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  1. My mistake Graham, I was referring to the laser range finder in the GR.3 /T4 nose, but for some reason wrote radar, my mistake sorry about that. I was aware that the original T.2 had a shorter tail, quickly upgraded to the taller variant, which is why I was querying the Kinetic statement regarding the use of the single seat GR.3 fin on the T.4.
  2. Hi all, Now it was always my understanding that all 2-seat T-birds had the enlarged (taller) rear vertical fins. On the front page of the instructions, Kinetic list all the versions that can be constructed from the kit. In the T-4 description in the type list you will notice that the T-4 is listed as a 2-seat version of the GR.3, with radar nose, and forward and rear PWR, one on the vertical fin leading edge and one at the end of the tail cone. Now this is where It get's confusing, well to me anyway, it then states that the T-4 had the standard single seat tail installed, is this true? And sec
  3. Now that makes a lot of sense, I had wrongly thought that the colour of the number denoted the area it operated in. Thanks for that.
  4. Hi all, the numbers painted on the nose or Russian jets, black, red, blue or yellow. Is there a significance as to the colour used? I have seen a difference in the outlines, I have seen none, white & black, again is their a reason for this? Thanks for any information you can give me regarding these questions.
  5. 1: Was the Mig-25 that was flown to Japan a production model or a prototype? 2: The NM panels on the underside of the rear fuselage, did they only cover the rear most quarter of the airframe or did they extend forward almost to the rear of the main undercarriage bays as shown on some models? I understand this is a hard question as the grey painted area and the NM panels are indistinguishable. TiA, Doug S.
  6. Yes, sorry I meant primer.
  7. Hi all, probably a silly question, but does anyone know what colour was used as the undercoat on the German Marines SAR Mk.41 Sea King?
  8. Thanks everyone for your help, that Hataka set must be the last one in the country, I hunted high and low, without success before I posted, have ordered it now, but will use them as a guide and see how close some of those other options are. Once again many thanks.
  9. Many thanks, I will study the chart and give the mixes (where needed), a go.
  10. Hi all, I have the Revell Sea King Mk.41 SAR kit and their colour mixes make very little sense to me so can any of you kind peoples out there help me with some alternatives. I have tried, in vain to get hold of the Hataka set, but no luck so I am hoping you can match the required RAL colours to other brands. The colours I am looking for are: RAL 7009, 7012, 7021, 7023, 7030.
  11. Doug

    humbrol 165 equivalent

    Tamiya XF-19 sky grey is reasonably close, but Humbrol #165 is pretty close. There is also Tamiya sea grey medium XF-85, which I'm told is a good match. Oddly I built a typhoon the other day and used XF-19 as an undercoat, then added Humbrol #165 as the main coat and couldn't see where I had painted! LOL
  12. As usual, some excellent information chaps, thanks very much for your help.
  13. Hi all, sorry but another boring Typhoon question, I have seen several photos of late war Hawker Typhoon Mk.1b's with double rows of rockets, 12 instead of the normal 8, do I take it that only the two inner rocker rails could have double rockets as I have only seen photo's of this, or could all four rails be used with this doubling up?
  14. Hi all, what, if any are your thoughts on the accuracy of the Hataka RAF desert colours. Dark earth, middle stone and Azure blue. I'm used to Humbrol acrylics which all seem a little on the dark side so I have decided to give the Hataka brand a go instead.
  15. hi folks after a few more hours research i discovered that this is a gate Guard scheme, never used operationally and sits outside a marines museum!!!! shame as I really like it, but hey there you go. Thanks for your comments Doug S.
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