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Arup S.4 flying wing trike mod, scratchbuilt 1/72 scale

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A build from 5 years ago


Another iteration of the Arup.

The Arup family of planes had the goal of providing an economical, reliable, low speed machine that was easy to fly and simple to build and maintain.

During the thirties there were a number of attempts by different countries to achieve that elusive goal.

These series of flying wings (I just posted another two) is well known to the enthusiasts, but even general aviation buffs sometimes never heard of them.

The model presented here is a nose tricycle modification of the S.4 model, powered by a 70hp LeBlonde engine and a span of 22 feet. Access was via a hatch that opened partially bellow the left wing and partially on the fuselage side. It could carry two people with dual controls and had the registration 14529.

There is plenty on the Internet about the Arup wings, so if you feel curious use your fingers and look it up.
















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