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  1. Just thin superglue applied with the point of a broken micro drill bit. I don't think my soldering skills would be good enough for something this small!
  2. Thanks all! It is certainly the trickiest thing I've ever attempted but still enjoying it so far. I don't know if it was a foolish decision or not, but I decided to go the whole hog and have begun adding the internal bracing wires to the wing. I could only get a bit done before my eyes stopped working!
  3. I have so far done the tailplane and upper wing: And here is the upper wing mid-construction. It is made up of a separate centre section and the two wings which are all held together by thin strips. It's all very fragile! Then with little bracing pieces and a bit of paint this is where I am up to as of last night. It's pretty fiddly but I'm pretty pleased with how quickly it's come together.
  4. Hope it's ok to join! I'm making a sopwith camel from Eduard's 'Stripdown' range where most plastic parts have been replaced with photoetched parts representing the structure of the aeroplane. The box shows how it is supposed to look when finished: 20180330_085410 by markleecarter, on Flickr
  5. Anyone who has made this kit before will know that while it is in many ways a lovely kit, for some silly reason someone decided it would be a good idea to mould loads of coils of rope on the deck. Sanding them off would require re-scribing the deck lines and I'm not sure this would really work. So I decided instead to make the deck from some grooved plastic card I already had. Technically the planks are too wide but they match the original revel ones fairly closely so I think it will be ok: The skid beams are simply cut from the original deck.
  6. Oh and here his is with the new lettering on the stern. It's just a fraction smaller and more spaced out than the previous one which matches the real thing a little bit better I think.
  7. Lego guy has indeed eaten all his spinach which has given him the energy to make a start on the yellow and black! Vallejo yellow ochre very lightly washed with vallejo buff and Revell tar black for the black bits.
  8. Some years ago I started a build of this but after a dramatic tumble from the shelf I abandoned the whole thing. Now however, with a brand new purchase of the kit (plus a good few spares from the old build) I am all ready to start again. First of all I decided to go for the decoration of the stern. I had to get myself a size 20/0 brush and an optivisor but I am quite pleased with the results so far. 20171022_223634 by markleecarter, on Flickr I am going to redo the lettering however but I think this shows just how good the detailing is on this little model. I did have t
  9. It really is all amazing and those pedals are just gorgeous. At the risk of appearing over critical, while I think the lap belts are really really really good, I do agree that the harness is not as strong as the other elements and I think it may be the shoulder straps - in particular the adjustment buckles just don't look as convincing. Every other element in the build is just so utterly believable but I'm just not sure those buckles are quite the right scale or something. I really hope you don't mind me commenting about it but it's only because you mentioned that you weren't entir
  10. Little tiny update after not much movement.I have made the control stick and rudder pedals using a combination of wire, micro drill bits, a cut down sewing needle and a spare cog from an old photoetch fret.
  11. It was the wings that ultimately stalled my RE8 build. One thing I was getting quite far with however was something I read somewhere about embossing the underside of thin plastic sheet with a ball point pen and gluing that to the wing. I couldn't get it glued down quite to my satisfaction but the look of the ribs is really quite effective. Here is an excellent example of the effect from a quick google image search: http://www.network54.com/Forum/644810/thread/1437573073/last-1437701390/(View+All+Messages+in+this+Thread) Hope you come up with something that pleases you - I'm looking forward
  12. The trouble with thinning the fuselage sides is that the instrument panels don't fit any more! So after looking at too many wwi cockpits I decided to go for one with an 'Elliot Bros' panel which seems to be an additional board on top of the panel itself. It's very small but I quite enjoyed making it.
  13. Thank you for the comments guys, much appreciated. A few pictures of my reworking of the fuselage bracing. I glued the invisible thread to the struts before gluing the struts to the fuselage. It was quite fiddly but I think it looks more realistic now.
  14. Very neat air scoop and loving that scarff ring!
  15. Well I was looking at the pictures of the beautiful barracuda seat and realised I just wasn't happy with how delicate it looked next to those very thick fuselage sides. There was only one thing for it - start again! So here's where I am with the fuselage sides drastically sanded. Framing is made of evergreen strip and bracing wires are invisible thread painted. I think they look a bit thick though so may try painting with a pen or just leaving unpainted. Here is the seat very loosely held in place and I think it looks a bit more natural now.
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