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Condottieri part 6

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More Italian war figures, 



 This is a Landsknecht pike block, with a mix of Perry and Warlord plastic figures and some head and arm swaps. There are a couple of Warlord metals in there as well.



A Perry light gun. I have one of there huge Bombards to do at some point


The pike block with some halbardiers  who were used to break up opposing pike blocks.



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6 hours ago, Silver Fox said:

mix of Perry and Warlord

Nice to see that Perry and Warlord can be mixed or is their more to it than that?

Looking great although their are a few guys in the first pic that look a little 'lethargic' and not cheery at all.



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Heads down as they advance against the crossbows and archery was what I was going for , the rear ranks are  happier with their colleagues acting as spaced armour!.


I think they can be mixed  quite happily, the stature of the figures are compatible  and I do swap arms and heads, the middle two figures in the front rank are Perrys with a Warlord head and Warlord with a Perrys.  Like I said in another post, because Warlord use different designers they are less consistent in size and detail. 



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