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  1. hi folks after a few more hours research i discovered that this is a gate Guard scheme, never used operationally and sits outside a marines museum!!!! shame as I really like it, but hey there you go. Thanks for your comments Doug S.
  2. Hi Folks, do any of you have any idea which FS numbers best represent this scheme, including the underside colour whcih is some photo's looks white in others pale grey?
  3. Hi ReccePhreak, I've just started it using the Italeri 1/72 Kfir C2/C7 and the fit is not good, either the fuselage diameter on the kit is wrong or the new nose (rear section) is not the circumfrance as it requires quite a lot of filler to blend it to the kit fuselage. Doug S.
  4. Hi all, I have the AML camera nose conversion for the Kfir C-2 (RC-2), which is nice but it gives no internal camera bay colours, can anyone help? TIA. Doug S.
  5. Many thanks MartinBK, just found a set Doug S
  6. Hi all, I am wanting to convert a Hasagawa/Airfix Mirage F1C to Mirage F1AZ, I have a number of detail photo's for this conversion, but I am confused by the colours. I have two sets of advice, one is Light Earth/Dark green over Blue/grey, the other is earth brown/Dark green over PRU blue? can anyone help me with the correct paint colours (FS or BS) numbers Please. TIA. Doug S
  7. Thank you everyone for your help, many thanks. Doug.
  8. Hi all, I am trying to produce some decals for a French Mirage IIIC, I have searched many web pages but can not find a clear photo of the French text stencil that sits behind the main canopy. I am specifically looking for the French text version that is placed upon the red panel behind said canopy. Please does anyone have a photo or knows what the stencil actually says? just in case I haven;'t made it clear which stencil I'm looking for please see picture below: Thanks in advance for any help you can give me. Doug.
  9. Dana, Just to make you feel really good I have no idea who the hell any of the other Dana Bells you listed are, even if they are babes!!!! Doug S.
  10. Dana: Thanks for all your info, nice to have you respond to my questions, just finished reading several articles by you, two of which i had photocopied to save, safe and well, in my Corsair builds folder. Even more red faced that I didn't recognise your name, bows head in shame and exits stage left!!! Scooby, hello there, knew about the "Neutral" grey interiors to the engine cowlings, found an article all about that over on Hyperscale, but wasn't aware of this colour being used in the main undercarriage bays, will have to look into that subject a bit more as most of the photo's of French Corsairs show the main wheel bays to be painted in a very dark colour similar to to the Glass Dark Sea Blue used on the airframe. Please do not take this as an I don't believe you, as it is not. Canuck63, hello, have you just finished or about to start a French Corsair build???? Will probably make the detailed build No.2 into a photobuild as there is quite a lot of work that can be done to the Heller kit to make it look more realistic so keep your eyes peeled in about two weeks whilst I finish off the current build. Thanks to you all once again. Doug S.
  11. Dana, Please forgive my ignorance, but are you the same Dana Bell who writes model articles for Fine Scale Modeler? Doug S.
  12. right, well that answers that! lol. Many, many thanks Dana that really helps. I only asked because some of the Royal Navy's, Fleet Air Arm (FAA) Corsairs still had the "Salmon Pink", " Indian Red", protective Primer coat applied, this was basically on almost all Corsair Mk.1's and a number of Mk.II's, after that they where all Zinc Chromate, with either Dark Dull Green or Interior Green cockpits, I thought it may have been a simple case of they used this colour until this make then they used this colour from that make onwards, but it seems from what you are saying that this was not the case it was simply a slow change from one to the other and was not mark specific. Can i ask where you found the name "Indian Red" as most publications list it as "Pink"? As i say thanks so much for the info. Doug S.
  13. Hi all, Does anyone know when Vought phased out Salmon Pink Primer and replaced it with chromate Yellow/Green - Interior Green primer on the F4U Corsairs? Cheers. Doug S.
  14. Gosh Troy, you wasn't joking about the info on Hyperscale regarding Corsairs were you! lol started off searching for F4U corsair then after page after page of entries I simply searched for F4U-7 Corsair and still ended up with page after page of info. Cheers. Doug S.
  15. Hi Troy, hey I'm happy with any information and you have given me enough to be going on with, Didn't know that the F4U-5 like the later models all had all-metal wings, I have just purchased the D&S Corsair Part 1 & 2 books so hopefully this will help me even more. I was aware of the Revell kit being a reboxing of the Hasegawa kit, but I can't find either at a sensible price at the moment, Hasegawa are really getting to expensive and Revell are using a sort of limited run for the reboxing kits, as soon as they are released they are withdrawn! I brought a Revell kit whcih was supposed to be a reboxing of a Hasegawa kit and it turned out to be a monogram moulding in the box??? it seems they printed more boxes than they had kits so they filled up the remaining boxes with Monogram mouldings. I know the Heller kit has issues, but it builds up real well and to be honest I am really happy with it so far and with some resin and scratch-built parts I can make it look better so I'm happy to build it. Will check out Hyperscale if I have any further questions so thanks for the heads-up about that site. Once again thanks for the help and info. Doug S.
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