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  1. It seems I thought about it too! Thank you for comments friends!
  2. Hello, This is tenth Bf-109 in 1/72 in my collection. Hope you like it! Robert
  3. Hello friends, Today another one-o-nine. I also made a movie from painting and finishing of the kit.
  4. Hello, Thank you for warm replies. Yes, even without wash they were very visible.
  5. Hello, Another finished Bf-109. Hope you enjoy it.
  6. Well, I've destroyed one decal and needed to paint it. But it is true that the instruction sheet of the kit proposes different markings than are most probable for this plane so a man has to be careful when applying decals from the box.
  7. Hi Guys, My last build in 1/72 scale. This model was published in recent Super Model magazine. Best, Robert
  8. Radek, thank you! It would be great if you could share your expert knowledge I plan to build more M in the future so it would be good to know what kind of mistakes I made.
  9. Hello friends, I am really happy that you enjoy my work, hope to publish another models soon It was surprising also for me but this is the way the stars were presented in the instruction sheet of LifeLike decals. Having no reference picture, I've trusted the producer. Yes, it is true, the clear parts needed to be sanded and polished. Yes, it is varnished with heavily diluted mix of semi gloss and flat Mr Hobby lacquers. As the model was polished after applying decals, the surface is really smooth.
  10. Hi Guys, Today I present my recent P-47 with amazing LifeLike decals. Cheers Robert
  11. Hello Milos, No, there is no confirmation about color that was used - definitely what is noticeable on pics (there are few of them) the color was significantly brighter than the camouflage on wings. From my point of view it is possible that it was painted with Russian blue but other colors are also probable. Patches - they can be seen on pics of real plane. I assumed it was the color of primer, but who knows... Captured planes are challenging when it comes to colors. By the way, this is a great opportunity to present some pics taken by the new owner of this model
  12. Thank you Troy. I was considering the yellow tips but I couldn't see it in the picture - I thought that maybe the propeller was repainted whole black during other modifications. Nevertheless, adding this to the model should be easy. I started this model some time ago when Arma kit was not yet available. Now I would definitely choose it. Now I am working on Arma's Yak-1 and hope to share the final result in here. Robert
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