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  1. Thanks for the reply,all I needed to know. I remain justly chastised and shall wear peas in my shoes for all of Lent. AM
  2. A question if you will indulge me. I know that many Russian WW2 tanks often left the factory with only rudimentary paint jobs,some I believe even in bare metal. However what of the later war types,? in particular the T-34/80s. Was a primer coat applied? If so what colour was the primer. Thanks in advance. AM
  3. I could help there. I have a set of F-4B (Fujimi) open canopy pieces.   Email    anjusan01 at gmail dot com.


    regards AM


  4. I keep getting a web page blocked alarm. Im sure its a great build.....thanks for the decals(Telford)
  5. Nice one Russ. Im building the 1:72nd issue from Italeri. Is the colour scheme the original Italian colours?
  6. Thanks Dave. As I thought it might be. I had the same problems with their Kingfisher. A lot of people seem to have worked their way around the problems to make (as yours)quite stunning models.
  7. Good job. Gets my "like" My build did not go at all well and nearly put me of building for quite a few months. Im still very wary of the Kittyhawk brand.
  8. It would be helpful to hear of the issues and your solutions to them.
  9. A couple of reference photos. http://plasticnostalgia.blogspot.co.uk/2016/09/banshee.html
  10. This early Revell release was for sale at the US Nats...........a bit too rich for my blood (and wallet)
  11. Something you dont see every day........or many days for that matter.
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