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  1. I parked next to this Rover 75 at the supermarket on Saturday.
  2. This feels like significant progress. Lights on the front end, the orange lights were painted with Tamiya clear orange, then Molotow chrome. The radiator, horns and battery were added to the chassis. Bringing everything together. The glazing was fixed by UV-setting resin. Grille surround added. It's hard to show the little lights that go below the front bumper, these weren't as fiddly to fit as I thought they might be. I need to take a photo of the rear with the tail lamps and bumper fitted. Pretty much just the door mirrors and decals to add.
  3. Similar here, Andy, I can remember the controversy caused by Ford's "jelly mould". I guess it says something about the impact of the car, that it was deemed worthy to have a kit produced. Money in the bank is all very well but it doesn't hurt to spend some of it on stuff that brings you joy.
  4. My first thought was, "Sixteen quid, you jammy so-and-so," I'm glad it wasn't quite that much of a bargain I've got one in my stash that I bought a few months ago as this was the first Tamiya kit I ever built. I didn't pay £16 for mine (it was a bit more, but still more reasonable than some of the "buy it now" prices people try and get).
  5. Moving along with the Diamonds are Forever car. Bringing the shell to life with a bit of chrome trim done with Bare Metal Foil. Interior, I've added the "T" handle for the transmission selector. As supplied it's a manual gear lever even though there are only two pedals. Technically the base isn't correct but it will do. Glazing added; held in with clear UV-setting resin. More UV resin to hold the headlamps in, the bezels were painted with silver marker (the instructions suggested white, but I think this is better). More BMF for the Mustang badge. Are we going to make the deadline?
  6. My choices for clear in an aerosol are the Tamiya TS clear (not sure what number and I can't find my can) and Halfords clear lacquer.
  7. Pretty sure it was a GTM or similar mid-engined Mini-based kit car.
  8. That would be a Standard Vanguard Phase 1 from the late 1940s or early '50s (I think).
  9. Finally, got some more uploaded. One for @MR2Don Daimler Sovereign I saw this Triumph TR4 drive past my road on the way here. MGB GTs, both V8s (I checked the orange car's registration with the DVLA). Another MGB GT V8. And keeping with the Rover V8 theme, a 3500S.
  10. The Aoshima rubber bumper MGB kit comes with the choice of wire or Rostyle wheels and the chrome grille and bumpers as well as the "rubber" bumpers. I'll have to modify the grille to represent the 1973 design but that should be easy enough to do. From what I've heard the chrome bumper MGB kit only comes with wire wheels and the chrome grille.
  11. Make sure you video it if you do I think we've all had models that make us feel that way.
  12. But only if you're wearing a dinner jacket?
  13. No Aston pics today, but it was the last Gaydon gathering of the year. I've taken a few photos but only a couple seem to want to upload. This is a Riley, apparently. And a very austere but somehow charming Mercedes-Benz 190 "Fintail".
  14. That was pretty much my thought process.
  15. Another vote for the ride height looking correct to me. That's an unusual colour and I quite like it for that, and the finish is pretty good despite what you say I'm in the minority (I suspect) that I wasn't terribly keen on the Cayman I drove, which is strange as I loved the equivalent Boxster.
  16. I'm pretty sure I've bought some stuff from P&S Hobbies recently, think they have a shop in Scarborough. The Alfa looks lovely too, I have a feeling they did ride high at the rear, possibly they sit level when two people and some luggage is aboard?
  17. I guess it must have That's handy, at the moment I think there's a sort of orange that would be just right for this build, although I also have a soft spot for Damask red.
  18. Apologies if we've had this car before, but I took the photo today. Aston Martin DB6. I've also seen a few classic (pre-impact bumper) Porsche 911s yesterday and today but I was either driving or it was too dark to photograph. But the 911 I saw today (about ten minutes ago) was a 911 L and seemed to have an electrical fault as neither the offside head lamp nor the corresponding side lamp were illuminated.
  19. I need to stop buying and get on with building but this was another kit I've wanted for a while. The vision for this (at the moment) is to go for the 1973-style grille and Rostyle wheels. I'm not sure what colour yet, but there's plenty of time to decide.
  20. Excellent work, you weren't tempted to recreate the results of Tilly's unfortunate "double blowout" I see I've got an Airfix 1:32 Aston Martin DB5 in slow progress, trying to fix everything wrong with the worn out moulds. I've also got two 1:24 DB5s (one Bond, one not) so I'm not sure if I'd be up for this or not, lol.
  21. Well, here we go. It's not perfect, but it'll do. As for the Shelby... I discovered a valuable lesson, don't push the fan fully in to the hole in the pulley, because the same hole engages with the spigot on the water pump. It's all coming together. A pointless detail, but I wasn't happy with the air filter, so I stripped the chrome and added a circle of styrene sheet to represent the lower half of the air filter housing. Interior tub coming together. Seats and dashboard are in the specified 50:50 mix of black and grey satin Revell paint. It's not the most durable paint but it seems to go on nicely. Underside parts. Mock-up of the chassis. I think getting the exhaust and drive shaft to line up might be interesting. And we have paint on the body, but there's a lot of work to do in that area.
  22. Thanks for the info on the Gunze kit, it looks pretty good for what it is. I must admit I can see where you're coming from with your comments on the Revell E-type FHC, an odd approach if that's what happened as E-types aren't exactly difficult to find. The 240Z on Wolfrace wheels, yes indeed! The wires were for my Revell E-types and an Airfix (or something) Aston Martin DB5, Since I have now bought more kits that might use those wheels I may end up buying more sets. If I get the chance I'll see about some comparison photos, unless someone else has already done that?
  23. Yes, it was lovely. It belongs to a friend/colleague at the museum, I'd heard about it as he bought it a couple of years ago but this was the first time I'd seen it.
  24. I love the "barn find" aesthetic, but I'm interested to see where this goes.
  25. So, where are we? You can see the burn through on the rear wing crease. Some of the paint on the side is a bit thin too. This side might be a bit worse on the door. The creases and panel lines make it hard to do patch repairs, hopefully it will blend in OK. I've given things more of a rub down to get a smooth surface. Some of the tape has been folded over to try and give a softer edge (a trick I picked up from seeing a car restoration program on TV). I've given it a spray and it is now sitting under a cover waiting for the paint to dry.
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