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  1. In this case, I have my kit not started yet, also from Riich. Here is a true story from 1945/46 winter time. British troops in Carinthia wanted some skiing. So the took one carrier and went up to the Gerlitzen, a mountain close to Villach. Just about 30 kilometers from Tarvisio. They used the engine and frame as a ski lift. This was the first operating ski lift after the world war. The carrier must have been from the war in Italy. Today the wrackage is still up there. Once I will have a look, but I asume it may have any color. Happy modelling
  2. In this matter: The F-22 is like a stop button on the budged. The F-35 too. It leaves no space for quick reaction in design or modification. Even no space for new types. The allies are thrown under by costs. Beside: The F-15 we will have in the skies for many decades more. About in 2005 it was already sure, that the IAF will have no real alternate option. Happy modelling
  3. This is a torture of any crewmember. And a certain hobby for the maintenance. After ten shots, your poor ears! Deafness for quite sure. Happy modelling
  4. These are early mistakes, since one had no experience with logic circuits and circuit sequences in common use. This development took place in all areas over decades. Today we find these errors in almost every area of the digital world, unless the more advanced thinking with all-encompassing logic including Murphy and the fool proof kicks in. Many good informatics are today authists and can not comunicate with others. This is the new danger. Happy modelling
  5. Ha, this is a great help. In a few days I will get my Siverwing kits in 1/32! All this aircraft just seen! Great. Thank you. Happy modelling
  6. If there is intetest: I built recovery tanks of WW2. Only German ones. From Panzer IV recovery onward and have some in stash. Also the STABO cran. My recovery tanks are on RFI. Amost all haltrucks too on RFI. The smal vehicles trucks or half tracks with cran are actually seldom. There are lots of them in original. I supose that the field utilities, or backstage utilities did not find much intetest in the past. Consider just the whole kitchen equipment from truck onward with the horse pulled trucks. About 50 percent of goods were pulled by horses. They were used in Russia. Also the railservice. Just to think: One railway station somewhere in Russia with all the equipment neccessary. Happy modelling
  7. You may look at my post of this topics: All aircraft in each airforce underwent upgrades during operational life of the airframe. Old equipment was changed. By availability, resources for installation and need. Older aircraft underwent upgrades, in this matter or other. No general explanation can be given. You need your common sense and logic to answer your individual question. Happy modelling
  8. Well, I was confronted with this matter at my Panzer IV build. You can see it in RFI. The Miniart instruction did not say much. Profuction and field pictures shows even at the winter camo to ways. As shade in dark or white with camo can be seen. Logicaly If you can loose one sheet easily, so you are naked in the snow, if the hull has no camo. To endanger the life? To safe time and paint? No option if I would have been a commander. So, full camo for my understanding! Got it? Did you know, that the G version and H version Schürze were verticaly. They caused a big dust problem. Highly vissible dust column! Report from the Panzer desk in original documents. Therefore many commanders ordered to dismount them. On the J version this problem is solved.
  9. It is a difference if you loose 1 million, 10 million or 100 million of a y money. On the other side, if you need to crash some aircraft before getting used to it, as on each type, but it is a matter of money. If such an a/c is so expensive, ot is a financial risk. Which will dominate the mind. And if this a/c is called to be the best from start on, so no wonder if you have a safe place on the front page of a e newspaper. Happy modelling
  10. Thank you so much for your nice replies. If anyone needs help for WW1 a/c, so feel free to contact me. Happy modelling
  11. Thank you all for your replies. It is a good boost to continue. Albatros B.II and Dh.2 are intended in February to get started. Happy modelling
  12. Propellers are made with Mr. Gunze RLM 79 and oil. Oil color put on a carton, wait a minute, and than use a brush and not diluted prepared as described oil color and brush. Like dry dot. After one day you continue with a clear varnish. Happy modelling
  13. Hallo WNW Information on this kit This is my second WW1 bomber in 1/32. The AEG was my first. Considering all my 1/32 builds from WNW I did, so this one caused me some more headache as I was used. The building process showed me, that there are some issues where I think the designer of the kit was absent. The cooling pipes running from the engine to the cooler at the front strut are wrong in transverse distance. You must cut them, otherwise the strut would crack. The other thing is many important details are not shown at all in the instructions. Instead of this the guns are shown multiple times. The pivot point of the rudder is such an item. On the other hand the outer struts. They have cables running vertically twice, in the front and rear. What for? There is no explanation in the instruction. For lighting or Bowden cables. If the latter, then for assembly or disassembly the wing. If you decide to make such a model, be sure that you are firm with all rigging techniques required. I did it, as you can find on my threats. Already posted couple of times. Well, the next time will be a modelling break for one month. Since I will be engaged with my digital model railway in H0, where most locomotives are upgraded with sound. Some programing is needed and some mapping of functions too. Happy modelling Happy New Year 2022
  14. Hallo Well, Gotha is finished. Before I put the pictures in the RFI, I want to provide details about the further construction. Before I go into detail, a quick summary of the things where you really have to be careful. So: the radiator pipes don't fit at all. The transverse distances are simply wrong. I had to cut them so that they could be assembled in at all. Otherwise these important struts sit crooked or are under high tension. The innermost fuselage struts are fitting or infill parts. Finally glue in before putting on the fuselage. Because otherwise the consoles that have to be pushed into the cutouts in the fuselage will not fit. The front ones are very tricky. For rigging: treat the landing gear separately, and then at the back with the 3 fastening points with eyelets for rigging, which please prepare beforehand. Afterwards nothing works anymore. The outer struts are shaped strangely. There are lines in the vertical axis, they should either be light cables or Bowden cables. If the latter, then for assembly or disassembly the wing. What I don't like at WNW is that every room is dedicated to armament, but technical details are not discussed at all. This applies to many kits. Model builders are not gun freaks. That is a clear minority. The control cables: are a real treat for the Ailerons. First vertically down from the middle of the torso and then twice across the left and right. So I worked on it from December 6th until today. Happy modelling
  15. Hallo The umput from my side: Had access to the museum pieces located in Austria. In all, never heard about the color you mention. The production close to Vienna used to my knowledge the 76 as underside and 80s on top and upper side view. Happy modelling
  16. Hallo Now the hours of getting through all thoughts, how to assemble best are over. There are some issues to think about and find a reliable solution. Not so easy. · What first: Eyelets or struts? · How to proceed with the wing fuselage connection area? · How to check all over in a try fit trial? To check the wings with the two stubs for the fuselage is a nightmare. Since the stubs are divided and one part comes with the struts. Here I had to unglue this struts and replace it. They are like infill pieces, but the assembly instruction does not say any word about it. This is common to WNW. If this divided stubs fit together, who knows if they fit in the window? I cleaned them before after the wings were glued without fuselage. The other thing, eyelets or struts first? Usually eyelets first. Here is a big tension on the wing. And we have a forest of struts. You can not slip them in a hole, if eyelets are here already. And we have here many eyelets on the outer struts, which are glued at the strut basement, where the glue is first, and many of them which are glued in the struts! So I decided for placing all centerline eyelets and fuselage eyelets only. Of course, all holes for eyelets are drilled! Here it is again delicate, because you have nearly no space under the cut out of the rear centerline struts again. Very very delicate. Not at all for a beginner. If you have some kits like easy ones, and some hardcore ones F2b, and Re8 done, you are battle proven already. This is in my case. But I was to think about quitting the build already. Now the model has time to get the glue fastened, at the evening I will turn it, and glue once again all fuselage connections. Until tomorrow. Than I will make turnbuckles. About 50 I did. 80 more I need! Happy modelling Merry Christmas, and stay health despite Omicron.
  17. Actually to my knowledge there are quite some ID lights on the overall surface including wings. To my knowledge they were blue. Thecsame you had on Japanese naval a/c. Always considering formation flight during darknes and mis and fog and clouds. Happy modelling
  18. Hallo So far the build was straight on. But at the stage of assembling the engine on the wing two errors became visible. The exhaust pipe does not fit at all. Here I have a cylindrical fit on the engine and a flange on the exhaust. It does not match at all! I checked before, but at this stage the inlet pipes were not on. So I had to repair it somehow, to get it done. The cooling pipe to the radiator is the other issue. It simple is to narrow or too wide. Depending right or left side. This causes the strut to be in a wild angle far from accurate and this causes a wave of inaccuracies. Finally the wing will not match with the bracket for the wing main bar. As you see on photos. Today I have no clue how to repair this. The instruction is of course no help at all. Sad, but I cared for all steps. Happy modelling
  19. Yes, Airfix is in this case a headache! Happy modelling
  20. Nice! Beautiful! What next? Handley Page H.P. O/400? Same scale of course! Happy modelling
  21. Nice built! Panel lines are heavily overdone! Same issue accompanied me long time. Look more on photos or real a/c! Happy modelling
  22. Next time use a hairdryer! This works with twisted or bent parts. Water not! Happy modelling
  23. Oh, looks good and real! This are actually no comic colors, they are real! The fuselage sides and bottom are in the new RLM 76, which was at the end of war, it has a yellow tint! All others are RLM colors of the time. Fuselage top front RLM 82. All over it is for sure the RLM 80 range...., base color of the wing top maybe the old 76. (greyblue) So far.. Happy modelling
  24. Hallo As you see, some progress. All plastic parts are done, cleaned, dry fit and drilled for turnbuckles. All! This are approx. 130 of them. The interior is quite well. The instruction as we know from WNW, has some surprises around the corner. The most dangerous of them ist the top front fuselage part. Assamble this part first. Only vertical. The two fuselkage struts are the next. Then the side parts of the fuselage. As you can see, two big ejection pins are located right there where the bulkhead is located! This inferior placement I noticed at the right time. So I repaired this on both sides! So you get a perfect fit! I checked all parts through and know what awaits me! Well, next time I will spray the rudders, tailplane and wings. As you see, the engine is done! Happy modelling
  25. Hallo Chaotic Mike My congratulation, that you got so far. This kit including instruction is marvelous? I had this kit. I stopped it, since the instruction is obviously weired. After I found out, that the instruction is hell, my interior frame was to throw away, after multiple dry fit steps, and also glueing steps. Anyway, my congratulation! Be honest: Did you enjoy the building of this kit? Happy modelling
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