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  1. I got mine from spraydaily.com, they still have the 1mm in stock, postage wasn't that bad either for the eu.
  2. Thanks for the responses guys, she was beginning to feel pretty special towards the end of assembly. Nick the wheels are 13" Elektron Minilite as Mark said. I learnt a lot on this build and hope to carry it onto the next. My next job is a commission, 1/1 scale replica of a teenage girls bedroom, pay is crap and it needs to be completed by Easter!
  3. Evening all, I haven't posted anything in ages but have recently got in to building cars... I've been building the Belkits RS1600 since November. I was way too cowardly to post a wip, sorry but tempting fate if you ask me. I named my build Project Walker as homage to the actor Paul Walker who sadly passed away in a car crash, one of the leads in The Fast and the Furious film franchise. Naming seems to work for me, especially one with an identity like this. This is my version of the Mk1 Ford RS1600 Escort from F&F6. Finished with Zeropaints Fast and Furious Blue and Hobby Design decals. The wheels are aftermarket from MotoBitz, a real find and I'm very happy with the final colour. It would be great if more aftermarket comes out for this kit, different colour decals, RS alloys, bib spoiler... Bucket seats came from a Ford Focus and I added a cross member to the rear roll cage. Wing mirrors came from a friend spares box. In 1990ish I was driving around in a Mk1 Daytona Yellow Mexico, lowered, Janspeed exhaust and bored out to 1760cc. I might have been a boy racer; probably why when I saw the Belkits kit I thought YES! Thanks also to Pink Floyd, Ozric Tentacles and Public Service Broadcasting all of whom helped me out no end along the way. Anyway here's Walker I hope you like him. Thanks for looking.
  4. I tried all sorts, bleach/ oven cleaner/ brake fluid...as a last resort i even tried nitromorse on a spare bit of chrome sprue and left it overnight. If anything it made it shinier. I emailed Belkits for advise and they said to use wet n dry which i had already done by the time i got their reply. As Nick said there's a copper layer underneath which might have something to do with it.
  5. Hi Nick I'm currently building the same kit Did you find anything that stripped the chrome off, so far I've tried bleach, brake fluid and revell paint stripper but if anything it make the chrome even shinier? Thanks
  6. Here's my Sherman, fitted with Friul metal tracks and RB brass gun barrels and Plus model stowage. I sprayed it with the AK US Olive Drab modulation set and weathered it with various AK and Mig products. The tarp is made from Army Painter green stuff and I got the rope from a model ship company. How accurate it is I don't but all in all not bad. I hope you like
  7. Thanks, all Tamiya colours, dark grey, metalic grey, flat alu and silver titanium and a mig dark wash
  8. Hi all, I brought this to try out my new airbrush set up that I've been promising myself for about the last 4 years!! I usally build armour but I love SciFi and couldn't resist this. Any comments welcome
  9. Revell have rerealesed most of the old matchbox stuff, and they all come with the original bases
  10. great thanks for the info, i just added the mini art figures as i thought they looked good, but they are suposed to be ww2, i knew the landy was later but what the heck can we just call it artistic license
  11. Here is another model of mine, I hope you like it. We had a competition at the club I go to at the begining of the year. The theme was pink. As always your comments are welcome
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