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  1. Hi Friends, I am happy to present video and pictures from my last work. Hope you enjoy it
  2. I am sure Friends, I am happy to inform that new video is available!
  3. Thank you Rich. I somehow invested in studio and began to make movies. This is the very beginning but I am really willing to develop my channel Below you can find another Bf-109. Feel free to subscribe if you want
  4. Well I believe you can build your 109 exactly in the way you want. This is my interpretation and I like it a lot By the way my friends, if you would like to see more, please visit and subscribe my YouTube channel! https://www.youtube.com/c/rminiatures
  5. I still have the rest I thought about an urgent landing on some frozen lake (cracked ice and the water under it). But it will be way more time consuming to correct the front... and to make the diorama itself...
  6. Hi Guys, Thanks for your feedback! You're probably right, the pilot should be deeper. The first idea was to create some higher waves with AK gel but unfortunately it does not work this way, so I had to leave the pilot as it is. Let's assume he was captured in the moment when he tries to be as much above the water as he can AK Water Gel is similar to wood glue. It is hard when it dries, definitely harder than a silicone but not hard as a stone. Nevertheless it is a great stuff to make still water or subtle waves. When you need something bigger, you have to prepare higher waves differently and then e.g. apply this gel on the top.
  7. Hi Chaps, Some time ago I decided to give another chance to this old kit. Plane was painted with Mr Paint RLM colors, water was made using AK Water Gel Transparent and resin figure of German pilot from Aires was added. The construction process can be seen in here: Would be great if you could subscribe and follow my channel Best regards, Robert
  8. Hi Guys, I am glad you enjoy my work. Well, the general problem with this kit is that the fuselage is too narrow so you cannot assemble the cockpit and there is a huge gap between fuselage and wings. To solve it I had to put 0,5mm plastic sheet to the halves and then reconstruct details lost during sanding. I think this problem is typical to G-6 A/S, G-14 A/S and G-10 kits as they all are based on the same fuselage in AZ Model kits. But I have to say that although it requires lots of work, it may look really eye-catchy when you finish it. BTW, there was some reissue of these kits (new tool) and they are supposedly corrected by the producer - don't know, didn't check it. Here are some in-progress photos of my G-6 A/S so you can see what needs to be done.
  9. Hi Chaps, This is 12th Bf-109 in 1/72 scale I have built. AZ Model kit (difficult to build), Rising Decals and Mr Paint Robert
  10. Thank you Guys, Yes, it is 1/72 Airfix kit is really nice, you can find my examples in the gallery. Good luck with yours!
  11. This time I lightened only RLM71 on wings, remaining colors came straight from the bottles.
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