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Hawker Hunter canopy - some useful pics

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Hi all - having seen a couple of builds recently where modellers have painted the rear frame of the Hunters canopy - I thought these pics might be a helpful reference for those wondering what the real area looks like.  The rear of the cockpit has what looks like a rubber pressure seal bladder - and this is what creates the seal against the rear thicker section of Perspex which is clear but discernible in its difference form the rest of the canopy ( or that's what I think happens anyway)

This is the F. Mk4 nose section from Duxford- but all single seat Hunters are the same





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terrible spilling :)
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Thats really useful for a Hunter I have to do and something I could have missed very easily.  Thanks for highlighting that Jonners

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One from our GA.10 Walkaround;




A good point to note the area of the seal is not the fuselage colour but a medium/dark Grey.



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