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20 minutes ago, Romeo Alpha Yankee said:

What a great result Alex, it looks rather nice is its hangar 🏆

Most honored, sir! Thank you.  The little linemen had a sweep-broom party before the photo was taken, hence the clean floor!

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I have followed your build of this with great interest as I am kinda doing the same thing.  I am doing the full range of the DH/HS/BAe 125 from Mk.1 through -800, so the -700/CC.2/3 is just another one for the line-up


For the -700 I am doing the same conversion using the Sword kit for various parts including the engines


Your build highlighted a problem with the Sword kit engines regarding their length as these include the thrust reversers of the JASDF version.  What you may not know is that Sword have just released a new version of the kit # SW72141 which is billed as a C-29A/U-125/BAe 125-800.  It does not have the underbelly radome, and it does have the full window complement and most exciting the shorter engine nacelles.  So I will put the longer nacelles on my -800 and the shorter ones on the -700.  Now I just need to decide what to do with other 3 copies of the new kit that I bought. 


Columbus OH

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23 hours ago, zed said:

I have followed your build of this with great interest as I am kinda doing the same thing

Thanks, Zed!  I'm really excited that my build is of use to someone.  Like so much I do, it was a labor of love.  I too am pondering a -400 or a Series 1 aircraft conversion from a Dominie, which will mean replacing the belly skin after I lop off the ventral fairing.  Best wishes on your own project, and do post something! 


Like you, I'm really jazzed about Sword's latest "clean" -800/750 release, so much so I ordered two kits as soon as they were available.  They're now on this side of the Atlantic, and I'm planning to build one as a prospective CC.4, complete with overall sea grey paint and low-viz markings.


23 hours ago, Space Ranger said:

Just got caught up on this thread. Nice work!

Thanks, @Space Ranger!  I'm so glad you made a stop-off during your intergalactic safety patrol!  Keep safe out there!



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