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  1. Hi! Thank's a lot @RidgeRunner The most complicated part is not the printing process. It is the design of the object that requires work. regards.
  2. Hi, As part of a Laird Solution project, I created a Pratt&Withney R-985 Wasp Junior in scratchbuilt (digital). Some of my friends asked me if I couldn't offer them one too. So, here we go! This is some rendering picture of my numeric model on Autodesk Fusion 360: Here is the first building of the engine at 48th scales: See you soon.
  3. Hello, Here are some render image of my numeric model of the Laird Solution. This model and the render was made with Fusion 360. I am working on create and 1/48th model kit. Best regards.
  4. Hello, Awesome job on this pretty plane. Best regards from France.
  5. Thank you. Sirs. @noelh: It's not my invention, it's the designation you find on the Bregun Box. But this bomb had really existed, even if there not a lot of information on it. Edit: Oups! The designation is OKB Chelomey 16Kha "Priboy". @Buzvy; Yes it's a russan derivative of the Fieleser F-103 V1. Best regards from France, and sorry for my mistake english.
  6. Hello, Here is my last Build: a Chemoley Kha-16 Priboy. This is the 1/48 Bregun kit. Best regards.
  7. Bonsoir, As we say here:"Ca prend forme!" Cordialement
  8. Hello, I decide to post this build because I'm at the beginning of the painting job. It is a build that i began far long ago and has been stored for some long periods in its box. I decided to start from the Bf 109 E-3 Tamiya which I had already built a copy to build a Bf 109 E-1, because when I started this project Bf 109 E-1 Eduard were not released. I started modifying the wing in 2012 and I really started to build the bird in 2014. That's why in the rest of this post the pictures of the montages are different according to the period. That said, I had already built a BF 109 E-3 with an RLM 02 / RLM 71 / RLM65 splitter scheme, I wanted for this second mount an early scheme RLM70 / RLM71 / RLM65 with low line of separation. I set my sights on the following profile: This is a 1.JG51 aircraft in October 1939. This aircraft was piloted by Josef "Pips" Priller, whose legend has it that he was the only Luftwaffe pilot to have strafed the landing beaches in Normandy from June 1944. The aircraft is based at that time (october 1939)in Münster Handorf in northwestern Germany, Josef Priller is still a simple pilot with the rank of lieutenant, he will claim his first victory May 28, 1940 during the « Campagne de France ». Let's move on to plastic now: The Tamiya model is a marvel, but I bought the Eduard zoom board for the bird and a collimator Revi 12B from Quickboost. The central part of the cockpit is assembled with the parts provided by the Kit: I replaced the rudder pedals with the photoetched part from Eduard. I found these part with a lack of thickness so i fixed 0.3mm profile all around: The seat belts passes through the back of the seat on this version of the 109, so I pierced the file. I also treated an ejection pad particularly badly placed on the seat cushion: The prepaint phoetched dashboard is a great improvement. Especially if you want to leave the canopy open : The right side with Eduard Etched parts. The right console needs to eliminate some original detail. I got a little complicated by keeping some of them. On the next build,I delete everything and remake it scratch : The left side with Eduard etched parts. I also scratchbuilded some lacking details: The center of the cockpit after paint job. I used Gunze H70 for the RLM02: Left side after paint job: And the right side.: All this little world takes place safely in the fuselage: It's the Magic of Tamiya Kits! The oxygen tube was made from guitar string. The edges of the compressor have been trimmed. That’s all folks at this time. Best regards. Ps: Sorry for my mistake English.
  9. Hello, For a first "adult build" the result is very far from bad. the first build i made in 2006 was not as good than yours, and choosen a easier subject.. Your are also a marketing Genius because when i have read the list of "thing going wrong" i was very afraid to see the photo. i will keep a look on that build. Best regards from France.
  10. Hello, It's a very build on an unusual suject and you maid a very fine job on it. However, i think that your editing would win a lot, if you replaced the sliding part of the canopy with a thermoformed copy. Best regards from France.
  11. What work! I am the happy owner of two Sanger kits and i am very scarry of them! I am admiring the result of the work on the appearance of surfaces. Best regards.
  12. Hello, Thank for your explanation, i have andestand witch kind of material you use and i have near my home a art store were i kind find it (for few Euros in my country). This will help me with one of my project who is in stand by because i did'nt know how to fix the floats of my seaplane (a short crusader). It was very difficult because on my plane there is no horizontal structure beetween the floats. The way you build your mast will help me too. Thank a lot.
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