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  1. The reason the engines are cantered outward is because the wings were swept back to give a better mach number. Only joking, the sweep was to get the CofG back to a decent position after they fitted the power turrets, particularly the rear turret. Fantastic build, I've been following mainly on LSP. TRF
  2. I have built the old tooling of the A-5 (well almost as I lost a bit for a while) as well as the D-9 and the new simpler A-2 & A-3 and I can say that the older tooling A-5 was a bit of a nightmare (old news). I didn't have any real issues with the D-9 except the fitting of the wing halves. From my experience all of the Eduard Fw's need to have the ribs over the wheel wells shaved down to get the upper wing halves to fit the lower wing without gaps. Having said all that I love the A-2 & A-3 that I built and I have the A-4, 5, 6, 8 and the A8/R2 in the stash waiting. I'm not sure if I'll go for the D-11/13 yet but if I do I will know most of the pitfalls. I think the thing with the D-9 and the D-11/13 is to commit early - open or closed and if closed glue the wing and fuselage gun covers on early. hth TRF
  3. You can always go back and finish the course GB. TRF
  4. I've built three 1/48 Spitfire XIIs and one in 1/32 and I haven't been happy with any of them. The props seem to be the biggest problem for the kit makers for some reason. I am going to have one last go at building a decent XII in 1/48 using the Eduard Mk V & VIII wing and fuselage and an Airfix XIV nose. I think I can solve the prop problem by cutting down the spare blades from an Eduard Tempest V kit so maybe you could look at cutting down a 1/72 Tempest/Typhoon prop. As a matter of interest the single stage Griffon III or IV as fitted to the Mk XII developed 1750hp which is very close to the 1720hp developed by the Merlin 63 or 70 hence why the prop shapes are very similar, just turning in the opposite direction to the Merlin. hth TRF
  5. Just a quick hijack here, Tempest V. Have a look at a post on here 'So what's actually wrong with Special Hobby's Spitfire XII?' to save yourself a lot of work. I think the method that Stefano is using here is the way to go in 1/48 now that Eduard have released the Mk V kits. I see using the Eduard Mk VIII fuselage (for the retractable tailwheel & pointy rudder), Eduard Mk V wings and Airfix Mk 22 nose and spinner. Not cheap but maybe less painful with overtrees. Very nice work by the way Stefano. TRF
  6. Looking again at the Eduard release literature they now say early version rather than series 1 so that clears that up. Thanks for the replies. TRF
  7. Following on from the post below regarding the Tempest V what are the differences between the Tempest II series 1 & 2 as proposed by Eduard. The SH kit is just issued as a Tempest II not series specific. Is this just a marketing gimmick by Eduard so that I have to by two kits to complete the collection, not that I really mind. TRF
  8. Just to add a bit more info. RN135 was Ginger Lacey's plane coded YB-A in an earlier life. In the photo with RN131 she has later type A roundels, no fuselage band and no kill markings so must have had a repaint along with the rest in the lineup. RN131 & RN135 were definitely XIVEs from the photos I have of YB-A.. TRF
  9. You probably already know but just in case. Fundekals has a sheet/s dedicated to Operation Bolo and I'm pretty sure Olds aircraft is in there. TRF
  10. I'm not sure how relevant this is but the Hakenkreuze in the photo has a white surround when all of the photos I can find of the Ta152H has them solid with no surround. Early Fw190D-9's had similar white outlined hakenkreuze as did the long nose prototypes. Curiouser and curiouser. TRF
  11. Jeez Rod, you must be older than me. I earned pocket money during my junior high school xmas holidays ('61, '62 & '63) as a dogsbody at the Royal Aero Club at Guildford before they moved to Jandakot. My first real job was in the drawing office with MMA drawing up boring things like galley bits and pieces although I did get to draw up the new colour scheme for the ill fated Viscount aircraft that they briefly operated. TRF
  12. Just to add my two bobs worth as a born and bred Perthite, the trees in the background are known locally as Christmas trees (Nuytsia Floribunda - don't worry I had to Google that one) and they only grow in the South West corner of WA. I also lived briefly in Carnarvon in the fifties and the only decent trees there were along the Gascoyne River, a fair way from the airport. TRF
  13. My money is on a fuel tank vent/dump. The first photo is the centrefold in the 4+ book and as it's a nice large clear photo you can make out a fitting at the start of the 'stain'. The drawings in the book don't have anything shown in the location and not all photos show the stain/marking. We need a factory technical drawing of a wing to clear this up. TRF
  14. GB I reckon you're right about the majority of the left over parts, looks real impressive but most pieces will never be used. TRF
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