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It was in the comments section on the YouTube link:




apparently it “has the game function, very entertainment” 

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Hey Everyone,.. 


Sorry my Cain project kind of too a back seat over the summer I've been doing a lot of work for an RC Company here in the u.k.
Called L&L Models if your into RC then you should definitely check us out!

L&L Facebook Group

L&L Models Website/Shop

Example of something I was working on below,.. 


I've done some more on Robo Cain

Completing the Left arm,.. 

With a small modification,.. 


Ever since looking over the instructions at the start I wasn't happy with the idea of elasticated/rubberised bullet chain,.. 

So I set about re-creating a more realistic look 

Modeling a single cartridge in keeping with the original puppet version but with a hole through each cartridge and picture wire fed through enabling it to be bent any and which way I thought looked best,.. 

And here's the Finished result along with some updates of the Build!









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