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  1. Scanlan

    Eduard 1/48 Spitfire Mk.IXc

    Wow...that's fantastic. One of the best Mk.IX's I've seen. Eduard's Mk.IX is one of the best kits ever isn't it?
  2. Not the Revell one.... Cheers for looking everyone.
  3. Scanlan

    1/35 King Tiger

    Cheers all, it's the new Meng kit, great value for money too.
  4. Scanlan

    NZ Firefly

    Extremely realistic work.
  5. Scanlan

    KTO Rosomak

    Oh man, that is the best rendition of a single colour scheme I've ever seen,
  6. Scanlan

    1/35 King Tiger

    Good advice lads, thanks again...
  7. Scanlan

    1/35 King Tiger

    Thanks so much fellas, the tool handles are painted Vallejo sand, covered with Raw Umber oils which I rubbed off with a stiff brush. Cheers, Owen
  8. I was looking to do a vehicle without the sideskirts, so after a great deal of research (5 mins on the 'net and another five asking friends), I went with this one from the 503rd at Potsdamer Platz, Berlin 1945, numbers are a best guess and too small. Great kit, tough scheme for me though. I didn't have a clue where I was going with the painting and weathering of this, which was fun, so I kept throwing stuff on it until I thought it looked ok. I think in future I might do the dirt and dust before the washes see how that turns out. No fun posting it after Andy's one though. Cheers for looking y'all.
  9. Oh Sweet, awesome work, some classic memories there,.... 'hand painted, matchbox, 1/72'?? ..
  10. Scanlan

    1/48 RAAF Beaufighter

    , That's an easy trick, the cowlings are painted with Alclad brass, (or copper, I forget) and covered with a brush coated layer of thinned Tamiya smoke,
  11. Scanlan

    1/48 RAAF Beaufighter

    Cheers fellas, for the kind words and advice, I usually build the more traditional schemes, and I'm trying to branch out so I appreciate the corrections, Thanks, Owen
  12. Shouldn't have the Sperry autopilot on the nose, but I thought it looked cool. Cheers for looking y'all I must try harder with the photos next time.
  13. Scanlan

    T-15 Armata IFV

    One of the best painted AFV's I've ever seen....I might give up.
  14. Scanlan

    Trumpeter KV-8

    Cheers all, I did the discolouring of the track guards and glacis and all the dust effects by using the hairspray technique, i covered the tank in hairspray, then sprayed a light coat of Tamiya Buff and Flat Earth all over and then took most of it off with a wet brush, it's one of those 'quick modelling' tricks I've picked up, Thanks, Owen
  15. Got this from a secret santa thing at work, great kit, nice and easy. Built and painted over a weekend with various painting shortcuts I've picked lately. Thanks for looking, Owen