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Found 8 results

  1. The Air Belgium livery is another of my favourites. Authentic Airliners offers the decal set for it,so I went for it. In 2018 I saw one of those on approach to Rhodes airport and I knew I had to add this to my collection. The paintjob is straight forward,all white fuselage,painted with Gunze white primer 1500. The black stripe had to be painted,masks for it are provided with the decals. The fit of the decals is a bit iffy,I guess they are designed for the AA resin kit,which showed some errors probably on the Revell kit. So a few adjustments had to be done to get everything in place as good as possible. The build of the kit went fairly well,just the usual conversions on the engines had to be done. Thanks for looking Alex
  2. A bit later than expected,more of my finished builds since 2022. I had a rather busy schedule in modelling,so a large number of kits got finished.Most of them are now ready to be shown here,some others are still missing a few parts. On we go with the Revell A340. Back in november 1992,Lufthansa presented their first A340-200 in Zurich. I was on there and also was able to take some pics. My camera back then was not the best,I was still a kid,so my parents didnt spend too much on a camera.Hence the pics are not that good,but I still have them. I played with the idea for a long time,shortening the Revell A340-300 down to a -200 and build the first LH A340. The decal set from Revell even has the correct registration for the type. Lack of skill stopped me from doing such a task for many years but last year I thought I was ready for it and gave it a go. While at it,I also took the opportunity to improve the kits engines by adding the vortex generators and rework the inner engines,so they sit higher.The engine mounts of the kit are too large,so if not corrected,they will hang too low. Shortening the fuselage was not that difficult.Some diagrams and pictures found on the www ,showed where to make the cuts. After all was set and ready,reassambly began. Some filling and sanding was required at the fuselage but nothing too distracting,so the paintjob could start. Painted with Gunze and Revell enamels. The grey for the belly and the wings is a mix of Revell 374 with a few drops Revell white 04. The white for the fuselage is Gunze Primer 1500,clear coated with Future. The decals come from the original Lufthansa boxing.Luckily I had a few decal sets ,so I could use bits and parts from the other sheets as one of them was quite yellow and brittle. Some details come from the spares box and other Revell A330/340 kits. It took 30+ years from the idea to the finished product,so I am very happy to finally have this Airbus in my collection. Thanks for looking Alex
  3. Another one of Revell's "Special Liveries". The Wiener Philharmoniker A340-300. Its a real eye catcher and the kit was frequently reviewed upon its release but its hardly seen built. I wonder why... The most difficult part of the build is the paintjob,esp. the blue belly and the bright blue on the engines. To find the correct demarcation line on the belly is a bit iffy. The instructions are absolutely no help,so intense research on the net is required. The light blue for the engines need to be mixed. I used Revell white 04 and skyblue 52 . The belly blue needs to be mixed as well skyblue 52 with a few drops white 04,here one can use the decal set as a matching pattern. Once this is achieved,the most complicated part is done. The decals are superbly printed and fit wonderful. The only downside to them are that there are no windowholes or windows printed on. I decided to have clear windows,so after application and clear coating,every window was cut out with a new sharp blade.To find all of the windows was time consuming. Then from another decal set,the silver frames were applied and clear coated as,well. The end result is one of the most spectacular liveries ever worn by a A340. As with the other A340s,I also corrected and enhanced the engines. Thanks for looking Alex
  4. Revell's old widebodies (A330 and A340) are rare models. Unless they are for sale on eBay for an exorbitant amount of money. As a model maker, my initial concept was to have in my model collection, at least 1 model of each plane, either Boeing or Airbus family. But for lack of kits, this goal was kinda difficult. The adventure of finding an A340 at an affordable price was a difficult task, but not an impossible one. It was still 2021, and in one morning I decided to spontaneously start looking for Revell models that could be for sale on a Portuguese second-hand shopping site. Out of the sudden, I came across an ad for an old Revell A340 for sale. As the seller was close by, I soon said I would buy the model and we set up a meeting to do the business. I bought the kit for only €20, when I had already seen the same kit for sale for €90 plus the cost of shipping on eBay. I was indeed a lucky bird! The box was still the original, but it already showed the years passing through it, with some duct tape corrections in the corners. The sticker with the price (in German marks) was still in the box, which confirmed what the seller had told me: that he had bought it in Germany, shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall in the early 90's. I started to open and inspect the kit and quickly realized that a wing was missing. I panicked and thought I had burned a €20 note. Without the wing it wouldn't even be worth trying to assemble the kit. I contacted the seller and he apologised and said he would look for the missing wing at home. After a couple of hours I got a call saying that he hadn't found the wing, but that was no problem, he would refund me. Conclusion. This kit was like a gift. The next task was to find a wing for the plane. I sent an email to Revell, who replied that they no longer manufacture parts for the kit in specific. I had no other solution but to ask my modeler friends for help. I contacted an Austrian friend, and he told me he had the wing, because at the time he was converting his kit from an A340-300 to an A340-600. Lucky me (again)! I could start the kit now. I waited for a more favourable time to start the assembly, but I decided to start making the first parts and then in the painting phase, joining my other planes, so that they are all more or less in the same phase.The paper of the instructions was already yellowed for being so old, and it is curious to see that Revell's graphics have only recently changed. After having done a quick reading of how and what this project would be like, I officially started the assembly. I started with the main fuselage, covering the windows' holes. This time, I decided not to use Revell's Plasto entirely, but plastic putty instead, and use only Plasto on windows that effectively need to disappear to comply with the airline's layout. As a rule, I don't worry too much if the window holes are 100% filled because they will be covered by decals later on. With this, I just want to leave a surface for them to settle in the last stages of the process. After the windows I went to the emergency exits. The A340 as a rule has emergency exits number 3 narrower than the others. On the A340 that I'm going to do, this is exactly what happens, so with a 600-grit sandpaper I completely eliminated the emergency exits and reduced the size of the rain gutter. The major work on the fuselage was complete. According to Revell's instructions, we start with the landing gear. As a rule, I like to take care of the landing gears at the end, so they don't break or something like that. Here it was mandatory to at least mount the central and front landing gear. I confess that for an already quite old mold and kit, the fittings and small pieces all come together like a small puzzle in perfection. On the central and front train I had no big problems and all the parts are super detailed. There was only one small problem with the whole process: Revell printed the instructions wrong and I glued one piece backwards. I only realised later when I saw some pictures. I cut it with a scalpel and re-glued it on the opposite side. I think the mistake is imperceptible, since the piece was in a V shape. I hope everything is uniform in the final paint adjustments! As with any kit I make, I like to collect a lot of pictures for later in the painting and decals stage to make things as they should be, and also to guide me on what colors I should use. The colors for the landing gear bays were one of the hardest I had to choose. In some the photos it looks like it's a mix of gray with oil residues, in other photos a more orange tone. In order not to create more doubts and confusion and after seeing a video on Youtube of this kit, I chose the reference 71.117 “Como Brown” from Vallejo. I confess it got a little darker than I expected, but it served the cause. After the paint dried, I applied Tamiya's black panel line. For the landing gear legs, I opted for 71.064 “Chrome”. The end result was this: The landing gear parts fit in the right places without any major problems. I let it dry so that I could then glue the central section to the main fuselage, so that I could then join the two main parts together. Here the process was not complicated but became complex, as the two main parts of the fuselage assumed a convex behavior, joining in the front and rear parts but moving away in the center. In the end, with the help of a lot of tape, the parts were joined together for a whole and here Revell continues with its characteristic gaps. It took a considerable amount of Plasto, especially in the central section, for the flaws to at least disappear.
  5. VIRGIN ATLANTIC 1/144 Airbus a340-600 Braz Conversion G-VRED 'Scarlet Lady' Kit: Revell a340-300 Conversion set: Braz Decals: 1. Pas Decals (787-9) - Virgin titles, nose logo (Scarlet Lady) and tail logo. 2. 26 Decals (A340-300/A330-300) Winglet logos, AOA probes, Static Ports and various registrations 3. Draw Decal (A340-600 OLD LIVERY) Landing lights, 'Scarlet Lady' titles and wing reg. 4. Authentic Airliners (A340-600) 3D cockpit windows, passenger windows and doors. Colours: 1. Fuselage - 75% Revell gloss white + 25% Revell 371 satin light grey. AND Xtracolor MICA 2. Tail and Engines - decanted Tamiya TS18 Metallic Red 3 Wings - Revell 371 satin light grey. Coroguard is 95% Revell 371 satin light grey + 5% humbrol matt black work in progress thread Thanks for looking! Phil
  6. Still digging in my collection now I bring you one of our service stars: the A340. They arrived in 2000 and were retired this year from service. 15 years flying to Madrid-Frankfurt, Auckland-Sydney, Los Angeles, a few times to Easter Island-Tahiti and even once to the Falkland Islands. I was lucky enough to fly it for 3 years and I am deeply proud of it. I did try to make her justice as much as I could. Real aircraft paint matched to Automotive paints, Gio decals, tail hand masked and painted. Thanks for looking. Part of the family in scale:
  7. Does anyone know if decals are available for this A340 in 1/144 scale ??? http://www.airliners.net/photo/Germany---Air/Airbus-A340-313X/2222947/L/&sid=5ea85ef4143ec08de0a8ec354d358a9f
  8. Hello everyone Well, first of all i would like to claim myself a beginner. This is my second kit after a pause of 12 or so years (i remember almost nothing from those times except some details have to be painted before glueing). I mean i'm still learning. This is actually the first time i used putty, extensive sanding and a bit of weathering. Here i should stop whining. Basically it is built out of the box except for that it's a conversion of the A340 bloody 'Wiener Philarmoniker' (for some reason noone chooses to build SAS scheme). The Trents are from the Braz models. This was also the first time i worked with resin hence one of my major mistakes - the engine inlets of the trents are quite decently tilted, while mine are upright. The choice of the gear up attitude was obvious as i have to hang the models to the ceiling. I was too scared to try making flaps down, besides main gear bogies are again decently tilted in flight. Oh, and another major mistake is a tricky fuselage color, too yellowish to me. Everything was spray-painted. The decal were from Revell plus a little help from the Draw decals. The weathering was done according to the a.net images which show the A330 SAS fleet surprisingly dirty. Here we go The next oncoming is a baby bus a Revell's A319 with Bearbus Germanwings scheme (i'm considering not to post work in progress as there are dozens already here) Thanks, Steve
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