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  1. I did not know that, such a cool fact, I will keep that in mind on my next one, thanks, Owen
  2. What???...that is the coolest model I've ever seen, such a great tribute to James Allen Ward, I'm just so impressed. And yeah I split that joint when I pushed the turret in, but I've moved on to be honest, I'm an express modeller.
  3. Thanks so much Steve, I have the MPM one as well and the ribbing is very pronounced too. The Airfix ribbing is almost invisible so I though this was the way to go. It is quite obvious in wartime photos though so the Trumpeter might be more accurate .
  4. Thank you so much, I find spraying darker/lighter colours along panel lines to be a cool trick, mostly I use Tamiya Smoke, a transparent colour along masked panel lines, I hope these pics make it clearer... Thanks again, Owen
  5. Thanks so much, I used AK Real Color Dark Earth, and Tamiya RAF Dark Green, both lightened a little with Sand Yellow. I've tried loads of varnishes over the years, too Matt, not Matt enough etc. I now use Vallejo Matt Varnish, the small bottle meant for handpainting thinned with Acrylic thinner, and two thin coats. I did the ribs like the photo and sprayed Tamiya smoke along them. Cheers, Owen
  6. Well thought out Airfix kit, Thanks for looking .
  7. Cheers Lads, I was going for something like this...
  8. Tamiya kit, I've built Mosquitos before but it's always hard to make them look interesting, as being made from wood there's little in the way of panel lines and rivets. So this time I decided to draw lines on it to replicate the wooden panels, I've seen a top modeller do this before, although his approach was different. I found a few photos that seem to show a similar effect. It's artistic licence for sure, but I'm trying to step up my game, Cheers, Owen
  9. Cheers Fellas, I used a Prismacolor silver pencil, well the stub of one anyway, hard to get them these days and I find the AK pencils aren't great, some people love them but I couldn't get them to work, Yeah I'd way prefer the L or J too, looking at the way it goes together I'd say they're on the horizon alright
  10. Wow, that's just amazing, my eyes would fall out if I tried that kit
  11. A bit more involved a build than I expected, Eduard seatbelts and Eduard guns to replace the bizzare kit guns, (smoooth barrels with decals for the preforations??) Still one of the best kits ever produced (with the exception of recent Eduard kits) Woah, unflatteringly large photos there! Yes I realise it's not 'Finished' still need to put in that thing under the windshield, wheels and canopy but it was too far along to post in WIP, Thanks for the look y'all, Owen
  12. Tamiya kit from a friend (Hastily built for another friend)...I took the pics before I added the dust, try to picture it yourself (hastily sprayed Buff colur) and I don't have the model anymore....thanks so much for looking, Owen
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