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  1. Thank you Troy. I was considering the yellow tips but I couldn't see it in the picture - I thought that maybe the propeller was repainted whole black during other modifications. Nevertheless, adding this to the model should be easy. I started this model some time ago when Arma kit was not yet available. Now I would definitely choose it. Now I am working on Arma's Yak-1 and hope to share the final result in here. Robert
  2. I can assure you that it was based on the picture. Which doesn't change the fact that my interpretation may be wrong according to the reference discussion posted by you. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Yes it is, the airplane was modified and repainted PRU Blue for reconnaissance purposes. Yes, the rear part is Rob Taurus' vacu. I had to sand the fuselage a little to make it fit. Front part comes from the kit. Kind regards, Robert
  4. Hello friends, Today my recently finished Hurricane. The kit was published in Polish Super Model Magazine. Hope you like it!
  5. Hello Guys, Thank you for comments. According to the information on the decal sheet (Revi Decals), this plane is dated October 1939, so near to the end or immediately after Polish campaign. Large crosses were implemented to avoid friendly-fire incidents. ICM kit is a copy of Tamiya with few changes (mainly fuselage length) but the quality of plastic parts is much worse. Lot of sanding, dry-fitting and putty was needed but it is not impossible to get good result. Clear parts were replaced, Robert
  6. Hello Friends, Today an old ICM kit (Tamiya clone but of worse quality, a lot of work was needed). Converted from E-3. Best regards, Robert
  7. Hello friends, I am glad you like my work. I think you're right with the canopy, I haven't noticed it before. Everything is painted with Gunze C paints. There was only one reason which was the quality of panel lines, as they are finer in Tamiya kit. Best regards, Robert
  8. Hi Guys, My recent model. It is 1/72 Tamiya kit with propeller and decals from Airfix.
  9. I advice to look for Karaya decals (Poland) - some time ago they issued six sheets of decals with captured planes in various scales and I can recommend it. many schemes can be found in books issued by Kecay (e.g. Captured Butcherbirds) but not sure if they are still available...
  10. Hello, I am glad you like it. These colorful schemes gave me a lot of fun. I have used Karaya decals, very easy to apply.
  11. Hello, Recently finished FW-190 from Eduard. Hope you like it Friends! Known as A-5 Known as A-8: And family picture:
  12. Hello friends, I have added a video explaining how to paint a black model like my Spitfire
  13. Hello friends, It is very nice to hear that you enjoy my work. I started with black surfacer from Gunze. Then irregular highlights with a heavily diluted Tamiya XF-24 Dark Grey, next few spots of Tamiya Nato Black. Finally, area of panel lines were darkened with Gunze Smoke. The surface was finished with oil paints (sandy colors). For wash I used a mix of black and white oil paint. After few attempts I got the shade I wanted. It was a challenge to get the color which is visible but not pervasive. The color is best visible on insignia blue. Chipping color was mix with Vallejo acrylics (black and white, again) and then painted with a very thin brush. Exhaust were first primed with black, then drybrushed with a mix of red, yellow and brown, covered with Tamiya Tan and heavily washed with black. Exhaust fumes were airbrushed with Tamiya Tan and finished with oils. Please also visit my YT channel to find some interesting techniques. Cheers, Robert
  14. Hello Guys, I recently finished this bird in 1/72. Tamiya kit with AZ model decals.
  15. Hi Guys, Thank you for all comments. Yes, the cockpit is RLM66, the undercarriage is RLM02 - both Gunze C laquers. The camouflage was RLM78 + RLM79 from Testors enamels. I use Canon EOS 100D camera with 18-135mm Canon lens. Pictures are taken using camera stand, a shadeless tent and three sources of light (located on the top and both sides of the tent). Should you have any questions, feel free to ask
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