israel.  The Scud was a Tactical Ballistic Missile developed by the Soviets in the 1950s and can trace it linage back to the V-2 via the SS1-1 Scunner. While NATO called the missile the Scud the Soviet designation was R-11 Zemlya. The Scud B or R-17 was the most numerous of the Scud systems. It could carry Nuclear, Chemical and conventional warheads. Following unsuccessful trails with a tracked launcher a wheeled launcher based on the new MAZ-543 vehicle was chosen. The missile had a range of 300km with a 925kg warhead. 



The Kit

Here Revell have re-boxed the Toxso kit from 2014 (A company I must admit to not being aware of). It would seem from what I have read that this kit is very much the same as the DML Scud-B. The kit seems fairly detailed for the scale though the interior can be a little sparse.  No injection windows are provided for the kit. It would seem on the original kit these were printed on clear acetate for the modeller to cut out. Revell seem to have degraded this even further by just providing two strips of clear acetate and providing templates you first have to cut out from the pages of the instructions to then cut out from the acetate. The kit has 157 parts over 4 spures and can be built with the missile in the raised or lowered positions. 





Construction starts with the main chassis an in particular the wheels. 4 types for the steering axles, and 4 for the non steering axles are built up. The main chassis rails are assembled and then the wheels mount to them. A series of sub modules which make up the main body can then be built. The first of these is the rear module which holds part of the elevation system. This can then fit to the body. The triangular storage lockers and control panels then fit between the rear axles. The next module up is the control module. which goes in the centre of the vehicle. This has separate doors for each side. Each side has a crew seat on the curved mudguard section and various control panels moulded in. The next sections the front section which connects the cab to the centre section.  Following this main front cab can be assembled. There are two sides for the cab, the left containing the drivers seat and controls, with a second crew seat, the right contains two crew seats. These are linked by housing for the main engine. All of these modules can then be assembled to the chassis.




Work now moves to the missile and the launcher. At the rear the platform holding the rear hydraulic stabilisers is built up and attached to the main chassis. The main rear launch cradle is then built up from its base and two main supporting arms. At the top of the arms goes the A shaped protective cradle.  Supporting braces connecting the two side arms then go in. The two part missile is assembled with two additional fins and the base plate going on. Additional parts go the base which will aid with erecting the missile.  The missile can be mounted to the launcher in either transport or launch mode by connecting the hydraulic rams in the right places, and if in launch mode putting the stabilisers down.





A small decal sheet gives a few white markings for the Soviet version ,and very small national markings for the vehicles. Three vehicles can be built from the sheet, Iraqi, East German and USSR; though in reality you could represent any user with a little extra decal help.



If you really want a 1/72 Scud B then this is a good deal from Revell. Recommended. 




Revell model kits are available from all good toy and model retailers. For further information visit

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Nice review, thanks. Anyone has an info about how this kit compares to the modelcollect? Many people don't like rubber tires, so is Revell the better choice?




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