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Found 286 results

  1. Hi! Thanks to the lockdown, I was able to finish this 2005 M5 by adding the figurine. The idea is to evoke a break during the battle of the hedgerows after the American breakthrough and to convey the atmosphere of a hot summer of Normandy I hope you'll like it See you! Fabrice https://www.facebook.com/Fabrice-Simon-104518141316306
  2. While forced to stay at home, time to build is available rather abundant. So, a new kist has been opened after finishing the M1 gun (see The first carrier is ready to receive it's base color:
  3. Hello chaps ! A more recent assembly carried out in 2019. This is my first return to AFVs kits after a ten-year hiatus. The Hobby boss Sdkfz 222 is of very good quality and constitutes a good base to add some details. A DAK soldier from a reconnaissance unit searches for his way in the middle of the dunes... Enjoy ! See you ! Fabrice
  4. Latest tank to go out of my father's confinement factory . Slightly touched up by me prior to photographing. A kit bought in this year's only model exhibition here in Malta before everything was cancelled due to the pandemic. Just for 5 €. A nice kit, with lots of photoetched (a bit too many, for our taste) and wonderful rubber tracks and moving wheels that allows smooth movement. To photograph this in the wilderness was an odyssey, trying to find somewhere remotely similar to Finland in the middle of the Maltese summer. After walking for hours on end, we decided for a small spot in a dried up stream under one of the only woods on the island, and we emptied a whole water bottle to moisture a bit the environment. I love that the kit depicts a version of a minor country, I am tired of seeing Russian, German and American AFVs coping everything on the market. Made happily OOB.
  5. Hi there! I make aircraft models - but wanted to try out some cars too. I'm mainly interested in the weathering aspect of cars and adding them into diorama environment. So honestly, I'm not much of a 'car guy' but I suspect this will be fun and different kind of challenge in any case. So the kit that I have is this: And this is what we have in the box: It's a fine looking model for sure. Pretty crisp details and quite a lot of details overall. Not your average Heller 1:32 Volvo truck, eh @JeroenS ? In addition to this being my first car kit ever, it's my first ICM kit ever. First impression is good, nice box art, good sturdy box, crisp looking model and a manual that makes sense. So let the building commence. I thought I'd make a sacrifice to the carpet monster early on, before I lose something important. One of the pedals went missing so I made a new one from a piece of sprue. It's not completely straight forward kit, the exterior of the car is made from quite many pieces, have to think about a little in what order I will qlue the the parts down or do I need to paint them first. Planes tend to be bit more simple, you just paint the cockpit separately and once it's done you will put the fuselage together. Started putting together the engine too. Not much of this will be visible but it's nice that the underside of the car and the engine are well detailed too. There are lot of skinny parts - and the plastic is bit on the soft side so need to be extra careful not breaking anything. Next, some paint.
  6. Abandoned Moskvitch Kit: Moskvitch-401-420A Soviet Passenger Car (#35484) Scale: 1/35 Aftermarket: MiG Dry Leaves Paints: Vallejo Model Color, Model Air & Metal Color, Lifecolor Weathering: Mig weathering products, Lifecolor pigments, Flory Models wash My first ever car kit, was bit lost with the construction so it has numerous build errors - but I was mainly concentrating on the painting & weathering and had really fun time with it. Despite almost abandoning it for real to the shelf of doom at one point. Detail of the kit was real nice but the plastic is quite soft and the build process seemed quite complicate at a times (which was not helped by the very fine parts) - but I suspect it was mainly due to builder errors. Just make sure your chassis comes up straight, I built mine bit wonky. Definitely looking forwards to more car kits! I think this car will probably end up in a diorama. Thanks for looking - comments & constructive criticism welcomed! Build thread:
  7. I'm having my StuG currently on a pause, so meanwhile I have another build on my workbench, which is a little TKS tankette. The thing is really tiny, only a spec bigger than a matchbox. The kit is from IBG, which is currently the best one on the market over the RPM and Mirage kits. I also have Part aftermarket sets - both exterior and interior one, to add some detail to the vehicle, and ABER Hotchkiss M1914 barrel. It's going together relatively well. I have added great deal of Master Club rivets to the hull though - the front and rear glacis got them wrong and bottom had no rivets at all. And the engine has been completed as well. Kristjan
  8. Finally can call this one complete. Build log is here: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235059937-tks-tankette/ Here's the photo that started all this: And here's my model: And here's the size comparison with a regular sized matchbox: Thanks, Kristjan
  9. Next project, another wheely thingie. It's Zvezda's GAZ Tiger-M with "Arbalet" remote control weapon system. Boxtop Inside is a sturdy top opening cardboard box Inside the box we have 6 sprues of grey plastic and one sprue with clear parts. Sprue A Sprue B A second sprue B - on both sprues B are parts that will go into the spares boc Sprue C - two times in the box Sprue F Clear parts, decals and metal foil stickers for the rear view mirrors Mesh and the tyres - the tyres have prominent mould seams running along the center lines, these will be hard to come by Paint instructions for two versions Finally a peek inside the instructions booklet This seems to be a nicely detailed kit and should be a straightforward build. Hope to show you some progress soon! Have a nice day Nick
  10. For a Dutch FB GB I decided to build a not often seen kit: Soar Arts' German 35,5cm M1 Super Heavy Howitzer (also posted in the Arty section). Yet I decided, this also needs a complementary (albeit skeleton) crew an ammo delivery truck and ofcourse a dio. Here are the results:
  11. Hi my dear fellows, For a Dutch FB GB I decided to build a not often seen kit: Soar Arts' German 35,5cm M1 Super Heavy Howitzer (also posted in the Arty section). Yet I decided, this also needs a complementary (albeit skeleton) crew an ammo delivery truck and ofcourse a dio. My progress thus far: Gun: ready: After messing around with some foam board And grass and modelling paste for model railroading the base progresses nicely too... Then I started on the figs: Cleanup an assembly is rather straightforward. Then I started painting faces (all in Vallejo Model Color) Step one: a base color of sand: Next: Adding shadows, a mix of beige red and black red Step 3: First highlights, with beige red Step 4:Second highlights with base flesh Step 5: Final highlights with light flesh Please do note that the hands get the same treatment Step 6: Adding the eyes. Whites with white and a tad of sky blue, black irises /pupils. Step 7: Lips painted, with a mixture of beige red and burned red Step 8: Chin strap, black Step 9: Eyebrows, color depends on hair color The whole bunch finished. Next up: painting the uniforms, waiting for the truck to arrive (on order), finish the dio and fixing some details...
  12. Hello, My next thread will be StuG III Ausf.B. I have chosen Tamiya kit for this one and since I have few leftovers from Dragon's Panzer III family kits I've built before, I use them wherever I can. I have few Aber upgrade sets also to use and aftermarket decals, as I'm going to one of the StuG Abt. 185 vehicles. I'm not very happy with the Tamiya kit, but there are not many options when building Ausf.B. Bolts are rounded and need to be replaced, weld seams are often missing and need to be reproduced, fit is loose and need a lot of filler. But main problem with this kit is that upper hull, when removing the molded fenders, appears to be 1mm wider than lower hull. I really don't know what to do with that yet. Here is the front driver's plate compared to hull: But Aber's etched sets seems to be awesome and offers a lot of fun. Here's the assembled ammo storage cabinet. And yep, the lid is movable: Tracks are from MasterClub this time and oh are they awesome. Compared to Friuls, these need very little cleaning and go together with little resin pins. Til' next time, Kristjan
  13. After some building, I finished Soar Arts' M1 35,3cm Heavy German Howitzer in 1:35. A pleasure to build, with great fit (just a bit tight at times) and some fiddly bits (not to build, but to handle after finishing it: ie railings and ladders) . Now it is ready to build a diorama around it... Missing the materials for the scenery, but more importantly, the figures I have in mind, and a truck.
  14. goat89

    Areon Models?

    Hi all, About a month ago, I was just scrolling through scalemates.com and came upon a new company called Areon Models. I was pleasantly surprised that they are going to release a 1/35 kit of the Terrex - the main ICV / AFV of the Singapore Armed Forces. I believe this is the 1st time an actual kit of this vehicle is done. I can only hope they do a Leopard 2SG in the future. As you can see from the below link, they have 11 kits to be released (mix of tanks and AFVs) this year, with only 2 being updated kits with new parts (Takom's Typhoon K and Tamiya's Type 74). The rest are newly tooled kits: https://www.scalemates.com/companies/company.php?id=11693&p=list Rather ambitious of a new company to release quite a number of newly tooled kits, yes? Has anyone heard of them? Appreciate any comments, thoughts and maybe even answers haha. Cheers.
  15. T-55 RMSh Workable Track Links Early Type 1:35 MiniArt With the numerous T-54 and T-55 variants produced by MiniArt it was only a matter of time that they would produce a new style of workable track link system for them. I was lucky enough to see the initial designs and learnt what the team were up to in a visit to the factory last year. That design process has at last borne some fruit with this their first set. In the colourful end opening box are sixteen sprues, each with twelve links and twenty four pins. Each link is removed from the sprue gates and cleaned up. Be aware that the styrene is quite soft, so be careful if using a blade to clean up, might be best just to use a foam emery stick. With the links cleaned up you then join each link together and insert a pin, add a drop of glue, in my case I used Tamiya extra thin, so you have to be careful not to put too much on as it can wick up the pin and you won’t get moveable tracks. With the pin glued, just snap off and fit the pin on the other side, rinse and repeat until you have a full length of track. They are very much like the metal tracks you can buy from Miniarm but actually easier to assemble as I find the resin pins Miniarm use are too fragile to fit in the metal links. The length of track I built up as shown in the photograph took about 5 minutes once the links had been cleaned up. Conclusion This set represents a much better solution to the click together style MiniArt used to use. They are so easy to put together that even the most ardent opponent of individual links should be happy putting them together. They really do work too as my photo shows. I now hope they include these tracks or ones like them in all their new tanks and other tracked vehicle kits. Review sample courtesy of Miniart - Distibuted in the UK By Creative Models
  16. Kit - Academy 13288 (2014 reissue) Paint - Mig acrylic OD modulation set, Tamiya acrylics. Decals - Kit (Designed by DEF Models, printed by Cartograph) Extras - DEF Model mantlet & barrel, Italeri, Tamiya & Masterbox accessories. M10 GMC Régiment Blindé de Fusiliers-Marins, French 2nd Armd Div. Outside Paris, August 1944. ...and with it's 'brother in arms' the Tamiya M4A3E8. It's hard to explain, the M10 is just one of those subjects that has a very definite appeal to me, but I would never commit to building one until recently because I knew my 'skills' (such as they are), would never come close to building what I saw in my head. It's only in the last two or three years that my AFV 'skills' have started to coalesce, so in 2018 I took a deep-breath, bought the kit and then left it alone... still nervous of it y'see. Started work finally on it just before Christmas and have been grabbing a few sessions here and there for the last eight weeks or so. The Academy kit is NOT a straightforward build, a lot of planning is needed especially in the early stages where building-up, masking and painting the interior sub-assemblies has to be done in such a way as to minimise re-painting and re-masking over and over again. The fit of the turret halves was a nightmare as they seemed to be entirely different sizes, but with some good super-glue, some pulling and twisting and a fair chunk of swearing it did work-out. The kit-supplied gun-barrel is terrible and best consigned to the bin in my opinion - the kit-specific barrel & mantlet set from DEF Model is a massive improvement and highly recommended. I decided before I began that the finished model would have very little in the way of stowage as historically the RBFM vehicles that took part in the Paris Liberation skirmishes drove only short distances from their lager areas, fought then retreated for the evening to start all over again the following day !. Also I recently finished an Easy 8 in 'road march' configuration and fancied something a little more 'minimalist'. As ever thanks for taking the time to look and / or comment, please feel free to ask any questions or suggest any improvements. Next for me is a Eurofighter and then an M41 Walker Bulldog, both for GB's elsewhere on t'interweb. Have a great weekend, folks, best from NZ. Ian.
  17. Hi everybody, today I finished Tiger Model's Panhard VBL at last. My WIP: The kit is nicely detailed and a straightforward build with a good fit of the parts. It is built straight out of the box, the only addition are the antennae. Camouflage scheme painted with Revell Aquacolor colours, green and brown by airbrush, black areas brushpainted. Only slightly weathered with oil colors. As usual I had the most troubles with the last detail parts, this time the nasty steel rope that has to be bent around the circular shape on the left side. The instruction gives you 100mm length, but only the half of it is needed, so I had to shorten it and bend it again. Of course the superglue worked fine between my fingers but not there where it should work. It was quite hard to attach the rope, but after some attempts it was finally there. It looks quite odd but I am happy it's there. The finished model: Thanks for looking, any comments are welcome! Have a nice day Nick
  18. Hi everybody, while fiddling about with the track links of the AT-T artillery tractor I started a parallel project as a relief from frust and slow progress. I chose the Panhard VBL from Tiger Model, a small french reconnaissance vehicle. This is a very nicely detailed kit with a good fit of the parts. There are some ejector pin marks you have to take care of, because they are in places that you will probably see. No big problem at all. I started with the interior of the crew cabin as per instructions. The colors I used are Revell Aquacolor 06 (Anthracite), 09 (Teerschwarz), 65 (bronce green), 46 (NATO-olive) and Gunze H405 olive green. The hoses on both sides of the central panel are drybrushed with Aluminium. That's how far I got: Thanks for looking! Suggestions and critiques are always welcome. Have a nice day Nick
  19. Kit - Tamiya. Paint - Mig acrylics (OD Modulation set), Tamiya acrylics & enamels, Humbrol enamels. Decals - Star 35-C-1048 M4A3E8's, 6th Armoured Division Extras - Legend 'Fury' stowage, Verlinden M4 Stowage, various Tamiya, Historex & Italeri pieces. M4A3E8 Sherman 68th Tank Bt. 6th Armd Div. Near Leipzig, Germany. May 1945 Started in September 2018 after a good friend realised he just wouldn't be able to 'do it justice', he also included the Legend resin stowage set - which is vast, I put it to one side in early 2019 to start another project and then lost the enthusiasm. So after spending most of last year on the 'Shelf of Forgetfulness' I brought it back to the bench in November, and have grabbed a few sessions here and there since then. This was the first time I'd used Mig acrylics - the full OD modulation set, also included by my friend - not surprisingly I was VERY nervous about this entirely new (to me) way of painting an AFV, but by watching a number of excellent YT tutorials and having a new bottle of 'brave pills' to hand I simply tried it and... well I think I got lucky, first time out. After the decalling I simply weathered and faded the model in the usual way with a pin wash, overall washes, oil-dot filter and finally pigments (ughhhh). Used another 'new' product for the final matt coat - Migs' Ultra Matt 'Lucky' Varnish (A.Mig 2050). Really scary when I tested it on the underside, as it immediately went-on 'milky', but after ten mins it dried so matt, that light simply falls into it - nil reflectivity, bl**dy marvelous stuff but only apply in VERY light mist coats. One of Tamiya's very best and an utter joy to build. Won't be to everyones' taste and definitely will upset some Shermaholics I'm sure. No matter please feel free to ask any questions, make any comments or pass-along any criticisms. Best from NZ. Ian.
  20. Hello, starting a new project, Sd.Kfz. 186 Jagdtiger - Henschel Production Type - Dragon - Nr. 6285 - 1:35 more picts soon
  21. Hello friends, this time I have a great and well known kit from the Dragon: I wanted to build it from the mid 1990s when I first saw this kit at my friend’s house. It’s a typical Dragon moulding from 1992 with a very good sculpting and perfect artwork from Ronald Volstad. An artwork represents the four infantrymen in their very motley equipment and that’s the main reason why I want to put my hands on it. The painting guide on the back of the box: Actually, I don’t decided yet which paints I’ll choose: Mr.HOBBY or AK Interactive... The sprue with the soldiers and ammunition: Same, the other side: The little sprue with the weapons: And other side of this sprue: The weapons looks fantastic, I haven’t seen more exciting rifles and machine guns in the 1:35th scale. OK, let’s start!
  22. Model T 1917 Touring - 1:35 ICM With Anzac Drivers (1917 - 1918) I'm not really a vehicle or figure modeller, but I do enjoy popping into this forum to other peoples work. When I saw Mike's review I jumped at the chance to actually build it as I thought it would go well with some of my WW.1 1:32 aircraft builds.. Also provided for review were a couple of figures in an 'Anzac Drivers' set. The figures are intended for the Model T LCP, rather than this kit, It is beatifically moulded with very fine detail. I build up the engine and fixed it into the chassis along with the axles and exhaust before painting, as I felt that it was simpler than trying to glue it together as pre painted sub assemblies. I kept weathering fairly light as I thought that as a staff car it would have been well kept. just a bit of dust and a few bits of scuffing here and there. Better include a picture of the engine. The bonnet is removable and a very tight fit. (I see that the white dot near the fender is where I've knocked a small 'loop' off while taking the bonnet off for the photo. I'll have to repair that). As they were designed for the wider bodied LCP kit, I couldn't fit the figures in side by side, so just used the driver. I had to remove the ffot pedals, and trim the drivers left toes off in order to fit him in. The gunner I left out will probably go in another vehicle. For now he is sitting on a dice! It is a lovely little kit, I'll certainly be making more as I already have the Standard 'B' Liberty truck lined up for a visit to the workbench. Thanks for looking, John
  23. Kit - Italeri 1:35 (re-tool). Paint - All acrylics. Decals - Kit & Star Decals Extras - Verlinden & Voyager resin stowage, lead foil, Jordi Rubio turned aluminium barrel. M24 Chaffee 3rd Armd Div Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg February 1945. Started two-and-a-half years ago, then parked on the 'Shelf of Forgetfulness' until about four weeks ago. Kit is the old but still OK'ish' Italeri kit - but the later re-box with the WWII tracks. It went together fairly well, but the suspension arms are surprisingly delicate and don't stand-up well to rough handling and the tracks are waaaayyy too thick and generally un-co-operative, if I ever build another I will definitely be investing in a set of AM tracks. Two 'firsts' on this - First time using MIG's US WWII OD set - but only the base tone and the first lighter one, and first time attempt at the Rinaldi hairspray chipping method. BECAUSE it's my first time using this technique, I'm sincerely asking for feedback, because it's the only way I will get better, right ?. So that's pretty much it, as ever thanks for taking the time and effort to comment or criticize, have the rest of a great weekend, folks. Best from NZ Ian.
  24. Tamiya's superb T-55A (Czech built), finished with Star Decals for an Afghan Northern Alliance vehicle in 2001. Only extras are the grills which are from the Eduard kit-specific set. Camo is Tamiya Olive Green and RAF Cockpit Green. Weathering is as you would expect - pin washes and dot filters with W & N oils, rust is red/orange/yellow and raw umber oils stippled with Vietnam Earth and Yellow Ochre pigments. Dust finish is Migs' Beach Sand mixed with AK European Dust, applied very sparingly on the hull & turret and thicker around the running gear and tracks. Still need paint and fix the tow cables and yes I know the tracks on the left side are a little 'off' in the photos I've already repaired that ! Thanks for taking the time to look and / or comment. Best from NZ. Ian.
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