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  1. That turned out really good! I really like the mottling and the bare metal chipping. It looks great without being overdone.
  2. I live in an area where there were numerous civil war battles. One thing I think would be a cool diorama is one or two cannon crews behind either primitive earthworks or a stone wall. As Longbow mentioned, there are lots of opportunities for barns, small cabins, brick houses, etc. There were also various styles of wooden fences that would be cool details in a diorama. Many of the battles were in wooded areas or on small farms. There was a small primitive church at the Shiloh battlefield that would be interesting in a model. Many of the big battlefields are preserved with good information
  3. Glued the fuselage halves together. This part is always scary for me no matter how many times I do it, but no drama this time.
  4. Glued the cockpit and the engine into the fuselage half
  5. I have this kit and planning to do the other paint scheme. The problem with all these BF109's is they have so many cool paint schemes that you always end up wanting to build another one. I'm really looking forward to seeing the desert scheme.
  6. Kris, I like the idea of your binder with the paint scheme pages. That is a cool idea. Scheme 1 should look great. I like the full splinter design. RM
  7. I'm no figure painting expert, but I'm pretty happy with how Adolf Galland turned out. Here he is in his seat.
  8. This is a cool idea. I'm looking forward to seeing it come together.
  9. Lots going on now. I have mostly been focusing on getting all the RLM 2 parts painted, but I have also assembled the resin wheels and painted some random parts including the propeller and spinner. This boxing came with a resin Adolf Galland figure. I'm not planning do do one of his planes this time, but he's going in anyway.
  10. I am building the same kit. The resin Galland has a couple "cigars" on the casting block.
  11. I will start with an Eduard BF 109E-1 in 1/48th scale. This is my second build from the Adlerangriff double boxing. I will go with a paint scheme from 4/JG52 in Battle of Britain.
  12. Thank you to all the moderators for making this group build possible. It was great to see all the different builds. There was a fun variety of different topics.
  13. After fiddling around in the jet age for a while, I will return to WW2 with an Eduard BF-109E. Looking forward to it, although I am already mentally bracing myself for the prospect of spraying mottling on a perfectly good splinter scheme. RM
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