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Fokker F.28 kit


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I see that F-RSIN Plastic are releasing 1/144th scale kits of the Fokker F.28 at the forthcoming Telford show. Both the shorter fuselage 1000 and the longer 4000 in are shown in various schemes.

I've always liked those little Fokkers, so I'm quite pleased. Question is, does the F.28 belong in the Classic or Modern section? Being as there are hardly any left in service, I chose classic even though it still seems fairly new to me.



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Probably getting into the Classic era these days as production finished in '87, which is 30 years ago.

There used to be a lot of these in Australia, but the noise regulations got them banned, the last ones were Air Niugini who operated into Cairns after they were banned elsewhere in Australia, and were used right up until the last day before the general ban by Flight West here in Townsville.

Air Niugini got a special dispensation for operations only into Cairns and only during daylight hours, probably used them for another couple of years, the F100's and F70's are very much alive and well here in Australia, mostly doing Mining Fly in Fly Out (FIFO) charter work in Queensland and Western Australia.  


I got one of each at Telford, and really want to do a Flight West one, and an Air Niugini one

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