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  1. Must be time to start another from the list of Sci fi scratchbuilds that are lined up in my head. Back to the Ma.k universe again for a meld of various plastic bits and pieces. In the foreground is this toy walker, 50p from the car boot sale. The idea was to combine it with a Helicopter fuselage. That would create a thin skin troop carrier. In the end I went in another direction. First I removed the 'shield' on the front and cut down it's supports. Last month @theplasticsurgeon donated an old Revell 1/32nd Lightning for an upcoming Kreiger Falke Scratchbuild. Very many thanks again, Tim. I mostly just need the booms for the Falke, so I had the central pod going spare. Hmmm, what to do? See those guns in the back there? they just might get fitted later. Oh look, a headless chicken (ish) It took a little cutting and shutting to get to this point. Weird, innit? Now the pod is upside down to do this. So, do I make a cockpit in what was the underside? Or go A.I. Robot killer? I think it may well end up A.I. Here I've trimmed the 'wingtips'. They'll be finished off with droptank halves. And I cut a slant in the nose. I do have the original clear nose but want to do something different. That's where it stands (ahem) at the moment. Taped up and balanced on the desk. Further progress depend on chores and the cold in the manshed. We shall see. If anyone can think of a better name than 'headless chicken' I'd be interested. A German word would be best. I want to greebly the legs a bit, make them less toylike. As always, Your comments are very welcome. Cheers for now, Pete
  2. Well...it's not often I post here. There is so much going on in this diorama I constructed for the ongoing 'I Feel Deserted' GB that I don't have enough space in the GB gallery thread for all the photos I would like to post. So I will post more here. Here is the WiP, by the way, if you care to look at it. It explains everything. Lots of pictures... I like my rocky outcropping... That's it! --John
  3. I've built four Cromwells/Centaurs so far in 1/35th scale, all of them based on the very good Tamiya kit, so when Airfix brought their version out, I wanted to see how it stacked up against the competition, even though I was aware of it's short comings. Most of you will know what the problems are with the Airfix offering, but I'll briefly run them through again. First and foremost was the cockup that they made with the number of wheel nuts on the road wheels, six instead of eight. On the shell casing ejection ports on each side of the turret, they missed off the four prominent nuts. The third is the same one made by Tamiya, and that is that they included a “C” engine deck when the markings are supposed to be for vehicles equipped with “D” or “E” decks. None of this is too big a problem as I picked up a set of resin replacement wheels by Sovereign 2000 at Telford. I've got a spare Tamiya turret to get around the missing nut problem, and for the engine deck I'll alter the panel lines to make it into a D/E/F deck. A few years ago, I built a 1/48th scale Mk.Vl using the Tamiya kit, and the vehicle which I depicted was one with the name of “Brumovice“, belonging to the Czech Independent Armoured Brigade. It was finished in SCC15 and with black disruptive pattern. When I looked through my decal stash, lo and behold, I have the SKP rub down decal set for this tank, so decision made. I'm going to use some “artistic licence” with this build. As far as I know, the only photos that exist of “Brumovice” are all three quarter frontal ones, so hopefully, nobody will be able to dispute what I will do with this tank. I have some photos of Czech Cromwells showing stowage bins commonly seen on Fireflys, welded to the rear of a Cromwell's hull, and another with a Crusader style blanket box, welded to the back of the turret, so that's the route that I will take. I'm not going to go through all of the stages of photos of the kit's sprues as Mike covered all of that in the new AFV kit review. This won't be one of those builds where the first page shows the start of the build and then before you know it, on page two, the paint and decals are going on. Given my glacial speed of building, this will take several weeks, but my aim is to have it completed in time for the M4 GB to start. So without further ado, onto the build. The first job was the hull tub. Here, IMO, Airfix have scored some points as they have made it from five parts, as opposed to the one piece Tamiya hull. The locating notches are very well thought out and you have two bulkheads, which all means that you end up with vertical sides. At the rear of each side, they have included the filler for the final drive hydraulics. I punched out a couple of hexagonal pieces and glued them to the tops for the filler caps. Something else that Airfix have included that Tamiya missed, just right of centre on the rear hull plate, is the inspection hatch for the control rods, and another bonus is the electrical cabling for the smoke emitters. The assembly for the road wheel swinging arms, is practically identical to Tamiya's arrangement. I wanted to allow the second and third road wheels to be displaced, so the stubs for these were sliced off. And once done, this is what I ended up with, once the outer plates of the lower hull were in place. I'm possibly going to use the rubber band tracks that come with the kit, rather than the link and length as I think they have a slightly better appearance, and don't have as many ejection pin marks to remove. But there again, if I'm not happy with how they look, I'll pick up a set of Fruils. That's it for this session. I'll b back with more, once my hobby room has warmed up a bit (a BIG bit. It was 5 degrees when I went out there today!) John.
  4. Sherman VC Firefly, ‘Spitfire’, A Squadron, East Riding Yeomanry, 27th Armoured Brigade This is the Ryefield Model built pretty much straight out of the box. It has been painted with MRP-349 SCC No.15 Olive Drab and weathered with various enamel products, mostly from the Ammo Mig range, and oil paints. This is my first attempt using these enamel products, I normally use pigment powders, but I think this will be my preferred choice from now on. The stowage is from the Black Dog range plus some tarps that I made from epoxy putty. These were mostly painted with various mixes of Life Color paints to try to add some variation. I personally don't find the resin stowage very convincing, I'm not entirely sure why, but I think it's because they were cast as one big lump including the straps and ropes which means that there are areas that are solid when they shouldn't be, if that makes sense. Anyway next time I think I will try to make my own. And finally this is the reference photo that I based my model on, although mine has lost the wading gear and gained some bedrolls. The markings for 'Spitfire' are not included in the kit but are available from Star Decals ( 35-862 27th Armoured Brigade #3.) However, I wasn't convinced by the shade of blue they had used so I resorted to creating my own masks and spraying the markings on. I actually started this build over a year ago as part of the M3/M4 Medium Tank STGB organised by @PlaStix, and despite it taking so long it really was an enjoyable build, Ryefield model have made an excellent job of this kit. There is a Work in Progress of this build. Wayne
  5. This is the second one of my RFI's that I'm digging out and adding the photos to that Village Photos hid. So once again, apologies to those who've seen this before, and thanks for your patience. There was a WIP, but again, the photos have been "hidden" by VP. If anyone wants any info on the build, let me know and I'll see what I can do. Thanks for looking and for any comments. John.
  6. The fight, in April 1980, was between Irish troops under the command of the UN, and members of the South Lebanese Army (SLA) at At Tiri, in South Lebanon. It remains one of the Irish Army’s biggest fire-fights. The kit is by Tiger Models, a maker that is new to me; they seem to specialize in modern armour. In the box: And spread out, with some Echelon decals The bag on the left contains some springs (in the red and blue sachets), photo etch, and (hidden here) turned metal barrels for both the main gin and the co-axial MG. Curiously, they offer both vinyl and injection tyres.
  7. Here's my next...moving up into 1/35th. Although I have always been a fan of all things 1/72nd I have to admit that 1/35th scale is the best scale for vehicles. There is just so much room for proper weathering, parts replacement, etc...I will have a good time with this one and may overdo it a bit on the rain streaking, rusty bit, etc...so bear with me. I'll try not to, but I need practice. Here's a good Wiki link about it. I didn't know that so few were made. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ford_FT-B Not a huge amount of parts. That's alright. What there is is finely moulded, with excellent detail and no flash at all. Doesn't look like too complex a build (he said optimistically)... I'll get into it before Christmas. --John
  8. I haven't abandoned the M1 Sherman, in fact I'm hoping to build the two in tandem. I just decided that I wanted to build something different at the same time. Two or three years ago, I built one of these, the Type 4. There were basically four types of A/C based on the White M3 Scout car, types 1 – 4. The Type 4 which I built was one of the most common and was the easiest to construct, as it used the entire bodywork of the M3, with the addition of the added armour. From a modelling point of view, it was also the easiest to convert. So this time, I thought that I would attempt one of the more difficult conversions, namely the Type 1. The Type 1 retained the bonnet and mudguards of the M3, in fact, everything forward of the firewall. So that means the entire rear portion will have to be built from scratch. Last time, I used the old Italeri kit, which has done the rounds for many years under many guises. This time I will be using the Hobbyboss kit which will make life a bit easier. For a start, the wheels won't need changing as they were for the Italeri, as they are quite good. As with the Type 4, I won't be opening up any doors/windows, so there'll be no need for interior detail.......life's too short! I'll need to source a couple of MG34's, but my usual go to manufacturer, RB Models doesn't seem to have any in stock. In fact, they don't seem to have very much in stock according to their website. So I'll have to pick up a couple from Aber. The only other AM item that I can think of are a couple of sand channels, which I have already, courtesy of Hauler. I have an Eduard set for the M3, and although most of it won't be of any use, the headlamp brush guards will. The majority of M3's that Israel got hold of had their headlamps removed and replaced with a single one on the left mudguard, but I have a photo of a Type 1 with both headlamps in place, complete with brush guards. This is the kit which I will be using this time.......... …....and the Eduard etched set for the M3......... …....and my go to book for everything Israeli improvised, the Mouse House publication on the early Israeli Improvised Armoured Cars. So enough of the waffle, and on with the build. First up is the engine, although once in place, not much will be seen. Hobbyboss do a nice representation of the engine, and it deserves to be in a vehicle with an open bonnet.....but not this one! The rest of the chassis/drive train/suspension went together with no problems. The majority of photos that I have of the four types of A/C based on the M3, show that the roller at the front and the headlamps were removed. But there are a couple of photos in the book of Type 1's which show both still fitted. So that's the one that I I'll be building. As always, thanks for looking and for any comments. John.
  9. `I stole the word 'Spindizzy from the James Blish 'Cities in Flight' Sci Fi books. I'd seen another Kreiger 'skimmer' type attack craft some time ago, and when @TonyW donated an old, built Airfix SRN1 model, I had my basis for a build. Paint is Tamiya acrylic and I used some pastel crayons too. Lots of greeblies and odd bits went into this, and I've really enjoyed building it. I forgot to add the underside skids before taking the pictures, Doh! I've taken the pictures as a 'walkaround', so please enjoy and please ask questions if you feel the need. And there we are. I hope you find it pleasing and not too puzzling. Cheers, Pete
  10. Here we go again! My last build was the Star Wars wall display, but for this one I'm sliding back to the kreiger universe. A stray comment on another thread led to the donation of an ancient built Airfix SRN1 Hovercraft by @TonyW. So very many thanks to Tony, and now lets see what I'm going to do with it. I saw a kreiger 'skimmer' type attack craft some time ago and quite liked it. I've stolen the word 'Spindizzy' from the James Blish 'Cities in Flight' Sci Fi novels of many years ago. Time to combine the two I think. After I'd stripped off all the unwanted bits of the model I was left with this basic form. This too was disassembled, various blobs of ancient tube glue were removed & mating surfaces rubbed smooth. Here are a couple of the removed air ducts and various other bits. After a good search of the spares boxes and various combinations of parts (Ooer!) I think I'm settled on this. Or something very like it anyway. The front is at the left here. The ribbed items may look familiar? They are from a Star Wars Slave One, cut in two. The oval bits to the right are pencil sharpeners. The driver sits here between these two shields. It may even be an armoured fighting suit (AFS). And from the back, the dome contains an Anti Grav unit, while the sharpeners provide steering thrust. They will be mounted higher and will use air sucked in via the big central fan. So far I think it all makes engineering sense (which, to me, is an important issue on these things). I think I do need to add fuel tanks somewhere though. Household management is in decorating mode, so modelling time may be short in the near future. I only get time at the weekends as it is. Please bear with me if this build stretches out into the future. Comments and suggestions are always welcome. Cheers, Pete
  11. I will enter the GB with this Dragon kit. Although the box art work must be one of the worst of the Panther kits that they produced, however, the kit is very comprehensive as it has the original wheels, plus a pair of steel wheels for one of the last dozen Panthers built by MAN and of course a full set of steel wheels. Here are the steel wheels. I have some extras in the stash, an Armorscale barrel with resin mantlet, ET p/e grills and tools and a set of Fruil metal tracks. Thanks for looking.
  12. And here we go again. Yes, it's yet another kreiger scratchbuild. No, as usual I'm not quite sure how it's going to turn out, but I do have a plan (subject to change as always). Consider the battlefield. After the flash bangs and screaming is over, there is always kit to be recovered for salvage or repair. Who does that job? Most model builders focus on the flash bang stuff, but I thought I'd try a bit of recovery work. Hover, tracks or wheels? Of the three I thought the track made the best sense, they should handle most terrains, and a crane doesn't really work in hover mode. So lets start with a box of bits and haul out some T-54 parts. A 1/35th Trumpeter T-54 chassis. Though I've done a cut'n'shut and got rid of a roadwheel mount each side. So we're down to eight instead of ten. Why? well it makes it shorter, and I only have eight wheels anyway! So they're single wheels on each axle and not in pairs. Plus I'm not using the original tracks, pairs would be too wide for them. The plastic is quite soft to cut, BTW. And this is where I ended up. The drive sprocket (at the rear here) is from a Sherman derivative, The front idler wheel is made from two disparate parts and the tracks are also sourced from a Sherman type. If memory serves it was an Italeri recovery Tank. An overview shows what I have in mind. I think the engine decking is ex King tiger. The crane was on a multiwheeled Kibri truck. The crane needs to be on a raised platform. That will be next up. The vehicle then needs to be generally 'kreigered' to make it fit in to that world. As always, comments are very welcome. Thanks for looking, Pete.
  13. This is my entry for the T34 GB, and hopefully I will complete it in time. This is the first RFM kit that I have built and first impressions are very favourable. Some of the engineering has been done in a helpful way such as the tyres being separate from the wheels, which will make painting much easier. RFM give you three different options for wheel types, but it doesn’t give any indication as to which one of the three vehicles depicted in the painting instructions that these apply to. The mouldings appear to be very crisp, and the kit includes a small etched brass sheet. There are no decals with this kit as it seems that the real thing carried no markings, so that stage should be easy! Disappointingly, there is no metal barrel. It’s moulded in two halves so that will involve the usual problems of getting rid of the joint line. One thing that the jury is still out on though is the dust cover for the mantlet; it’s rubber! We’ll have to see how that works out. A (very) small bit of history. This was gleaned from the internet. The vehicle was known as the T-34/122 in the West, but in Egypt it was known as the Abu Zabaal T-122, after the area in Cairo where it was fabricated. In total, 30 of these were converted from T-34/85 hulls and 12 of them survived into the 1980/90s, mainly in training roles and as targets. There are believed to be 2 maybe 3 of them left in the world today. They served mainly in the anti tank roll, and apart from the hull, weren’t heavily armoured. In fact, most of the turret seems to be made from thin plate and contained several hatches. As soon as I've got something worth showing, I'll post it. John.
  14. HI Due to lockdown, I thought I'd restart modelling - first time in about 20 years. Settled on the HobbyBoss WMIK Landrover. Let me know your thoughts - but be gentle! I added various bergans and daysacs from other kits - painted a mix of DPM and MTP Pleased with the MTP on the daysac and webbing but on the figures I think I made the base coat a bit too green. Various strapping made from painted masking tape. The kit puts the spare tyre on the bonnet but moved it to the roll cage and made a kit basket out of plastic covered wire. Also used a lot of reference images and so created hessian covers for the headlamps and a towing strop wrapped around the bumper. Not too good with the old paint chipping but added some chips showing the original green underneath the sand. Typically out of focus but probably one of the most pleasing elements was making the cam net. Adapted something I found on another forum and painted tissue paper with a mix of paint and PVA glue, then had a u-shaped artists lino cutting tool and made hundreds of interlinked cuts. These can then be teased out and it's the most realistic cam net I've seen - if I say so myself!
  15. This is a build that I finished last month and have only just got around to putting it in RFI. It's the Tamiya M-51 Sheman, built basically as Tamiya intended, that is, as a second batch or Dagem Beth. Eventually, I'll put it onto a base along with a figure, when I can find a suitable one. The WIP can be found here So that's the Dagen Beth, and this is my previous M-51, Dagem Dalet, or Batch 4, for a comparison. Thanks for looking. John.
  16. I've been rummaging around in my stash cupboard, trying to find something new to build that takes my fancy, and after much deliberation, I settled on a Sherman for a change. Well, I haven't built one since last week. I built Tamiya's excellent M-51 a few years ago, as a Batch 4 tank, that is to say, a very late version. This time, it will be built almost as Tamiya intended, as one of the early versions. I won't go through all of the rigmarole of showing you all of the sprues, as I'm sure they've been on here at least once before. So, just the box and a photo of the excellent books by Dr. Robert Manasherob, which I find invaluable. OK, that's the groundwork laid. I'll be making a start on it tomorrow, so I'll update when I have something done. John.
  17. No, I haven’t suddenly won the lottery and started living the high life. Champagne was an M4A3 (76mm) of the French 2nd Armoured Division and was knocked out in the battle of Dompaire in 1944. It now exists as a memorial in the town of Ville-sur-Illon, in NE France. This is a model that I built a few years back, but never got around to putting it in RFI because I wanted to put it on a base. The original intention was make a base, similar to the area that Champagne is displayed on, but it would have taken up too much space, so I’ve just depicted a simple gravel area made from course sand and sprayed white. Photos of the tank as it is now can be found here. http://the.shadock.free.fr/Tanks_in_France/sherman_villesurillon/index.html The forward VVSS unit on the left side which was hit by a 75mm shell. A second 75mm shell entered the upper left hull................... ...................and did a lot of damage in the engine compartment, including putting a dent in the rear hull plate. The build can be found here; Thanks for looking and stay safe. John.
  18. I have posted a photo of this model in another thread, but never in RFI. I built it a few years ago, soon after the kit was released. As far as I can remember, the only things that I added, apart from kit stowage, were the missing rivets on each side of the hull, and the canvas dust cover around the main gun from tissue soaked in dilute PVA glue. I had previously built a 1/72nd kit of the Grant from a Polish company, whose name escapes me, and I used the painting instructions from that kit for this build. The base colour was sprayed, but the brown cammo was brush painted, as was the white surround. The black was applied with a paint pen. One other thing that I've just remembered is hat the tracks (WE210), came from a Dragon Sherman lll kit. Thanks for looking. John.
  19. I started this build several years ago, and it has been languishing on the shelf of doom, glaring at me ever since. So Having already completed another SQ (Centaur), I thought, why not get on and finish this one too. There is no real WIP ,just a page of updates, as I built this long before I joined BM. I'll get around to making a base someday, but for now I've added a couple of figures which are old Tamiya ones from the Cromwell, suitably modified and given Hornet heads and wiring for their radios. Anyway, I hope that you like it. I'm reasonably satisfied with it. The basic history of this build can be found here; Thanks for looking. John.
  20. Having recently posted an A13 in the RFI section, I was keen to have another go at one of these nice little models from Bronco. I’ve had this in the stash for a number of years now, having picked it up for a bargain price at the Saumur model show. I say bargain because not only was the price good, but it came with two sets of Miniart figures, all for the desert, which was handy as I intend to finish this as a North Africa based tank. This was one of the later issues of Bronco’s A13 and I’m glad to say that they made some modifications, such as individual link tracks and corrected the engine deck. There are four options on the decal sheet, three in N.Africa and one in France. The three N.African ones are all finished in differing versions of the Caunter scheme, so hopefully, I’ll be able to pick up a paint set at Saumur, weekend after next. Also included are a couple of etched sheets which negates the need to spend out more money on AM sets. All in all, this should be a pleasant build. If memory serves me right from the last Bronco A13 that I built, it doesn’t hold any nasty surprises. Update soon. Thanks for looking. John.
  21. I have several shelf queens sitting around in various stages of build, and I thought it time to get another one finished out of the way. I completed the Centaur last year and this one has been glaring at me ever since. Ironically, given what I’m building at the moment, this one is a Sherman lll with welded hoods, only this one is in 1/35th scale. Again, like my current build, it is in Light Mud/Blue Black based in Italy, but this one is a British vehicle as opposed to the NZ one that I’m building in 1/48th. I’d got all the way to the decaling stage with this, but made a right royal mess of the wash that I applied. So I obtained a duplicate set of decals for “Clive”, and gave it a light blowing over with thin Light Mud. I then repainted the Blue Black cammo, and that’s how it’s sat for the past five or more years. So last night it was given a thorough wash to remove the oodles of accumulated dust and left to dry, awaiting the new decals. A (tiny) bit of history of this model. This is a Dragon kit and a lot of the parts on the model were in the box. Things such as the inverted sand shields which were welded to the rear, and the cages for the fuel cans on the front track guards. These were part of an etched set included in the kit. The crew’s kit came from various manufacturers such as Verlinden. OK, so now that it's cleaned up and given a coat of varnish, the new decals will go on and then hopefully I can get on and get this off of the shelf of doom. John.
  22. I shall be building a Tiran 4. I have three different kits of these tanks and over the next couple of days, I'll decide which one. I'll probably eliminate the Miniart Tiran 4 Sh as it has full interior and will take me more than the allotted time to build it. Of the other two there's not much to chose between them as they both seem to represent similar tanks ie; early versions, still fitted with the Soviet 100mm main gun. Once I've made up my mind, I'll get some photos of the box contents posted. John.
  23. The last thing that I said in my WIP in December last year, was that I would put it into RFI as soon as I’d done a couple of figures. Well, 10 months later, here it is, but with just the one figure. The figure is part of the Master Box set for British and Commonwealth AFV Crew, but with the head exchanged for one from a Verlinden set for British Tankers. Fortunately, he had his mouth open, which fitted in well with the actions of the figure. The tank is one of the early Centaurs, taken from storage to use on D-Day. I’ve depicted it earlier in the year around April while they were conducting exercises. There is some disagreement as to which battery Seawolf belonged to, 3 or 5. Even decal manufactures can’t agree, so I’ve gone with 3rd Battery. I made the base to loosely represent a sloping harbour wall so that it would show off the moveable suspension swing arms and the Fruilmodel tracks. The only other things that I’ve added since the WIP are some stowage in the open bin, and a compo rations box with some tins in it on top of the left rear track guard. The WIP can be found here; So that’s another shelf queen done and dusted (literally). Thanks for looking. John.
  24. This is my build of a Sherman Firefly 1c of the 3rd/4th County of London Yeomanry, 4th Armoured Brigade. I’ve taken some liberties with the stowage as I don’t actually have a photo of the tank, so it’s basically just my interpretation. The WIP can be found HERE. Thanks for looking and thanks to all those who followed the build and commented. John.
  25. TAMIYA 1/35th TIGER I (Frühe) FRIULMODEL TRACKS (ATL-25) EDUARD ENGINE GRILL PE It took me 4 hours to find this GIF and work out how to get it on this page, so you'll forgive me if I don't provide well lit, nicely framed and focused photos of the following: In truth I was having a bit of a laugh, I can't compete with the photos some of you provide, so I've deliberately gone the other way! The glares on the kit box, Eduard package and sprue bags took a good deal of setting up to achieve. Photos of the box of Friuls to come, when I can remember where I put it! Hmmmm. They were in the log basket by the fireplace! I'm guessing they were on the mantelpiece and one of the cats knocked them off! A bit of slug damage will add to the realism. Let's not forget how German Tigers often slipped their tracks, due to excessive slug slime! BTW, If you compare the detailing of the Friul track links to the details on Tamiya's rubber bands, there's barely any difference - the only notable one being that the guide horns on the Friuls are open. (they have holes in them, in other words) Of course, metal tracks hang better and the individual links don't bend (like rubber) around the sprocket and idlers, but possibly the Friuls aren't worth the extra expense. (Whereas my Nashorn's Winterketten Fruils were worth every penny) Waits for the fun to begin. Badder
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