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  1. I don't know about metal casting but I'm just trying using blue stuff to cast small green stuff or epoxy putty castings. I am a newbie to the process but could you reinforce your casting with fine section metal rod? Cheers Alasdair
  2. EwenS Thanks for the information Scotmid
  3. Dear Das Abteilung, Many thanks for your very helpful answer. I have now ordered the No 19 radio in light of your comment. Looking at one or two pictures it looks like the aerial mounts were above the drivers position. Regards Scotmid
  4. Were British M7 Priests 105mm howitzers fitted with the usual American telescopic sight or was this replaced by a standard British sight? As an occasional AFV modeller I was wondering if someone more knowledgeable could help out?
  5. scotmid

    1/72 MC130J?

    The parts are indeed intended to correct the Italeri kit as I have bought a set of them with a view to building a C4 from the Italeri C-130J. I would have thought rather than trying to hack them about to fit the Zvezda kit you would be better to use them as intended and wait for aftermarket parts for the new model .
  6. Rob, Thanks. Appreciate the detail. Alasdair
  7. Julien, Thanks. Appreciated.
  8. Richard, Thanks. I did not make myself clear. I had found a number of pictures of the instrument panel and pilots seats and screens. I haven't been able to find pictures of the other seating, the area of the former navigators desk etc. In other words the bit behind the driver Regards Alasdair
  9. Can anyone suggest where I might find images of the C-130J cockpit. I am looking for the general layout to try and improve on the 1/72 Italeri kit for the RAF version. Thanks Alasdair
  10. There are a number of pictures if you google "Fairey Flycatcher". The HMS Ramillies Association website has a good picture of a Flycatcher N993 on top of a turret facing the camera with her propeller looking as if it had been carved from a plank of wood. It does to me closely resemble one of the props with my kit.
  11. scotmid

    Avro Lancastrian

    I appreciate I am resurrecting an old thread. I am looking at converting one of my Airfix Lancaster kits to build Aries when she had a streamlined nose and tail fitted for the scientific work she was used on post War. I note Matfords comments on the shape of the Lancastrian fuselage differing significantly from the bomber. In the case of Aries it appears she had a nose and tail similar to the Lancastrians but presumably if she retained the Lancaster fuselage the nose and tail would more closely resemble the Blackbird parts or am I missing something? Her tail from photos does not appear identical to a Lancastrian while the nose again appears somewhat different. I appreciate differing perspectives in photos may give differing impressions.
  12. Coronado had a Suchoi SU-9 A model in Ready for Inspection -Aircraft on August 31 2014. His comments may be useful
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