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  1. On the back of what Steve has highlighted about the fin flash being on back to front, if you look at the newspaper article as to how the aircraft was named a video pops up which shows Friday the 13th at the Yorkshire Air Museum and the fin flash on the starboard side is wrong as well.
  2. I have nothing but admiration for your skills, I agree with others when they say that is the best Sea Vixen they have seen.
  3. Thank you Brad, a good way to learn by knowledge sharing.
  4. Hi Brad, nice scruffy looking 109, please excuse my ignorance but someone has to ask what seems like a stupid question, can you tell me why the markings have been partially obliterated? I am aware that JG300 was a night fighter wing so I can only assume that the partial cover up of the markings was some form of camouflage, every day is a school day.
  5. Very nice looking plane Maks, the three tone colour scheme looks fantastic, good job.
  6. Great looking models, have always liked the Jaguar but can't help thinking it always seemed like a poor relation in comparison to the other fast jets in service of the day.
  7. Lovely looking plane dead neat, nice to see it in what looks like RAF camouflage with the modern German markings.
  8. Thanks for the nice comment Daniel, now that you mention it, I had another look at the instructions (a bit late now) and checked, fool me I have chosen the scheme for an F15D. have to say though for those experts out there my apologies, I will put this down to me not paying close enough attention and possibly artistic license, I must admit I did prefer the two tone scheme to the overall dark grey. Thank you for pointing that out I appreciate your comments.
  9. Thank you people for your kind comments, it is a big kit at 60cm long and 40cm wingspan and was a bit of a handful when spraying and applying the decals. Currently have another beast on the bench which is the Revell 1/32 F4F Test flight Phantom with the chequered pattern decals. Had this in my stash and when I saw it built and on display in my local model shop I felt compelled to start it, so if it turns out okay I will probably post some photos then, figures crossed. As regards to my query to F32 regarding his post, have just this morning looked at his reply on my phone and can make out the emoji clearer there than on my laptop, obviously I can see that it is a thumbs up symbol and I take that as a compliment thank you F32.
  10. Hello F32, I'm new to this posting business and don't know if you have forgotten to add any text to your symbol that is there, I would appreciate it if you could elaborate or clarify your post. Sorry for my ignorance, thanking you in advance.
  11. Thank you I appreciate the comment, its my first ever post of a completed model, have to say I build kits for the pleasure and as much as I admire some of the kits that are posted with all the additions and after market stuff I am quite happy to produce kits as they come out of the box imperfections or not, as long as it looks vaguely like the real thing.
  12. HI finished this recently, as stated 1/32 scale Revell F15E Eagle built straight out he box, painted with Humbrol enamels. Had this kit for many years it went together well no major problems in assembly, this is the kit I posted about previously when I was looking for a replacement canopy as I mucked up the original. Thankfully a fellow Britmodeller from Singapore came to my rescue and sent me a replacement, my thanks go to Kei for his assistance. Considering the age of the kit I got away with using the kit decals some did want to break up on application but I got there in the end.
  13. Information and help please, I have recently built the Revell 1/32nd scale F15 D/E Eagle, kit no 4778, had this in my stash for longer than I can remember instructions dated 1992. My predicament is that I need a replacement canopy after making a pigs ear of painting the original and trying to rectify said painting debacle (canopy cracked beyond repair), this kit is well out of production so it is unlikely that a replacement would be available from Revell. Have tried searching for an after market replacement but so far have not been able to find any in 1/32nd scale. Can anyone point me in the right direction for a replacement or that knows of anyone with a spare to sell? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you in anticipation.
  14. One flew over my house ( Musselburgh ) Saturday night around seven, flying West to East, only caught a glimpse but made out the shape. Then another flew over Monday night, only heard this but sounded like it was travelling North to South. Sorry don't know why.
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