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  1. Stunning work mate ..... can't wait to see a coat of paint on this bad boy well done
  2. Well you did a lovely job on this ..... i do have to point out one thing however........ hope you don't mind.........in the black and white pic the Tiger is a steel wheel late model, that said this modelmaking malarkey is as much about artistic licence as anything, and definitely doesn't detract from the great job you have done on your build.
  3. I have just realized that i have been commenting on your build on Facebook..... and didn't realize till i saw these pics.
  4. Stunning piece withy some beautiful weathering and very nice pictures ....well done indeed Just one thing ...the fire extinguisher on the engine decks were never painted red...they would have been grey from the factory and probably body colour once in active service due to the vehicle being repainted in the field
  5. Can i join your Black panther party (quote Forrest Gump 7 October 1994) Sorry couldn't resist...i'll get me coat Lovely job and i think ...might be the first time i have seen one of your Sherman builds done and wearing paint, did you hand paint the stencilling or was it a decal set? either way job done mate and very impressive.
  6. Well George the gunner doesn't look to interested so pass it over here......might be red wine, some gunners get headaches from red wine ...Lovely job on the model mate looks fabulous.
  7. Hit me up when your on @Das Abteilung..... i have some cash for you
  8. OOOhhh if you can spare the kit and have the rear end drop me a pm and i will paypal you the cash, much rather it went in your pocket than some random on Ebay...and thanks again for the help .....i'm on Sherman minutia at the moment reading as much as i can
  9. Just the info i needed thank you very much ...now i have something to work on..... do any of the tamiya kits offer a turret that might lend to this build? i ask about the Tamiya kits because there cheap and i won't mind hacking one of those apart for this. I know AFV Club do a set of bogies that might fit the bill, The kit was supposed to have the engine rear plate but it wasn't in the box but it shouldn't be too hard to scratch that..... USMC sounds interesting but i haven't done any British armour so that is tempting as well.
  10. Been digging on the interwebs and it appears to be kit 333 M4A2 lend lease conversion, so i'm guessing for a Russian /French possibly British Sherman 75mm, need more info really.
  11. Might i please pick the brains of our resident expert in all things Sherman @Das Abteilung. Yesterday at my local club meeting i picked this up for a song, cheap enough that i didn't want to turn it down, on inspection when i got home it wasn't what i was expecting But if you can identify it for me should still make for an interesting project. Is it accurate? What would be a suitable donor for it for completion? what theatre would it have been used and by who? Any pics for reference if you have any? Many thanks in advance ...and don't hold back .....ultimately if its not worth the time spent then i will Ebay it for somebody with a more comprehensive stash then me to do.
  12. Congratulations mate a job well saved ...... don't know how you managed that , you must have the patience of a saint because i think i woulda scraped it in the bin with all that agro with the tracks, seriously well done mate a win for sure.
  13. Glad to see you haven't given up on it, a break away allows time to think, maybe come up with some solutions. Hope you get it finished.
  14. I find the headless crew a little disturbing................ Really nicely done mate, painting and build look top notch and the finished article looks just right, well done mate
  15. So these are doable for now as i said gonna play with this idea see if i can get them a bit closer to the real pipes but for now i can live with these....
  16. Well it's a bit odd Dave..... i had the early kit with the grey box art and that one had plain rubber tube.... the mid production one had a rubber tubing with a woven nylon outer..... and the latest one which is the Tunisian Tiger had a textured rubber tube....and none of these choices look anything like the real pipes, for the life of me i don't understand why they didn't just injection mould them... any way i think @Longbow was trying to use the nylon covered ones which just fray at the ends no matter how careful you cut them, i'm not 100% happy with these as it was just an experiment, but it seems to have worked, so i'm gonna refine it and then cast them in resin, might even send a set to our man in merica.....
  17. I 100% agree..... although i feel i spent far to much time diddling my pipe than i should have ........
  18. So i think using the pipes that Tamiya gives you for the intake and outlet for the filters needs some work...i decided to order some surgical tube and see if i could make something a little more convincing. The original pipes have a ridged look along their length as well as segmented sections to allow for flexibility, the ridges i thought i could do with very fine copper wire glued down the length, as for the flexi segments i wasn't sure what or how i was gonna do this until i saw a advert for alloy tape....so i ordered some and went to work. The tubes ..top to bottom the bare tube ...the tube with the wire glued on.... and finally the wrap of tape going on The two smaller tubes ready for modding The two finished ones , i think they will do... the flexi ridges aren't great but better than just a piece of rubber
  19. There ex anti aircraft spots...useful for figure painting when your declared blind by your optometrist, there actually just part of the necessary equipment they go hand in hand with the bottle bottom glasses i have to use with them....... Agreed ...in fact i think they look damn good without the turret to ...but i refer you to the above answer
  20. Probably..... moulded on zimmerit is a big put off for me and the main reason i don't buy Dragons kits ...well that and the price tag Just good to see your still floating around mate ...hope your well
  21. Bench is looking a mess ...always a good sign... and the tiger is starting to get the brass and solder treatment ...signature 501 headlamp mounts done and mudflaps fitted.
  22. Really nice to see the muck and the mud on the upper surfaces........so often we forget the mud clogged boots the crew would have tramped all over the place when climbing on and off the vehicle ...you really have done a lovely job on this, well done mate
  23. I don't believe so ...Das Werk are normally reboxed kits from other makers though, not sure if this is or not. anybody know?....
  24. If you can spare them they would go to a very good home here, let me know if you want anything for them as i said i'm happy to pay. send me a PM ....and thanks again guys.
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