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I've been asked to put these on here,

So I hope you like them!

I've taken basic models/objects and adapted

them to fit the maschinen kreiger universe.

The first one I finished last week.

It was a 1/30th scale walker from Aoshima,

brought back from Japan.

It looked a bit 'Fairyland' to me so it

was told to tighten up & be more butch.

I did take prepaint pictures so you could see

where bits came from. Dunno where they went!

So, It's Aoshima + Schwimwagen & tank bits with

spares box add ons. The Panzerschrek & their

carriers are homebuilt.






Now in the background you can see a weird thing with tubes.

The Ma.k universe contains a hovertank called Nutrocker.

The kit isn't too cheap. The original was made from kitchen spoons!

This is my version. It was a computer mouse.

The tubes are a nod to the Sherman Calliope. They were lollypop sticks.


The intake on the top here (with the yellow stripe) was 1/24th Fw190.


The back. Again the bit with the stripe was a Spitfire tropical intake. The exhaust was just bits.

The two cupola's were 1/24th truck wheels sanded to fit the curve of the body.


The tubes, as you can see, do swivel up for firing. Camo is late European WW2 German.


Over exposed but you can just see the Tamiya 1/48th Beaufighter crewman inside.


So, Here they are together, Different scales but same unit markings. Ma.k uses WW2 German ones.

While we're at it, I got a Star Wars AT-ST half built from a Britmodeller a while ago.

Guess what I did with it?


The right 'eye' Is the end of an Enterprise engine.the left is ex Nimrod. Weapons from various kits,

Hoses from guitar wire. And I added various other bit box bits. Plus that camo again

This one and the Maus (Hovertank) are a couple of years old now.


A rear view. I re-engineered the mech bits. Upper left is an Airfix skyraider radial!



Finally, Side by side, The two walkers.


I hope you've enjoyed seeing them. As much as I enjoyed building them.

I do have more. Thanks for looking.

Comments/likes/dislikes/queries etc welcome.


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Quite the imagination. And it takes considerable talent to take the imagined image in your head and so finely execute it in plastic. You have a talent for seeing things that should belong or could belong that don't make sense until you put them together. That is rare. I enjoy these builds even though I have no idea what Ma.K is. (Another thing you will have me google!!) Very, very nice.

On a side note, are you keeping safe and your head down?

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Thanks again, Guys.

I do have the real deal in Ma.k kits,

four or five of them, But I enjoy doing

this sort of thing so much!

It's something to ponder on as I wind

down to go to sleep at night too.

I have more to post and another build

in the near future. MBB Bo105 based.

George, it's that time of year again and

we only go out during daylight. When

mostly everyone else is asleep.

So Yes. Head firmly down.

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Awesome looking machines Pete, you've a hell of an imagination,


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Great stuff Pete, they're all good but particularly like the AT-AT walker, the cables bring it to life.

Just started painting the female engineer from my Ma.k Falke kit.

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