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A bit late to the party

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I was going to start this model for the "retro/vintage kit gb" but that doesnt start until September and Ill be on my holiday. Then I thought(not a good idea some may say) well this is a US Navy themed build and I can start it this week. So here I am.

If Im too late to join ,no problems just let me know and Ill delete.

This is the Revell kit (circa1957 on the box) of a Forrest Sherman class destoyer. This I believe was the latest bit of kit for the US Navy in the 50s.

Forrest Sherman field is also the home of the US Navy Blue Angels at NAS Pensacola Florida so it is definitely an all US Navy themed build..


The story so far

As you will see its strictly OOB and as to how accurate the hull shape is as always with vintage kits open to question.
At least Im having fun with it.
AM :captain:
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You are correct, she was commissioned in 1955 and seved until 1982. The current USS Forrest Sherman (DDG-98) is an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer.

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Finished and posted in gallery. The hull number was from the original decal sheet and as can be seen not very good.So its only on one side and Ill have a root around the tinterweb to see if I can get any.

Totally OOB. :poo:

I have to say I really enjoyed the "trip down memory lane" and will keep my eye out for anything of the same vintage ....maybe the "Buckley" :shrug:
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That was quick!

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