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1/72 - Republic P-47N Thunderbolt (rebox) by Sword - released


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Not surprising as they had the embarrasment of the box art showing a subject not on the decal sheet (or vice versa) !

This will surely be 'corrected'.  At the same time it can only be hoped that:

- They include a rear view mirror: shown on box art etc yet not included in the kit.

- Supply replacement guns parallel to the ground and not the dihedral parallel.


I don't know if anyone has yet built the kit but it has the oddest of instructions.   The propeller is to be butt-joined to a 'shaft' from the crankcase!  Now, not having built mine, maybe one could drill a hole in the propeller to receive the shaft, though there is no hint of this in the instructions.  This would depend on any 'excess' length of the shaft.  The propeller has just has a small circular indentation on both sides: just about OK for the pitch change part which has the blind end to the sprue but hardly so for the massive propeller!


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